BBL for This Campos Girl.. Post Op Day 4 new pictures

I'm 5'5, currently 140lbs (gained 10 lbs, trying...

I'm 5'5, currently 140lbs (gained 10 lbs, trying to gain 10 to 15 more for BBL). I have always had a boyish figure - Wide shoulders and no hips or behind.

I had a consultation with one Dallas doctor, but I'm just not impressed. And he was the only doctor in Texas I was actually considering..Guess I'm picky? OH, the price was $9,990! WELL, after doing extensive research and expanding the possibilities, I think I've finally settled on a doctor! Dr. Campos in Tijuana, Mexico! His work is amazing!!! I sent an email asking for a consultation and the next day I received a response saying in a week I would get a quote for the surgery..??? I just asked for a consultation and didn't even say which procedure I wanted..Interesting. ANYWAY, Campos from what I can tell does perfect work imo and is hella cheap!

I guess in a week, I will know how much everything will cost and I will write an update.. Oh, and I will probably be making some arrangements for surgery ;)

*A warning to the ladies out there who are...

*A warning to the ladies out there who are planning to gain weight for your BBL* My goal was to gain about 20 lbs for mine and after gaining 10 (McDonalds, protein shakes, cake, cookies, etc.) I have not only gotten sick of eating food, but my body has gone to hell. I have cellulite, my skin isn't glowy anymore, I feel unhealthy and I get tired easily. Oh, and none of my jeans fit anymore, so I'll be going shopping tomorrow. It's only ten pounds, but geez! MY POINT..sorry for the rambling..Is when you plan to gain weight, just remember your body is gonna be going through some changes. Duh, of course, but these were things I didn't really think about before.. All I thought was "YAY, I'm gonna have a big butt!" and didn't think about the changes my body would go through beforehand..Hard to look in the mirror, BUT this will all be worth it in the end! HTH?

Yay! I got my quote back for fat transfer to lips...

Yay! I got my quote back for fat transfer to lips and BBL - $4,825! I got a message from Angie saying the 28th of this month was open so I sent one back saying that works! I'm so excited.. that means that I will most likely be having my surgery at the end of this month, whoo!! I will probably be getting a message back from Angie tomorrow confirming an appt and telling me what I need to do. I will update when I find out more.. And also, any good tips on gaining weight and pre-op tips? How did you prepare?

So my date is booked for January 28th at 7:30am!...

So my date is booked for January 28th at 7:30am! That's two weeks away! YAY! I just need to send in my deposit, but I'm not quite sure how... Do I send in a cashier's check or what??? And when I pay the deposit of $800, the total will go from $4,825 to $4,025, right??

I'm trying to decide if I should take my mother...

I'm trying to decide if I should take my mother and stay in a hotel or just go to Club Med... My mother doesn't have her passport or birth certificate so I am kind of stressing about that.. What do I do?

On another note, I am stuck at 141 it seems... It's hard to be excited when everything seems like it's going wrong.

The whole communication/payment process has been...

The whole communication/payment process has been quite difficult. I sent in my $2,800 to Campos over a week ago (priority mail) and I still haven't heard anything back... VERY WORRIED. I have 12 days till surgery!! So far, I know very little and it's not because I haven't asked. Angie isn't the best at replying on time or at all. I contacted Hannia and she just said Angie will get back to me. Thanks. I faxed over my results Monday also and haven't gotten an ok on that either. SIGH. If Angie ever emails me back, I will update.. I will probably have to call and maybe then I will get some much needed information. This is nerve-racking!!

Phew! I called forever and no answer, then finally...

Phew! I called forever and no answer, then finally sent off a bizillion emails to both Angie and Hannia and FINALLY got a response from Hannia. Thank Goodness! They have received my deposit and two of the test results. I got the other tests done today and should get the results in 3 business days. I'll be cutting it close, but hopefully everything will go the way I want it to.

Campos approved of my test results and I am good...

Campos approved of my test results and I am good to go! Booking the flight and paying the deposit to Marvin at Club Med right now! :) Weight: 151

I have been emailing Marvin from Club Med and a...

I have been emailing Marvin from Club Med and a couple days ago, he just stopped answering me!! I need to put down a deposit, but if he is gonna do that then I need to go somewhere else. I will find a number and call I guess..Wth?

I hope I'm ready.. Getting nervous.. My surgery is...

I hope I'm ready.. Getting nervous.. My surgery is the day after tomorrow.. I'm gonna get Campos to lipo my arms, too, so I have slimmer arms and more fat to put in the booty. Ay Caramba, I'm nervous! I am adding pics of my weight gain - I'm at 151.2! I am gonna finish packing and go to sleep. Goodnight, y'all.

So I get to San Diego airport and call Marvin.. la...

So I get to San Diego airport and call Marvin.. la dee da.. He shows up with Susanna - two of the nicest people! We cross the border, get to the house and the lovely Rosemary makes me chicken quesadillas, yum! I'm staying in the room downstairs all by myself, which I like. So now I am gonna take a sleeping pill and go to sleep and see everybody in the morning. YIKES! I'm so nervous, but confident that Campos is gonna do an excellent job on me and Susanna and everyone will take good care of me :)

I'm back from surgery and feel great! I'm walking...

