I've been watching this site for many many months...

I've been watching this site for many many months now
I am 23 years old 5'10 and 235 pounds. I know 100% that I am going to get
This done, but in Ontario the Docters that offer the BBL do not go higher then
900CC's an their before and after pictures don't wow me as I want them too
But I can't travel to the states to get it done because of a
Conviction I got when I was a youth......


Ok so am really leaning towards #teamyily in the...

ok so am really leaning towards #teamyily in the Dominican, and wondering how the process would go down there? consultation ? places to recover afterwards ect...? i see a lot of good reviews for her, was there anyone disappointed with their out come and whyy??

What is everyones opinion on a TT & a BBL done at...

What is everyones opinion on a TT & a BBL done at the same time? how hard is the recovery ? was it worth it ?

and what is all this hype about dr. Duran ??? does anyone have post op pictures of her work before after ect...? or know anyway i can contact her?

Ok so today is the day I get enough guts and post...

Ok so today is the day I get enough guts and post my pre op pictures -_- ... I really hate my body it disgusts me, cannot wait to fix this and be happy with my body for once in my life :(!! So like i said before am 5'10 235 pounds am looking to try and get down to at least 200 before the sx and try and work off as much lower back fat as i can cause that area and my stomach area are my two biggest concerns ... , that should be good right? with my height and all...
I want to hopefully get the sx beginning of sept, would 3 3 and half weeks recovery be good enough ? and then a 3-4 hour plane ride back to Canada...i dont know how much time i can really take off of work ... I do car detailing at a car dealer ship so its a lot of bending standing stretching ... so hopefully i can recover enough to go back to work by 3 and a half or 4 weeks...

I just had a epiphany.... ok so the reason why i was gonna wait till may to start the process is because am getting a big inheritance check coming around the beginning of may , so that i could just pay all of it and book my flight tickets and hotel.. but do i need to have the money to at least START the process???

Also who has had the BBL and a TT from Duran or Yily? How was the recovery like sleeping on ur stomach... everywhere i read doesnt recommend it but i am only able to take off so much time before work and i start college in Jan so I have to get every thing done at once...

sorry for being all over the pace with these questions my mind is all over the place so much to be thinking about right now ... Comment or Pm me !! Thank you Ladies

So I got a email back from dr.Yily , told me to...

So I got a email back from dr.Yily , told me to lose 35 pounds which is how much I was expecting to lose in the first place. She quoted me a total of $4,800 for a BBL with a TT. Am gonna be locking my sx date at the end of this month for the beginning of September !!! Am so excited. Time to start getting healthy and lose some weight!! Who has had a Tt and bbl at the same time ?! I want to read ur story to see what the recovery was like so I know what am getting myself into!!!

So i've been email Yily back and forth with...

so i've been email Yily back and forth with questions, something that caught my eye was that she told me it was okay to sleep on my butt after the sx... :s am confused... Shouldn't I be staying off my butt after getting the BBL? I am getting the BBL AND TT the same sx wouldn't it be better to be sleeping on my stomach ? Any ideas of comfortable ways to sleep without messing up what yily created?? HELLPP
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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keep loosing , you are doing ok,go ahed
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hy good morning i encourage to you to keep loosing weight before any kind of surgery particularly this kind, thanks for doing realself.
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please wait to loose your extra lbs in order to get a wonderful and safe results, do not go for lower price is my best council thanks
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im from canda too. montreal. i went to yily im very happy with my results. i was 230 lbs at the time of my surgery i didnt want TT so i got a ton of lipo. my friend went with me and she had a bbl with tt and she seemes to be doing better than me. agressive lipo is no joke! lol but so worth it. and combined with a TT you will look great whomever dr you choose hun :) if you have questions you can always pm me im happy to help
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Im going to Dr. Duran. ..I have seen a lot of post pics...amazing work. She is very good at corresponding with me. I am very happy with her.
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ok good luck sincerely
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Where have you seen all these post op pics I've been looking all over this site and can only find 2 people
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go ahed you doing preety well as soon as you losse no less than 35 lbs you will be ready for any kind of surgery preceasealy this kind
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rveryespectuosly in any serious medical facility you would need to loose firstly no less than 35 lbs before any kind of surgery
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yes i plan to lose 35-40 pounds before sx.
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yes very well done that is the way to realize a safe and satisfactory result any where big regards DR. Navarro
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We r close n age, height, n weight. Since u stay n Canada u might wanna check out Dr. James Benjamin Bowie MD, Wendell perry Miami FL, and Jimmrson in ATL GA. I hope this helps. They are good at making a flat booty int a curvy booty
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I wish I could go to the states, :( but i have a youth record that still shows up soo i will not be able to go to the states !!!
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you would need to loose at least no less than 40 lbs to be operated with nice results in any serious sugical facility
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yep i am from canada too and im going to rd for a bbl with dr.yily
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dominican republique *
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I have been looking at her results and am very interested in going to her... but how would a consultation get done? do you have to fly down first to meet her? and where are you staying afterwards ?
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can you fly through the states to get it done in dominican republic- i am from canada too and i going to get my hernia and tummy tuck in april also 900 cc is a good amount , i tjink in DR it 3000 bucks
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