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So, having SmartLipo 2 weeks from today. Having...

So, having SmartLipo 2 weeks from today. Having upper/lower abdomen, flanks and arms. Dr. has already told me I may have to come back for arms. I am not a small girl and do not expect to be after the procedures either. I just hope to have some shape back. I am very excited and very nervous. Mostly nervous about the healing process, from what I have heard and read it is not the 'quck turnaround' recovery that the SmartLipo websites try to tout. I have also read a lot that it feels like a bad sunburn, well, I hate sunburns. LOL. I also have a very demanding job and have a very low tolerance for pain. So, those two things make me slightly nervous about returning to my go-go-go life in a reasonable amount of time. I am also quite nervous about the 'drainage'. I hope some of you can go into a little more detail about that so that I can be prepared. I am so appreciative for this site, and to those of you who have shared your experience. I feel like I am babbling here....and I dont want to sound super negative. I am excite, and hopeful. But very nervous about the 'after'. I appreciate all of the honesty I have read so far.

1-week pre-op today. Still nervous. Trying to...

1-week pre-op today. Still nervous. Trying to gather as much information as possible on what to expect, during and after. I have been eating well and drinking lots of water. Have lost 6-pounds in the last week and a half. Going for 10 before surgery....I think it will help to stay on track after the surgery.
Hoping to get some more info on the drainage issue, like will I need plastic sheets? And is the pain more like a sun burn or sore muscles? How long did the pain last? I have plans to go to San Diego exactly 2-weeks after surgery for work, a little concerned about being on the plane in pain. How is the pain after 2- weeks?
I appreciate reading everyone's experience, and welcome all input.
Thank you.

So, ended up getting the flu and cannot get the...

So, ended up getting the flu and cannot get the procedure today. :(
Have not received my reschedule date yet. Bummed.

Ok so finally rescheduled, now set for 3/21 for...

Ok so finally rescheduled, now set for 3/21 for abdomen and flanks and then will do arms a couple of weeks after. Still very nervous....but so ready for some changes. I love seeing everyone's updates and comments, it is all very encouraging. If anyone has done their arms, I would love to hear about the healing process versus body.

1-week until smartlipo. Upper/lower abs and...

1-week until smartlipo. Upper/lower abs and flanks. Doing arms 2 weeks later. Nervous. But still very ready for a change.
Love reading everyone's updates. So thankful for this site.

Going in tomorrow at 9am. Not too nervous. More...

Going in tomorrow at 9am. Not too nervous. More anxiety over the 'after'. But I feel pretty good about my preparations. This website has been enormously helpful. Will update after surgery. Here I go.....

48 hours post op. My experience: The...

48 hours post op.
My experience:
The procedure
I was given Ativan, Percocet and an antibiotic about 45 minutes before, not sure if they made a difference or not. Incisions were a little pinch, no big deal. The injecting of the fluid was a bit painful, probably a 5 on the pain scale. The actual suction part lasted about 3 straight hours, and was just pressure in some areas and downright excruciating in others. Went from a 1 to a 7 on the pain scale. I was given 8 bags of the fluid, which is a little high, but I do not numb easily.
After the suction was completed, they attempted to stand me up to clean up, this did not go well. I got very dizzy and a port o potty had to be brought in for me to sit on, as I was buck naked. This was not cute, for anyone. The only good thing that came from me being stuck on that contraption for 30 minutes was that I did a lot draining right there on the floor. Finally, they got me all maxi padded up with an entire roll of tape, strapped on the cincher and home I went.

Recovery so far:
Got home around 3 on Thursday and slept until about 7, got up for a minute to eat, then back to sleep. Most noticeable pain is in the getting up and down. Once stationary, low pain. Friday, Day after surgery still very uncomfortable getting up and down, bruising and swelling seems to be the reason for this. I did manage a shower (no hair washing) before going to a 4pm check up. I was no longer draining, that ended around midnight of first night. Getting around very slow, still having a lot of trouble with up and down.
Saturday, now 48 hours post op. still very stiff and having back pain now along with the bending issue. If something drops on the floor, forget about it. Have some nausea today for the first time, this may be from another shower, with hair washing this time.
Appetite pretty good. Havent taken any pain meds other than Tylenol.
A bit nervous about returning to work on Monday, but have no choice.
I can see some changes, but do not have unreasonable expectations, I know that will take a while. Hoping to start moving a little better. All in all, glad I did it. Now arms in 2 weeks. I am crazy.

Back to work! And a long day it was. Made it...

