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I had 2 treatments, one year apart. After the...

I had 2 treatments, one year apart. After the first treatment,my face swelled beyond recognition, with weeping and crusting and oozing. After the swelling went down my face had huge pore sizes and terrible wrinkling. I also had dark circles under the eyes. I went back to see the Derm. and she said it was temporary.

A year past, my skin remained very dry and bumpy with loads of tiny wrinkles. I returned to the Derm and she said a second treatment would flatten out the skin texture. No, No, No! seven months have past since the second treatment and my skin looks 100 times worse. It is purplish in colour with deep wrinkles and huge pores. The skin looks like a rotting orange peel, all dingy and ugly.

When I returned to the Derm and complained of the results, the Doctor said she has never heard of this before and it could not be the treatments. I hate to look at myself and so many people have commented on how "tired" and worn out I look, all this just in the past few months. I am depressed. Even when I pull back my skin tightly with my fingers, the skin is still bumpy, lumpy and purplish with many many deep wrinkles. I am scaring my husband to death as at 55 I look like his mother. He suggested I get a face lift but even a Plastic Surgeon said it will NOT help my skin.

I didn't understand the laser would blast every bit of fat and collagen out of my skin. I was told the laser would "stimulate" the dermis layer of skin to plump it up and grow new collagen, this has not happened. My face looks horrible but my neck and under my chin were not treated and the skin there is in good shape with only a few brown spots from past sun damage. I keep checking the internet to see if anyone can suggest a fix that has helped them, hopefully homepathic and natural. Do you think I will have to live with this forever? Any help would be appreciated.

Gosh I feel terrible for you Vanity! :( I had Laser Genesis and had horrible results - and yet this type of laser is meant to be one of the most gentle and rejuvenating.

Anyways, I've had a lot of improvement using Osmosis Skincare - it is specifically designed to build new collagen and remodel the skin - look it up and try to find a clinic that can recommend and sell the right products for you. I just worry that Obagi may be too strong for you skin - just a thought, but I'm not an expert.

For a start make sure you are taking the appropriate supplements, especially Vitamin C at around 1000mg a day as long as you're not sensitive to it - but build up slowly to 1000mg a day - for me I take 2 500mg tablets a day - 1 in the morning and 1 after dinner - Vitamin C is essential for healing and repair and collagen production. See a specialist like a naturopath who can recommend the appropriate supplements for you that wont clash with any medications you're taking - and dont take anything that I tell you to take if you're taking any medications without the ok of your doctor - there are some supplements that can clash with meds.

Make sure you have good overall nutrition and that you are getting Omega 3 and other Essential Fatty Acids. Vitamin E is really important as the skin has a high content of Vitamin E and if you're low on it then your skin will be too. Use a good quality Whey Protein supplement to make sure that you are getting good protein for repair. Eat organic chicken and wild caught fish, basically really good quality protein.

When something goes wrong with laser procedures, the doctor or nurse who did it doesn't want to know a thing about the adverse outcome! Sad but true!
Where did you have the laser done
I have seen improvement over time. I am 14 months from my last treatment. At 6 months, I started using Vitamin C. I added Retin A about 2 months laster then Exfoderm once my skin settled from the Retin A (about 3 months later). Sunscreen always!! At 8 months, my sagging from the laser improved greatly. I still have some lines around my mouth. My undereyes have slightly improved. I have the most damage here. My overall texture is improving SLOWLY but it is improving. So, I have been on Retin A for about 6-7 months. I do believe it will help!! Go slow and steady!! FYI: I think I looked slightly worse when I started the Retin A but it pushed through it. Stay away from hydrocortizone....it will think the skin!!

I have had no improvement from the orange peel...

I have had no improvement from the orange peel texture, wrinkling and collapse of the skin. The main area of damage is the central area, around the nose, lips and chin, although all the skin on my face has large pores now. It has been 15 months and if anything I feel it has gotten worse. I have used many skin care products $$$$$ and went to my Dr. Derm 6 times in the past year. No help there. I have been to several plastic surgeons and I have finally decided on a face lift and fat transfer. I know that the skin texture and pore size will not improve but it should help the sagging. I can't wait for the skin to repair itself. I do not have the luxury of youth as I am middle aged and post menopausal. I am a thin woman, never smoked and I eat very healthy, mostly organic. I am sure diet and exercise has NOT played a role in improving my skin. I believe the laser BURNT away the underlying dermis/fat. I am booked for surgery Jan24 in hospital. Never been too worried about most things but can say I am nervous, not so much about the pain but the outcome. I have read many reviews on this site (face lift) and feel I am prepared this time. My PS thinks I should try some light chemical peels after I have healed from the surgery. So I will keep you posted. Hoping I learn how to post some pictures so I can share with you all. Hey, my vacation for this year is one day at the hospital and probably a couple of months as a shut-in in my own home. But then again I haven't been out much in the past year. Oh crap!
I am so sorry for your experience. I have corresponded with 5 others from here and other sites that have had facelifts since their Fraxel experience. One poor girl was only 29 years old. It is happening to a handful of us for some unknown reason. I wish I could understand why. I certainly understand not wanting to wait any longer. Best wishes!!

Today is one week from my facelift surgery. I had...

