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I had forehead lift with implant and facelift...

I had forehead lift with implant and facelift along with neck tightening on April 27,2013 . Is it normal to have numbness of forehead and if so for how long? I also have crooked smile which am Told by my board certified plastic surgeon that the nerve has been stretched and if will take time to recover within 6 months to a year. Is that reasonable. ? If it doesn't what are my options. I am devastated but recovering and have seen very slight improvement in past 2.5 weeks. Any words of support would be appreciated. Thanks jo

Yesterday was 3 weeks since my post brow lift with...

Yesterday was 3 weeks since my post brow lift with the implant that My PS convinced me would provide the best result. The nerve damage to my left upper lip has improved ever so slightly so that gives me hope. Is there anyone out there that has had this happen to them following a brow lift face lift and neck muscle tightening? If so I would appreciate hearing from you. Jo

Appreciate your reply. I had a brow lift with a...

Appreciate your reply. I had a brow lift with a implant Which was explained it is like a strip that is laid onthe perosteum and the skin pulled over to hold it down anchored by to screws on either side of the skull. I was told this produces the best results and longer lasting. The neck involved tightening the neck muscles. I am interested in hearing from other plastic surgeons as to what would cause a crooked smile and fore tightness post surgery as is this permanent or not? Jo

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I had endoscopic brow lift on June 11, 2013. Numbness is gone now. However, itching is major. What about you. By the way you look great in the photos, How do you like your results now?
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I can't help with the medical aspect, but aesthetically... you look fabulous!
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Is there any plastic surgeon out there that can comment on hwhat I can expect for post recovery and also regarding the nerve damage on my left upper left and approximately how long it would take for it to heal itself and that I would have no longer a crooked smile? Any comments would be greatly appreciated whether it's positive or negative I would just like to know what my options are and do I need to see another plastic surgeon or see the one I have that did the procedure? Jo
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Jo pilot - Doctors generally don't come to the reviews, but you can post a question with a photo in the Q&A community here. Hope that helps!

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Click onto Ask a Doctor at the top of the page and several Dr's will answer your questions. I am very interested in what they tell you. You do look great however I hope your nerve damage is not permanent.
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Thanks for sharing your experience so far on RealSelf. I'm sorry to hear of your complications! What sort of implant did you get? Chin?

I actually think you look quite lovely, but I can imagine, and have heard, that this recovery is pretty hard.

Here's what some doctors say about a crooked smile after facelift.

Please let us know how you continue to heal. Fingers crossed for you that you love your results in the end!

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I had a brow lift (no implant) and it has taken 3 months to get rid of 95% of the tightness and the numbness. I had some tightness/sharp pin prick pain whenever I lifted my eyebrows that starts to not be so bothersome around 2 months, but won't be gone completely until around the 3 month marker. My scalp was completely numb all the way back to the crown of my head and if you squeezed and released it over and over it with your finger tips extended around the whole top of head you had the illusion that the scalp had a half inch of skin that barely moved (scalp felt thicker first 2 months) which felt weird. For awhile I have to admit that I felt worried that my nerves might have been damaged as he did not cut back to the crown, but I guess that cutting/stretching the skin and reattaching the skin stretches the skin both fore and aft . Although at 2 months my scalp was still numb, at least my scalp now felt it was the normal thickness and when you messaged your head with your finger tips the skin moved freely as before the surgery. Around 1 1/2 month my forehead itched really, really bad for one day, so much that the pain and numbness didn't bother me at all. I read the itchiness for a few days is normal and can last up to your 4 month marker. I also read that it could take 6 months for numbness to go away on a Coronal Brow Lift. As for the implant, I had a chin implant and it has been 3 months/1week and I can still feel it and it is tight. I am going to say that will be the same for you with your head implant as your skin has to stretch to accommodate your implant and that will take additional time. With my chin implant I have nerves that were severed as yours in the mouth area and when I would try to hold a smile, both sides of my lips would twitch. At 1 1/2 months my mouth nerves were still healing and when I smiled I still could not see the bottom teeth nor could I whistle. I am not sure when I could finally smile normally, as I did not annotate it in my plastic surgery journal, but if I was to guess it was somewhere around the 2 month marker. I hope this will help give you at least a small timeline of what to expect. I know the plastic surgeons say everyone heals differently so that can't tell you for sure, but at least you now have something to try to measure your healing time with even if it is not exact. Something is better than nothing and no one wants to gauge the healing process off only their own experience. Try keeping a log and keep updating this site every few weeks telling people how your recovery is going so others can gain your experience and have a comparison. Hope you turn out as beautiful as you had hoped for!! :)
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me it at least gives me some hope and you're correct that the top part of the scalp is Numb. I haven't had any pain but every now and again there is sharp pain on my left for head and as for the lip it is slowly improving but it's very frustrating because I am unable to fully pucker. It has been 1 month now and I'm still having to wear the compression support for my scalp . the plastic surgeon called me and said that it's better to wear that because of the swelling that occurs. I am happy that you're progressing well and I guess it yet to be determined if the results that I get was worth it all. I guess that's the price we pay for vanity LOL throughout all of that I've been able to maintain my humor good luck and thank you once again for sharing your story stay in touch . Jo
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Jo, Can you please give an update of how you are feeling for the people that are considering having the same procedure you did and how your healing/recovery is coming along. Are you glad you had the procedure done? If anything, what would you have done different in setting up/proceeding with your surgery?
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