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Ok so after 3 kids, youngest one being a year old...

Ok so after 3 kids, youngest one being a year old my boobs have DISAPPEARED. wtf happened, have nice 32c breast, and now they are little clumps of fat that make up MAYBE a 34a :( and it SUCKS. i AM SIX FEET TALL, so thats bad enough but to have a barely there chest sucks even more cause I am not in proportion, AT ALL. I look ok with the padded bras but without its gross, little mounds of fat, LITTLE. I am thinking about getting implants but I have many reviews here and I have seen few implants I like after. There are lots of stories of revisions and bottoming out which scares the shit out of me, cause I am not rich and can't afford to keep getting surgeries if something goes wrong. The 10 year down the road thing annoys me too, but whatever. I am only 30 so having no boobs when I am in my prime sucks ass. My husband doesnt want me to get them for whatever reason, he never really gives me a reason just says your fine the way you are. I know he has had exes with them in the past (we are 15 years apart, I am 30 he is 45) so implants from his time and mine are a little more advanced but I think they turned him off because he says they did not last more than a few months of dating,lol. who knows. Anyways I am up in the air over this, I do not like what I see and its even worse when we go swimming and there are 13 year olds with bigger boobs than me, its just akward for me. ugh.

Hey! Im 31 so I know how you feel. Go for it. You deserve it.
Lol I love how real you are, most of us felt that way but haven't said it. I'm not married but my bf meet me 12 years ago and I was talking about implants than. So having a good support system is good, but not always neccassary. A man couldn't understand how we feel about are bodies because they use them for pleasure. I've always loved my body. I used to always wear a bra even to bed. But nothing stops aging. And when you workout you have less tits. I will be 31 next month so this was my bday gift. I see your 6ft. If I could by some longer legs I would to lol.
Hey girl! I think you should totally go for it. Especially if you have skin/tissue, then they won't have to stretch as much work the implants in. I think they'll look great on you!! Keep me updated please!!
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