I Can No Longer Smile

I had botox injected for frown lines between eyes...

i had botox injected for frown lines between eyes and crows feet followed by fraxel laser the next day. it has been over two weeks since my injection and i am unable to smile! my upper lip curls under when i try to smile and i look like a rabid squirrel! i feel like a freak. returned to see my md who is an experienced botox trainer and thy have never had this happen before.

has anyone else had this experience and how long did it take before your smile returned? i am depressed, anxious and cry when i wake up each morning an look at myself in the mirror. never again!

I have to add to your comment about not telling your husband up until now. I totally avoided my parents every chance I could, my mother would have went nuts if she knew i had been doing botox, so I had never told her, and i wasnt going to start now. :) I would sit at ballgames for my daughter when they would come to them and sit at their side, not in front of them, and chew on sunflower seeds with my fingers up around my mouth constantly in hopes of covering any type of emotion that my mouth wouldnt react to. I would put cups up to my mouth, sit with my hand propt up against my lips, anything i could think of to avoid any type of "what is wrong with your mouth"? I was gong to blame it on my dentist HA! I even told him i was going to do it and he said, that was a good one. If i had of realized what was going on with my mouth, I would have NOT gone to my reunion, I was already there when I realized what was taking place, and still wasnt real sure until after it was over. At one point in that night I went up to a good friend of mine who does botox too and said to her, I CANT move my mouth! I am so glad your husband is being supportive, my husband was too. He felt so bad for me and tried to make me feel better with nice remarks that he would try to make me feel better. My niece told me I looked like the GRINCH that stole Xmas. UGH! and I Did! Try to have a good day, I hope you get to stay in and not face anyone, and if you do have to, I hope they dont notice what your going through.Maybe invest in some sunflower seends :) :) Hang in there! I hope in your next note your telling me that your seeing a difference! Talk to you soon BunnyLines
I know what you mean, i did the same thing, you couldnt see my teeth and also lifted on my lip so often, i kept feeling it sticking to my teeth and kept wanting to dab vaseline on them in hopes it would not make it stick as badly and help it to lift better, but as you can already guess, it didnt work. I got my last botox right before my 30 year class reunion, in hopes to look better and beieve it or not, the worst of the effect hit me that day into the night, you should see my pictures, UGH!!! i was and still am mortified at how I looked. It even effected the look of my eyes. It totally had my whole face disfigured. My friends that I am close to and told them what i had done and what was happening to me, they claimed i didnt look as bad as what i felt, but i think they were just being kind since this was so embarassing and I felt like all eyes were upon my deformed face. I dont mean to say all of this to upset you, but to join you and completely feel for you in what your experiencing now. AND also,to give you hope that your smile WILL come back, I too worried it was permanant, but thank God botox is not! I use to complain how often i would have to go get it redone, now I am so very very thankful that it only lasts a few short months. My family mainly my girls would give me a hard time with this, which somtimes i had to laugh at it or I would go crazy, my oldest daughter who is 22 could imitate my face and how i looked and smiled to a tee.. at times it would really bother me but other times she would make me laugh about it. There was this one time that it really cracked me up when I was out to eat with her and I asked if i had something in my teeth, and she gave me a little chuckle and said "I dont know, i cant see your teeth" (and did that expression of my smile and eyes) we both got to laughing so hard and even harder when i lifted my lip with my hand and said how about now? I got some advice from someone on here about staying away from the mirror, i tried to take that advice, but it was hard. How can you not want to look at this? I was in such disbelief that this even happened because i had no idea this was even a reaction to botox when its not injected around your mouth, then I could have possibly understood, but in the nose and eye area??? I had never heard of this before. Again, hang in there, it WILL get better, i know it doesnt seem like it at the moment, but it will. Keep me posted. I hope every now and then you can find a laugh or two in between the tormenting moments of all this. Hang in there! Bunnny Lines
Hi, thanks again for your long response, I love hearing the stories about you and your daughter. My kids are too little to understand but I did finally tell my husband today what was going on. Just being able to talk to him about it took a lot of the stress and anxiety away. I was avoiding him and not looking at him and not smiling because i didn't want him to notice... crazy. He thought I was mad at him. He's being very supportive. I do know what you mean about not really believing this is actually happening. It just seems so bizarre. I'm sorry you had to "face" your reunion like that, I can barely leave the house, I've been avoiding all social situations especially friends who know me well, so a big event like that must have made you very self-conscious. You're very brave, and smart to realize it's probably better to fess up to your close friends, not sure I'll be able to do that but telling my husband was the first step. Thanks again for your thoughtful words, it really helps! I will post in a few weeks and give a report on my progress. Best, Nosmiles1
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