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Approximately 5 1/2 years ago I had a micro laser...

Approximately 5 1/2 years ago I had a micro laser peel. Within a year I developed hyperpigmentation. I sought out a treatment to rectify it and the Affirm was suggested to me. I told the DR I did not want anymore lasers and he assured me that the Affirm was safe and different. Well I did 2 treatments and the results were OK and the pigment returned to a more normal color.

The following 2 years I did one treatment each time with only one cross over, as my face I was told got really red. Even the nurse doing the procedure said "you have really thin skin". Well this year I am paying for it! Under my eyes where the goggles were are sinking in. My skin on my cheeks is thin and I have prickly pain travelling down them and around my mouth and chin. I am developing sores and my face does not hold any moisture. I am living in hell. My sweat glands do not work and my face feels like it is on fire.

How can this treatment be legal? The damage may not show up right away.But it will down the road for all who have done this, for that I am sure.I have had 2 Sculptra treatments to help with the fact that my cheeks are sinking in and are crepey. I am or was a very young looking 36 yr old and now I feel life is over.

Unfortunately the Dr I saw did not recommend Obagi or SkinTX instead or I would have done that had I known it was an option.

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How can I go about suing???? -- Updated on Jan 15,...

How can I go about suing???? -- Updated on Jan 15, 2010: I am wondering if anyone else who has had Affirm if terrible symptoms occured a year after last treatment? It feels like something is crawling under my skin and there is absolutely NO MOISTURE in it. It hurts to smile or eat. My skin looks like it had an earthquake under it. Are we the test subjects? Cynosure has to pay for this!


It was this website and the advice of someone that made me not choose laser. Has anyone checked out using at home dermaroller with argan oil and infadolan?
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Jane D where is your practice at? I live in NY. I would love to come and see you to have Affirm laser for my skin. Nicolle M
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TO MELSH73... I had 2 affirms done. The last one was Sept. 2009. Within months my skin developed keratosis, necrosis, nerve damage, thermal cellular injury, annihilation of my sweat glands with no more sebum production and much more. I have to apply lotion to my face every 20-30 minutes of every day. I have skin worse than women in their 70's and up. I have a prescription from a derm for Diclofenac to heal/kill the burning sensation on my skin and the pain (which feels like bone pain). It works, but also dries my skin more. Maybe some do have good results, but when someone inept does the 'procedure', it's devastating to say the least.
I found that lasers that go deep under the surface of the skin are 1000x hotter than the sun and can create more problems than good results.
I also found, thus far, that the only thing that may help rebuild/renew/heal the damages done, is a stem cell procedure. No lotion or filler will fix damages to that extent.
That being said, as I cannot paste a link on here, just google ipl and laser damage support and click the link to the forum.
You'll need to register first before you can read and discuss your concerns with other members. There is a lot of helpful information on there as well as a fantastic support system. If I ever find an answer/cure, I'll be sure to post it on as many websites as possible!
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Dr Proskiew

I told the doctor I did not want another laser treatment and he told my that the Affirm was different from all the rest and was safe.....I felt he lied. How can they really know what the long term effects are?

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