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I signed up with Campbell's skin and weight center...

I signed up with Campbell's skin and weight center and the procedure was completed by Dr. Bylnn Shideler. He is a very nice guy and is kind during the procedure. I just had my upper and lower abs done this morning, so I can really see the result yet but I will post before and after photos in the next 6 months. Dr. Shideler is also doing my inner thighs, knees, waist flanks, back bra roll and hips. So please stay tuned.

My first Experience: upon my arrival at 7:45AM, my chart was mixed with someone else's because our names are somewhat similar, I was freaked out but the stuff quickly figured it out and everything was ok. After that drama, I went to the restroom to do a last minute pregnancy test ( just in case) and then walked into the operating room, where the nurse forgot to give me the few pills that would help me with pain, nauseous ness and anxiety( good thing I had done my homework and researched this stuff because I notified her) she then got me the pills. after that she took more photis and measuremebts and the doctor started drawing on my probkem areas and the numbing process. The needles were annoying and somewhat painful, it's just weird and hurts more for needles to be poking the stomach but its doable. After that Dr. Shideler used this long Merle stick and goes on to remove the fat, it feels weird but no pain with your stomach is numb but if he goes beyond the numb area, that's when you can find yourself in agony. I dont feel alot of itching just yet but i can feel it starting. But overall Dr. Shildeler kept me calm and explained what he was doing next and what I would be feeling so that help.

I have attached my before pics of this morning and will attach my after pics on Wednesday because I am draining out of my incisions.


Congratulations!!!!  And happy healing to you!  Excited to see your post pics--do you know about how much the doctor took out?  It's a good thing you knew to ask for those pills!!! 
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Day 2

I am super sore today and bruised, I am not much in pain, it is more like a sunburn pain. I can sit without feeling the pain. My skin appears a tad saggy but according to the doc the skin will fall into place. Day two photos are attached.


I hope u r feeling better by tomorrow. Did he Dr give u a compression garment? How long did u have to wear it? Just take it easy and do not overdo.
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I did get a compression garmet to wear for 4 to 6 weeks or longer if needed.
Thank you!!! He took our 4.5 liters of fat. It was yuck!! But yeah about those pills though, seriously!

Day 3

My stomach is still pudgy and swollen, it has starting itching today and is still really sore.


Hello my bay area RS woman. Congrats on your procedure,i am excited to follow your journey as i will be on the path right behind you. i am doing abs,waist and butt in sept. Maybe knees. Take benedryl for the itching and drink pineapple juice for the Swelling. Also arnica gel soothes the irritated skin. Happy Healing.
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Hi. I got my back bra rolls, hips and flanks done today and I will be doing my inner thighs and knees in 2 weeks. I will be adding more photos tomorrow of my before Abd after. I am in a lot of pain today do its hard to get up or sit down.

Back bra roll, flanks and hips.

I went in this morning for my back bra roll, flanks and hips. I think my skin on my back was the most sensitive and it was pretty painful, and yes I did have a lot of moaning and low screams, it turns out my flanks area did not take the numbing medicine very well, it kept wearing off really fast. Dr. Shielder, the nurses and Louise are all amazing, they held my hand Abd tried their best to distract me to help with the pain. I will be posting before and after photos tomorrow as I am in too much pain today.

Update about my upper and lower abs, they are still swollen, it seems like the pain and bruisings are moving downward. The numbness has slowly gone away but its more painful and itchy. I have to get up all hours of the night to pee, the more you pee the better. I did not take any pain or water releasing pills, I feel it's better to strengthen your body when in pain or injured. Anyways, my stomach is puffy one day and flat the next so I think it has a lot to do with my sodium intake, I made that mistake once but never again, it actually hurts more so slower your sodium intake. Stay tuned I will post before and after pics tomorrow.


I am having upper and lower abs plus love handles done this Monday. My body is quite similar to your before pictures. How are you now? Can you post more pics? I am curious to see my "possible" result.
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Hi. I will post more photos of my abs in 2 weeks, right now I am swollen from getting my hips, flanks and bra rolls done so I am editing for all the swelling to go down.
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Back bra rolls, flanks and hips before and after

It has only been a week since I got these 3 area done. I am sore and swollen right now but I can't wait to start working out to see better results. Also I am scheduled to get my inner thighs, knees and upper arms done too on aug. 4th so please star tuned. I will be posting every two weeks or so. :)


Sounds like you are doing your whole body.. You are brave! It was hard for me to get out of bed with my full abs and bra roll done. I dont think i could get out of bed if i did anything to my arms or legs in addition.. Happy healing. :)
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How did your lipo go? I haven't heard any updates. Wishing you a speedy recovery and successful results.
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if you do not mind me asking, how much was it?
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Dr. Blynn Shideler

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