I'm back from surgery and feel great! I'm walking a little weird because I'm stiff, but other than that everything went great! My lips look amazing, my waist is tiny, I have hips, and my butt is nice and big!!I'm gonna go to sleep again and when I get up I will try to post pics and tell y'all about my experience. P.S. I was awake for most of it,, funny though cause I was making Chuck Norris jiokes lol

So a little bit about my experience so far.. Day 1...

So a little bit about my experience so far.. Day 1 was great, no pain whatsoever, day 2 was a little hard, uncomfortable and pain, today day 3, I'm swollen but otherwise doing pretty well. I had a massage today and OMG it hurt! I have another one next Tuesday and my post op with Campos. I have alot of fluid in my lower back so Maripaz may drain it the next massage. Then I leave the next day.. hopefully drain-free. Putting on the garment and taking it off hurts ugh. Club Med is treating me VERY well! If you come to Tijuana, stay with them they will treat you like a queen and they are just so nice! They bathe me, take care of my meds, help with everything I love staying here!

Day 4 measurements: 37-28-43 BAM! lol

Day 4 measurements: 37-28-43 BAM! lol

Today is day 7 post op and it sucks! I am just so...

Today is day 7 post op and it sucks! I am just so tired of the drain and laying on my stomach coonnnnsttaannntllly. But it'll all be worth it in the end! I've noticed that my butt is slightly jiggly and rounding out at the bottom a tad so I can see the progress. Something happened with my camera and every picture I take has big lines through it so I will wait to take pictures and post them when I get back home and can get another camera. Oh, may get drains taken out tonight because I'm not draining anything today. Hopefully they don't make me wait till my post op on Tuesday :/ OH! I see I didn't update when I had my massage the other day.....Yikes! Maripaz opened the stitch up on my buttcrack and pushed all the liquid out through the hole.. It was crazy!! I was surprised how much fluid came out and the noises it made was just disgusting. I get in the shower and noticed I started my period so I get out and sit down on the bed to put on a pantyliner.. I exploded everywhere!! I get up and in a fright noticed I was bleeding down my leg and leaving a puddle behind me.. I called Susana in and apologized for bleeding everywhere, I didn't know what was going on, She laughed and said "No, it's not your period, you're just draining." Well, I show her that when I bend over, it just pours out so she gets me in the shower and pushes what she can out. The story is getting a little long, so I will just tell you that I had to walk around with a giant pad on and keep changing it because the fluid never stopped coming out. So a big warning to you out there that have fluid built up somewhere.. Get your massages and don't freak out when something like that happens because it's a good thing... :) Oh, another thing - my waist went down an inch. I've been measuring with my garment on, but with it on it's at 27! Butt's still at 43
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

His name has always stuck out to me because his results have always been ideal imo.. Glad I went to him, it's only hojurs after surgery but even through tghe gafmentm ==, I can tell i will look awesome!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How is your bbl holding , do you still have nice rezulrs
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did you manage to loose all the gained weight and are you a smaller size now after the bbl then you were prior to your weight gain? thanks
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Great results
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How can you contact Angie??
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Curious to see how your doing now? Have you lost volume in you Hi..How r u? I was curious to find out how your doing after the weight gain and lipo? I gained weight also for this and feel nasty and curious if you lost any volume. I am thinking of going to Campos for alotta lipo and BBL round 2. Thanks! ................
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Hi Me in Dallas. I'm in Fort Worth, Haven't seen anything from you in a while. Post some current pics please. I'm going to Campos in June. Thanks
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How do you look now?? Last pic you said your butt was squarish. Please post updated pics.
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Wow you look fab!! I hope Dr Campos can hook me up like that :) thank you for your updates and pictures.. Really helps us in making the right decisions
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hey there> so you had fat transfer to your LIPS? i want to do this! lol! do you like the lips still?
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How is the recovery?
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Good to hear your doing well!!! :)
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Congrats on a smooth surgery love! Hope the fluid thing goes away soon :/. Thanks for updating us. I wish you a speedy recovery and God bless!
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How are you feeling? Update us on ur progress sweetie:))
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Other than that darn drain and my arms getting numb from laying on them 24/7, I'm great lol. And done :)
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Congrats on ur surgery u look great! I'm scheduled to go to Tijuana March 4th with Dr. Pantoja for BBL an BA...I'm in the Dfw area too and was wondering how much ur flight was and did u fly out from Dallas Lovefield airport?
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I missed the flight, but for a round trip ticket, I paid $217 for Spirit Airlines out of DFW. When I missed my flight, I had to book another ticket, same day, for $417 through American Airlines, ugh! Well thank you! From what everybody tells me, every doctor here has a specialty and Pantoja may be for breasts, not sure.. Good luck, so soon!
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u look amazing! congrats!
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Thank you! Can't wait to take pics tomorrow for day 5
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You look great! I'm going to campos in June and seeing your results, I can't wait!
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He did a really good job.. anything he touches turns to gold. I'm so happy for you, you picked the best doctor out there!
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Looking good...
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Thank you!
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omg you look sooooo good!! do you have a picture of your before front? want to see the difference cuz your stomach is AMAZING!!! so is your whole body!
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Thank you!! I will post one right now
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You have the sickest body ever I'm so jealous!
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