April 12- Dr. Campos for BBL & TT - Tijuana, MX SOOOO EXCITED

Hello everyone! I started my journey to find my...

Hello everyone! I started my journey to find my perfect doc for BBL back in August of this year. I have had a TON of consultations. Some in person...some over the phone or via skype. I will give you as much info as possible and will post b4 pics closer to my date. I am SO excited and want to thank everyone for their posts that I have read. The information and pics are PRICELESS.

Here we go:
First, My stats:
38-39-41 (TERRIBLE)
No Booty/Hips AT ALL...thats ok...I'll buy some. :-)

Matlock: Beverly Hills- $28k (BBL Only)
Salama-Miami: $7799 (BBL Only)
Obaid-Dallas: $10k (BBL Only)- Had no b4 & after pics to show. What???
Salzhauer- Miami: $8995 (BBL Only)
Pazmino- Miami: $14225 (BBL & TT)
Markmann- Maryland: $19436 (includes thigh lipo)
Jimerson-Suwanee: $13k (includes thigh and arm lipo)
Johnson- Dallas: $7995 (BBL Only)
Campos-Tiajuana: $6845 (BBL & TT)

I have decided to go with Campos....but I originally had my heart set on Dr. 90210 (Dr. Matlock). I love the results for JImerson & Salama. I was booking with Jimerson until i decided to go ahead with the TT. Campos has GREAT results and I feel comfortable with that decision!

I do have many questions for those of you who have had the surgery done. What do I pack? WHat meds can I get here in the states? I would like to use my insurance for and many of the needed meds as possible!!! If anyone has a list of needed items, that would be great. What hotel to use? Lucerna? Angie suggests trying La Casa de las Lilas because they are having a 9 night special for the price of 7. Has anyone used this hotel? And....if anyone is getting their surgery around the same time with Dr. C, please let me know! Maybe we can room together.

Anywho...I will update as I get closer to my date. Dr. C says I need to be no more than 170lbs to have the best results. I am 176 and would actually like to get down to 165-160 prior to surgery. We are one week out from Christmas cookie and egg nog...so I will be ON IT Jan 2. That will give me 2 months to get it together. I only want to do this ONCE and having fat left on my back is NOT an option!!!. :-)

Any advice and helpful hints are very appreciated!!! Happy Holidays! Until next time....

Happy New Year So....today I sent in my $800...

Happy New Year

So....today I sent in my $800 deposit. I feel so accomplished! :-) I must admit that I have had second thoughts about having these 2 procedures at the same time. I have read doctors say that they do not reccomment doing both at the same time due to increased complication chances AND recovery difficulty. Both totally make sense. Are there any ladies out there that have had the BBL and TT together? Can you please share what you did for sleeping? I really want to have them both DONE at the same time but not at the risk of damaging one result or the other. Please let me know what you ladies think!

I have also been trying to gather notes on what I need EARLY so I am not rushing to get everything together. If you have notes on what to take with me for speedy healing and comfort, please share! I am planning to make myself a care package to send to the hotel prior to arriving so I dont have to travel with all of that stuff. I have booked a room at the Marriott Tijuana. They are approx. 2km/5min from Dr. Campos and have a shuttle to /from the airport in SAN and will shuttle me to my doc appts. Anyone booked around the same time, please contact me!

THese are all of the updates for now. I will post b4 pics soon enuff! :-)

Sooo....I got my date changed! Happy about it and...

Sooo....I got my date changed! Happy about it and steadily saving up for my BIG day. I gave my job a heads up that I will be out. I am planning on taking 6 weeks off. Hopefully that will be enough to recover and be ready to drive and sit at my desk for 8 hours. :-(

Curious to know if anyone had massages included with their quote??!! I plan to inquire with Dr. C's office about that today and I will update my blog with the info. I have checked out BeatyCare and Club Med. After reading about fellow BBL sister Nicki03's journey (thx girl!), I decided to call Club Med. I got SUCH a great vibe from Alicia at ClubMed that I have decided to definitely spend some time healing there! I am still up in the air with how long I will stay. It is MUCH more expensive than the Marriott but I think the care I will recieve will be definitley worth the extra $$.

Has anyone recieved a "packet" when it gets close to your date with Dr. Campos? I read about Salama and Jimerson's patients getting a "packet".

Anywho...until next time!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I found this doc on Realself. I chose him because of the results I saw online. His price is in my budget and I feel compfrtable with him.

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Hi ladies I'm going in with dr campos in a month I have no idea what to take with me!! Help!! Meds? What kind of clothes? Anything?
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Hi PrettyBrown...Im new to RealSelf and Im Scheduled with Dr. Campos for April 11th and flying in on April 10th...and I plan on staying at ClubMed as well.
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Hey Londonsuperior, I believe Pretty Brown postponing her surgery. I'm flying in on April 10th and having surgery with Campos April 11th as well. Maybe we can buddy up.
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Yes!!! I would love to buddy up!!! I will inbox u my #
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That will be awesome! I will inbox you my #
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That will be awesome! I will inbox you my #
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We should book at the same time to save some $$. Let me know!
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I want to ensure that I do not leave with any drains so I'm booking Club Med for 8 days. I'm just getting a BBL with fat transfer
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Hi Simplydone! Congrats!!! Where are you staying?
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I'm schedule with Dr Campos for April. 11th and I am flying in on April the 10th. Our time is almost near!
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They don't send packets but if u ask Angie she will send you some papers telling u what to do pre and post op. My date isn't till may but I asked her early cuz I want to prepare
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Hey, congrats on setting the date! Did anyone answer your question about the meds? I'm going to Campos too and was trying to find out myself
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Not yet...:-( I have read on other blogs that some girls are taking vidodin with them. I am really hoping not to have to take vicodin...more like tylenol 3. :-) I s/w Hannia and she says they perscibe the meds the day of the surgery so I am unable to use my insurance in the states to get it filled....but I am able to get reimbursed thru the insurance company later. When is your date??!! Congrats to you as well!!!
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Mine is not until June 4th, it seems like foreverrrr away, but it gives me time to prepare I guess. Is Tylenol 3 something you can get over the counter? Clearly I know nothing about these drugs smh
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I have tylenol 3 perscribed by my obgyn for cramps. I just plan to take those with me. What are you doing about the blood work? My ob said he couldnt do it because he was not performing the surgery and the insurance company may not reimburse him. Hannia sent me a perscription for the blood tests needed so I am going to make an appointment at a hospital to have them done.
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I'm probably going to get them done at http://mdlabtests.com/ or firstchoicelabs.com
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That submitted before I finished typing, but I've heard those places were around 200. I went to my doctor for the land last year and the bill was almost 400! And I didn't even go thru with the surgery. I need to start emailing hannia she seems more informative than Angie. If you have a prescription for them does the hospital charge?
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Great choice Diva
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Thank you! You look great! Hows the healing process going?
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Diva its going great ..its just hard tryig to stop myself from coughing or sneezing because on both I have to engage my abs..but I'm doing well ..I'm really giveing my body the rest it needs..
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