Two Reductions Before the Age of 18 - Canada

I was an early developer, and by fifteen years old...

I was an early developer, and by fifteen years old I was just into an E cup. I found myself uncomfortable just doing daily tasks, gym and running was embarrassing, stressful and HURT. My self esteem was suffering greatly and shopping for clothes would easily turn into an overwhelming experience. I'm naturally tiny underneath my bust, I was 28inches, which is considered to be teeny, a size you'd expect for an A, or B cup. My body was unable to support the massive weight and because of that, I was getting severe headaches and back-pain, my posture was always slouching.

I met with my doctor and spring of that year I underwent my surgery, I went from an E to a C in the course of a few hours. I had little to no pain, the same day of my surgery I was taking regular Tylenol. The scars faded quickly and by the six month mark were all but vanished. In fact, when I had a boyfriend a year later, he didn't even notice I had any scars (even after I told him were they were). I was a little unlucky though, and am sensitive to estrogen. Even after my surgery my breast continued to grow (despite the doctors thinking they wouldn't get much bigger even if they did) within that year I was back up to an E. Again, another surgery was scheduled and this time I went down to a B. It's been almost a year later and I've experienced no growth and minimal next to nothing pain.

The second time around, the doctor did a little liposuction as well, to try and take some of the fullness out. It's something I would definitely recommend, my confidence has jumped up in leaps and bounds. I'm able to wear the clothes I want, and fit into clothes I never thought I could. Its been an overwhelming experience. Bra shopping is no longer a traumatizing thing and now passes very uneventful. The first fitting after my surgery left me in tears, the idea that now I could fit into (and wear) something that wasn't a full coverage minimizer was highly overwhelming. I've had nothing but support through the entire proses, from my parents being with me every step of the way to my incredible boyfriend being there to hold my hand when I woke up that second time. it's a decision I'll never regret.

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Welcome to RealSelf, Princess. What a bummer that you had to go through the surgery twice, but I'm certainly glad that you've had such good luck this second time.
And I'm glad to hear that you were happy with the lipo. I'm six months post op and though I went down from a 34H to a DD, I was really hoping to be closer to a C, so I'm having lipo at the end of the month. Hope it goes as well for me as it did for you! Thanks for the encouragement!
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I'm sorry for taking so long to get back to you!
Going through it twice was definitely not fun :) but both times I was lucky enough to have little to no pain. Wich helped considerably. I can't imagine how I would have done it if it had hurt!

Lipo definitely worked great, it took the fulness down nicely. It did swell up a fair bit afterwards, and were fairly tender for awhile as well. But it was nothing a little Tylenol couldn't take care of :)
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I'm glad to hear that the lipo didn't cause you tons of discomfort. From what I've read the lipo seems to be where most of the pain comes from and that has made me a little nervous, but you have given me hope that I won't have any trouble going to work on Monday if I have it done on Friday. Thanks!
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