Today is one week from my facelift surgery. I had a deep plane lift bottom 2/3 of face. I did not have my eyes done. My surgery was 5 hours. I was in hospital under general anethe. I awoke with no pain and was kept overnight. The PS removed the drain tubes (they had only a few drops in each) and I was fitted with a compression garment. I was orginally going to have fat transfer but I have so much damage from the cosmetic laser treatments that my Doctor felt it would be better to wait for my face to settle down to its new "natural fit" before we do that procedure. Sometimes it take 2 or 3 fat transfers before they "take". I was prescribed tylenol 3 but only took 1 pill every 5 to 6 hours for one day. I drink lots of fluids(no caffine) and pee a lot. I had no bruising on left and moderate on right side. Bruises on right are a lovely shade of yellow 1 week post-op. I do have some swelling but not bad. Yesterday, I had my stitches out and this was completely painless. My PS was very happy with my appearance and my mental state. I have the numbness on cheeks but none on neck or ears. My Doctor is very quiet, gentle and kind. He does not go overboard with too much information or procedures. I was given his cell phone number and his home number. He knows I really did my homework and have a huge stack of do's and don'ts. I was more than ready. I have a high tolerance for pain and have made it though life with a pretty upbeat attitude. The Fraxel disaster really shook me up though and the self loathing can be so devasting to your well being. I love the book "the Secret" Each day I read passages from it and my healing WILL be textbook. I will still have skin texture issues (orange peel texture, enlarged pores and fine wrinkles)and begin Retin A and Vitamin C serum in earnest today. My doctor wanted me to wait till after surgery to begin this regime. A light chemical peel may be another option. I will also use silicone sheets on the scars in front of my ears starting tomorrow. So all and all I feel great and I look forward to tomorrow and I am so thankful for today. Will update often.
Again, I am so sorry for your experience. I am consulting right now. I am really going to do my homework this go round. I will never fall for marketing hype again!! Have your eyes improved or did you just decide to not do them at this time? I like that the doctor did not do the fat grafting at this time. You have been through so much; he is right, you should heal....mentally and physically. I am praying for your healing. As you know, sleep well and eat as best as you can afford. Please keep us updated! Best wishes!!

I returned from my one month check up yesterday. I...

I returned from my one month check up yesterday. I have no bruising and my scars are thin pink lines healing well. I have no lumps or bumps but still numbness in front of the ears. I have a tiny bit of swelling under the chin, but nothing anyone would notice. I have had no pain and no depression. My surgeon was well pleased with my results, and me too. But here is the thing that has left me sleepless all night. When my PS lifted the skin away from my face he found no subcutaneous fat between the skin and the SMAS(muscle)..NONE.ZERO.NADA. In his 30+ years of practise he has never seen this before. He said he waited until now to tell me, immediately after surgery was not the time. I knew my face was wasting away before my very eyes this past two years. My own family pictures from the past three years prove this. I believe the laser just vaporized the fat, burnt it like bacon in the frying pan. My husband constructs bridges, he cuts through metal beams with a laser. Please don't tell me that lasers are harmless, I am living proof they can cause irreversible damage. I will need to get some fat transfers and hope that it works or my sagging will continue and my facelift will be short lived. I think in a few short years we will see TV ads....Are you a Victim of Cosmetic Laser Damage?????
i live in Vancouver and have had the same bad results. i'm hoping to start some sort of group to have the fraxel removed from the market. How have you recovered since your face lift. i'm sad for you.. me and the others.
There is a company over here in the UK, Intercytex that does Dermal fibroblasts, they are also over in the US. Expensive but a little could cover your whole face, quite healing for skin, then fat grafting by a competent, board certified ps could restore volume and is permanent, don't give up hope!
Vanity, It's been a while since your last update. How are you doing? Have you had the fat transfer? I hope that you are seeing continuing improvement. My story is similar in many ways to yours. It is 2 1/2 years out since my Fraxel Repair for a mild, mild case of Rosacea. Once the swelling had subsided, I noticed a couple of pinprick holes on the top of my cheek. These were glaringly obvious to me since I never ever had a visible hole, scar or wrinkle on my face even though I was 57 years old. The doctor denied seeing the holes that I pointed out to him. I even got up out of the chair and walked to the window to show him in the direct sunlight. He still said that he didn't see anything. I had a very full face and my skin was still firm and taught so the damage at the time looked really minor. Within in year, the holes that looked like enlarged pores covered my entire face. My condition continues to deteriorate, the pores are joining together and forming wrinkles. Especially around the mouth area. No amount of makeup will hide it. Infact, it only makes it look worse. My once fat face is now deflated. The skin looks dull and dead. It is a weird color, wrinkled and sagging. The few broken capillaires that the laser was supposed to eradicate remain. The only thing eradicated was the collagen, elastin and fat. What is really scarry is that I continue to see damage after 2 1/2 years and I have no idea where or how this will end. I still have a small amount of fat left on my face. Will I lose that as well? That's where I feel this is headed. That is why I am wondering if you had the fat transfers and how they worked out. You seemed to have found a really wonderful, caring and knowledgeable doctor. I hope he was able to help you further. I read on another site that one burn doctor told a laser victim that the layers of skin and scar tissue had been fused together and the fat transfer might not be possible or that it might cause more damage. It would be like trying to stuff a pillow that had been stitched together like a quilt. I'm hoping that's not true and you have good news to report. Thank you for the information you have shared with us.
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I believe the results are potentially so bad that it can leave you scarred for life, both physically and mentally. The doctor was qualified and has a very good staff but that hasn't helped my face which after all is why I went in the first place.

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