Week 7/ 425ccs/Lots of new pics!!

11 hours out and I feel fantastic about my new...

11 hours out and I feel fantastic about my new boobies. I vomited a few times at the surgical center, and a few times at home. My skins tight and there's definitely a lot of tightness and soreness. Not as bad as I thought. Lets hope the same for tomorrow.
Too Wishful?
Silicone, HP, 425 cc, unders.

Day two not too shabby. Definitely felt more...

Day two not too shabby. Definitely felt more tightness and soreness compared to day one but not that bad at all. I got barely any sleep, mostly because of my weird sleep schedule. I took a sponge bath by myself, did my hair, makeup, saw my doctor (He was incredibly happy with the results- not riding too high and NO bruising!), and I drove.... Not the greatest idea. Hurts like hell to shoulder check.

I went to the mall to try on bras. Pre op I was a deflated 32b from breast feeding. I'm now a glorious 32 DD/DDD. You can barely tell I had a BA with clothes on though. What's up with that?!

I'm pushing it and need to slow down. Will take the next few days to lay in bed and chill out. Had the ok from doc to shower and start changing tape when needed.

I'm also only taking T3s and cephalexin (antibiotic). No strong pain drugs for this mama! Did anyone else feel this great day 2 with only T3s?

Oh, sometimes I hear my implant rub against my skin. Freaks me out but my doc just smiled and said it was normal. I'm not going to develop complications by doing daily activities supposedly. Hmmmm.

Stats: silicone HP unders 425 cc
115lbs 5'6" one child (breast fed)
Pre op: 32B post op: 32DD/DDD

Forgot to add- If any of you ladies want a...

Forgot to add-
If any of you ladies want a certain camera angle or need any advice/ have questions please ask. I was so confused choosing size and how this experience was going to be, especially with a 2.5 year old. I'm writing this diary for YOU! :D Stay healthy friends!

CHOOSING A SIZE: Ahh the most agonizing decision...

CHOOSING A SIZE: Ahh the most agonizing decision we have to make. So how did I make up my mind? I actually went down in size before surgery. Who does that?! Me.

1. Look for others with similar stats. Height, weight, and band size. Have you ever compared a 32C vs 36C? Quite a difference in cup size.
2. Rice test. Google it! My results are similar to the look I had from my sizers. I used an old nursing bra to insert my sizers in. Then wore them in public for a day, but don't tell anyone. Hehe.
3. I've heard others mention as a general outline 100ccs = 1 cup size. For me it was true. I started as a deflated 32B, had 425ccs, post op 32 DD/DDD. I can fit DD now, but as soon as I drop I know it will all be over. I'll need that extra D! Not saying this will be the case for everyone, but for my results it was similar.
4. Go with a size you feel comfortable and confident with. I was told multiple times I was going to have "Porn Star" boobs. I knew for years I wanted 400ccs, and I'm so glad I listened to my gut. You're the one stuck with them. Wear them with confidence whether you want to appear larger or smaller than friends/family "recommend."
5. Go larger when deciding between two sizes. I'm sure we have all read or heard this. It's true.
Remember your implant is squished between layers of skin, tissue, and possibly muscle. You (unfortunately) will NOT project out as far as natural breasts do. My doc suggested going to 425ccs to get the look of 400ccs.
6. With that said, acknowledge that complications are more likely to occur with less tissue, smaller frames, and larger breasts. Don't let these factors scare you. Your doctor will know how large you should go without pushing it. Just be aware!
7. Choose a size that will fit your lifestyle. Working out and fitness in general is a lifestyle for me. This is why I went down in size before my op. 450ccs vs 425ccs is not a huge difference, but I still felt I would rather have been 'smaller' so they wouldn't get in the way. Also, as a nurse, it wouldn't be very effective to have huge jugs.
8. ***Don't set unrealistic expectations. It's great to look at pics and desire to have a similar outcome as someone else, but everyone is built different. No two people will have the exact same results. Listen to your doctor, and stop comparing yourself to others! Aspire to be the best looking YOU can be! Wear your size with confidence. This process and procedure is meant to make YOU happy. Take your time, and do your research.

Stay happy and healthy! :D

Hello all you beautiful women!! I'm sorry I've...

Hello all you beautiful women!! I'm sorry I've been so MIA. Week 3-5 had SUPER sensitive nipples, but that went away. Week4 I started back at the gym and lifting weights. Week 5-6 I started to get worried about bilateral displacement on my left breast. I knew I was pushing myself too much, but was unsure what was happening. I have scoliosis, so my spine and back are already asymmetrical, but I didn't know if my left side was just dropping faster... AND on top of all of that... My implants are larger for my frame, so I do have some side boob in general. Went to doc week six and he said they are "as close to perfect as they can get" so most of my worries have subsided. I need some one to give me shit still and tell me to stop lifting heavy, though... Anyone...? Lol.
Week 6 follow up appt:
- Ok to start lifting/gym
- Ok to wear underwire
- Ok to go bra-less
-no tanning for a year ... :/

My doc did recommend I take it easier at gym, keep taping, and wearing compression as much as possible.

