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I decided to do this procedure because I have a...

I decided to do this procedure because I have a pretty fat gut and love handles. For the most part I look normal. I'm 5'4 165. I work out religiously. However I had a baby by c section in Jan 2010 and my stomach looks like it hangs now. Also I went to work for a new job very quickly and commute up to 3 hrs a day. I would love to wear a dress, and fit better in jeans no more muffin top. My inner thighs will b done later. Was gonna do it all at once, but the dr recommended knees b done along w inner thighs for best results. So I'm going to see how this abs do.

 So far I am extremely satisfied. I had the procedure done last Friday 9/23 in the evening and walked rightnout the office no pain whatsoever. No pain that night , none the next day etc.

I went to Dr menon at physicians skin and weight in Campbell ( she also has a location in sacramento). I have to say I work in the medical field selling surgery an I was very cautious / skeptical initially because of what I know. However jessika did my consult was upfront and honest, and there was no pressure theat I didn't sign up, I returned a second time to ask more questions and meet the dr. They were very accommodating and reassuring what my realistic outcome would be. Still no pressure to sign.

Anyways im so glad I had this done here. The surgery, mostly easy and uncomfortable some parts. It's hard to imagine, but dr menon, her assistant and the dr observing plus , my friend had so much fun. Lots of good convo and lots of laughs. I told dr menon I was most impressed with her ability to be very skilled in this procedure, have a very down to earth personality, and maintain professionalism.

After the procedure, the assistant squeezed out as much drainage as possible. I think this was crucial because yes I had some drainage overnight ( notyhing too major)but it was mostly done by the time I woke up. So that wasn't as inconvenient as expected. I was pretty much done draining by mid morning.

Thanks for sharing your experience so far! I'll be following your updates, so please keep posting your progress. :)

im thinking of using this same doctor. can you please share more on the result?
I am still not a hundred percent recovered (results wise) but am super happy with her work- especially my inner thighs & knees. She is a perfectionist an worse case scenario, she'll redo it in 6 months if it needs it ( which rarely happens w her). I look alot better, didn't bruise on my abs but had alot of bruises on my legs ( completely gone in under 2 weeks). Procedure- wasn't painful or uncomfortable, recovery had no pain at all!!!! I'm not kidding. It was very sore and tender but not Painful. You will be tired the day after- and want to rest but can pretty much do most what u need. Email me if you have more questions- zikoor@gmail

Inner thighs and knees done a week ago. That was...

Inner thighs and knees done a week ago. That was completely PAINLESS, and the recovery the same as abdomen, naseaus and tired the next day, sore but no pain. VERY EASY!!!!! I asked for a different pain med for the second time around and I think that helped. I think the stomach was just sensitive for me and I shouldnt have eaten before my procedure because i felt bloated.
drainage on inner thighs and knees also minimal!!! gone by the next day. Im not sure why people say the drainage soaks through clothes and layers of blankets/towels. that simply wasnt the case for me both times.

My inner thighs look great.

My inner thighs look great.
Hi. I am not trying to play doctor here, but perhaps your 'fat" stomach could not be fat at all, but rather stretched ligaments from pregnancy and a c-section. I had a TT several years ago because I always looked pregnant - my ligaments were stretched and floppy and my abs were separated from the abdominal floor due to a large baby. My doctor literally put my ab muscles back where they belong and cinched them back up the middle like a corset. My stomach is flat now, though now I have gained some fat back :o( If your ligaments and muscles are not damaged, then perhaps your diet is making you bloated, from fiber or protien shakes, whatever you are doing is making you blow up like a pinata.. hope this helps.
I'm well over 6 months past my procedure. I have to say that I have lost 20 lbs since the last few months, not from the procedure, but from eating healthy. Given that I am 20lbs lighter, I should have a flat stomach. However, i still have my fat stomach. I am going back to meet the dr this week to see what she says about a touch up
Dr Menon

I still don't know what my results are gonna be since it was only 2 days ago, but everything so far was great and I have a good feeling the results will be great. I did have to wait a little more before surgery but thats expected in anything medical so I'm still 100%satisfied

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