V-Beam Laser (Neck Redness) Pokiloderma -Canada

Some treatment clinics promote laser surgery by...

Some treatment clinics promote laser surgery by showing clients the before and after photos. However, I have attached a photo to show what you may expect immediately after V-Beam laser to treat pokiloderma (sun damage redness of the neck). It is important to note that my circular raised welts have gone but after 4 weeks, I still have small circular impressions in the skin. For me, I was told 3-5 treatments but stopped after just one treatment. In fairness, I was warned to expect temporary swelling prior to treatment but I still wanted to hide in the nearest cave after seeing the welts on my skin.


Owee, glad your welts went down, did the circular impressions fade?  How long did it stay inflamed?  Had you ever tried any other laser treatments for your pokiloderma?  I hope you are doing much better!
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Hi, thanks for the comments! It took about a week for the welts to dissipate. The circular impressions faded considerably but can still be faintly seen. I no longer look like an alien from another galaxy! To balance my negativity, I could actually see a few areas closest to the white part of my neck where the procedure actually worked. I have not tried other laser treatments. I am happy not to proceed with additional treatment sessions despite knowing that they may have worked. The emotional reaction was too overwhelming....running to the mirror every few minutes to wish-away the circles!
I understand!  A week is a considerable amount of downtime-is your condition something that could be treated with some photofacials?  You may not get as dramatic results from each treatment but they usually require little or no downtime.  It's too bad you had a traumatizing experience but don't rule lasers out all together-there are some great results you can get with laser treatments, but there is a variety of them though so it's best to try to find the right one for your skin type and skin issues so you can get optimal results.  Do you have updated pics of the areas that you saw improvement?
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