I can feel my implants shift under my muscle when I lift heavy/ gym. I don't know if ill always have that feeling, but kind of freaky.

Boobs are getting softer everyday, but honestly think they will always feel quite a bit more firmer than a natural breast. Which I do not mind. I have numbness lower boob, around incisions, but think feelings coming back slowly.

I'm still a 32DDD, which is next to impossible to find. 32DD w/o padding I can sometimes get away with. 34DD push up- since 32DDD push up apparently does not exist. Ugh.

I freaking love my Jugs. Love love love them.

All I can think of for now! Take care xoxo

STATS: deflated 32B/114lbs/5'6"
32DDD, crease incision, high profile, 425 CCs silicone
Dr Feng Chong

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Dang girl - the girls (and you!) Look fab! Great progress, thanks for sharing
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Glad to hear someone else refer to the freaky feeling when working out!! Can't get used to that yuk! But worth it! I also agree 32DDD impossible to find anything. I actually could go a lil bigger but impossible to find and the 34's are just way to big around me, super uncomfortable! Your girls look great congrats sweetie!
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I'm considering 425. You look fantastic!!!! Love how they look!
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What size were you before? Im a 34b barely and same height and weight. ..I was looking at 400 to 425...you look great! Is it under the muscle?
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Love your results! Praying that I D&F to look just like yours! :)
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Your results look great. I'm kinda questioning whether I went to big or not. My surgery is Sep 3 and I'm going for 500 cc and I'm starting off at 32D. I'm only 5'1" and 100lbs.
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Beautiful!! I pray my results look like yours!!
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My surgery is scheduled for June 14 and I decided on 425hp silicone. Your results look great I hope they're not too big for my frame tho. I wear 34b but barely fill it. I also go to the gym alot so your updates really helped me out :)
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You look great! I wish I had and like yours! My ps is thinking HP 400-500 maybe around 465cc? Just wanted to see what that would look like. Hope it looks similar to yours. Do you still love them? Are they perfect size for your lifestyle?
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Well you look amazing! Love your look. I am curious to know if and when you will start getting smaller... Do you still feel swollen? I say this because I am going for 400cc and want to be just a tad bit smaller than you...if I was taller I would totally get your size! But I'm short so I don't want to have a 'porn star' look :-/ congrats to you!
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Wow!!! I love love them! I'm getting mine done April 4th and had originally planned on going with saline unders but I'm really really leaning towards silicone now. I'm 5'4", 112lbs and really big into fitness/lifting also. I really love the "less natural" look also and am going in this week for a final chat with my surgeon before the big day! Also, spray tans work wonders if you're allowed. I stopped tanning a couple years ago but I use dark self tanners/spray tans that work great
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No tanning for a year! What!!! Really... Did I miss that info in all my pre op questions? Is that real? What's a girl supposed to do? I wonder why that's the recommendation?? I know most doctors are going to say stay away from tanning anyways but I really wonder why they say to wait a year once you have implants?
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Lol I've posted this before but from what I've researched you are not supposed to tan because it will irreversibly darken the scar tissue from the incision. I haven't read anything about how tanning does something to the implant, just so you know!! Lol just use something to cover your incision while tanning if you must. :))
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My dr said go ahead tan just cover the scar with a band aid shouldn't be tanned for at least a year if at all
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My concern isn't looking natural, it's looking proportionate.
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Hi.. We are fairly similar build.. I'm a little taller (5'9) but I'm definitely obsessed with the look of your results! I want a defined upper pole fullness, but don't want to go too big because I'm training for a fitness comp and don't want to be top heavy... I'm a 32A, and would love any suggestions from you! Def showing my PS your pics as reference
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Hi Luxs, I get wanting that look but how can you not look top heavy with that size. Those boobies enter the room first. :) I understand it is important to be supportive, but if your athletic, keep in mind "will they look natural?"
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Just wanted to say, I am jealous of your body...not just your amazing new boobs, but your body
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WAIT.. No tanning for a YEAR??! REALLY??!
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Lol I laughed when I saw ur reaction. NO tanning!! Lol or just place some tape over the incision so the sun can't touch it. It's because the sun will make ur skin on ur scar A LOT darker than the rest of ur skin and this will not fade. You'd be left with obviously visible scar tissue. I'd rather cover that area up over the scar and have my skin look a little pale under my boobs compared to being stuck with a dark scar forever!!! Lol
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lol kk I thought it was no tanning because the PS thought it would effect the implant somehow (ruin the silicone, shrivel the silicone shell.. something along those lines).. but the scarring is an easy thing to cover :) PHEW!
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My doctor recommended doing the same! However that just confuses me. Wouldn't the UV rays still target the scar with a thin piece of tape over it!!? Maybe not to as much of a degree as without tape, but still!
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Newme, where are you finding all the cute bra's w/out underwire??? You look AMAZING!!
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theres a website called plndr.com, you have to join to shop on it but its free and they have amazing sales..they have TONS of bralets on there, sexy ones, plain ones, colored ones, neutral ones :D hope this helps!
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