Back to work!
And a long day it was. Made it through ok though. Mostly still having trouble with getting up/down and in and out of car. I think I am getting used to being in some amount of pain all the time. I think the biggest downer of the day is how swollen I am. I feel bigger than I was before the procedure. From what I have read this is normal. And it has only been 4 days technically. Patience....I am told, is the answer.

In A LOT of pain today. My bruising and soreness...

In A LOT of pain today. My bruising and soreness prevents me from being able to bend or pick anything up from below waist level. When I take my compression off I am shocked every time at how black blue and green I am. I am supposed to be getting my arms done a week and 2 days from now....I don't see how I am going to be able to do that with this level of pain. Hoping for some relief. Hard day. Very emotional.

2 weeks post procedure. Pain getting better,...

2 weeks post procedure.
Pain getting better, still not able to bend all the way down and bathroom remains an entertaining challenge. The horrible bruising has started to fade, but the swelling is still pretty prominent. I can see some changes, so that keeps me from feeling discouraged. I was supposed to get my arms done in 2 days, but cancelled that because I am still not comfortable sleeping and cannot imagine making it even harder to sleep at this point. I cannot wait to get these arms done though. Will post pics soon.

Arms done on 6/7/13

Wow. For me, the arms have been a little tougher than expected. Ok, a lot tougher. I guess I had it in my head that the arms would be a cake walk after the abdomen, but I was sadly mistaken. 18-days post op and I still cannot sleep without pain, the elbow areas hurt ALL of the time, and I can barely lift my arms high enough to wash my hair. It is very painful to wash my hair. I am hoping that something is not seriously wrong, but this seems worse than it is supposed to be. Going to see the dr this week.
Carmel Dermatologist

This is not my Dr. Not sure how that happened? My Dr. Is Blynn Shideler. And I have been forced to rate a Dr that is not mine and I have not had a procedure with. The site will not let me update until I rate the dr, so please disregard this rating.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I can tell a big difference already. I am 2 weeks post op too and still swollen a lot. I went for my 1.5 week post op visit this week and they said by 3 months I will see a big difference from the 2 week mark...I am already happy with the improvement that I've gotten and we will hopefully see more over the next 2 months.
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Thank you so much! I am really looking forward to feeling normal and seeing more change.
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Wow, your results look great so far! Just imagine what they will be when your swelling goes down.
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Glad to hear you're doing ok! Make it through the first week and you'll start feeling like a new woman! Rest when you can and make sure to keep up on the compression at work. Wearing that helped me the most. Week two I invested in compression tanks - just looked like a camisole and was much more comfy for work and made going to the bathroom a lot easier without full compression garmet. Good luck on your recovery and keep us posted!
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Thank you for the positive words....if I only have to feel like this for a week I can handle that for sure! I statred wearing the tank tops today, during the day, and will wear the cinch device for sleeping. Looking forward to feeling normal again! :)
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Good luck!! Give yourself time to heal before you judge any results! It takes time. I'm 7 weeks post today and my results continue to improve. Check out my pics and you'll see!
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Best of luck to you!
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I'm also in the Bay Area. I'm excited to see your experience and results. Please do post after your procedure. Good luck!
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so did you do the surgery and how do you feel?
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so how did it go? are you feeling a lot f pain? what about the bruises? my procedure is next friday. i am kinda nervous too. Lina
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My procedure was cancelled because I have the flu. I have not received my new date yet.
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awwww so sorry keepinitreal....Hope u feel better...let us know when...take care of urself....Sharon
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Hi, I am also having procedure on lower/upper abs, flanks, and bra roll on Friday. I am nervous about the recovery also. Best wishes on your procedure.
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Feel free to read my blog...my belly was prettty distended as well.....Bet of Luck!!
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Thank you so much! Your results look great. I am getting more anxious as time gets closer. Any hints or advice on the drainage issue that would be helpful?
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BEST OF LUCK...as far as drainage...I didnt drain terribly..more from one entry than the others...I used maxi pad's cut in half with medical tape and the compression garment keeps it securely in place..change often if gets really wet..I had hubby clean area with warm cloth and put on new pad..u want to keep the entry area very clean...I did leak all thru my garment in the first 24 hours and laid on hospital like pads I got from my daughter. Overall the leaking wasnt a big deal for me...if I can help at all....just holla....Sharon
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Check out my belly we are very close in size!
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Thank you for your reply, I cannot wait to hear your updates since you are getting so close. I am nervous about the 'after' for sure, so it will be great to have someone getting it done so close to me. God luck.....you will look great I am sure!!
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Hi I am in Cancun as we speak waiting for surgery in 2.5 days. Enjoying the gorgeous weather and knowing soon I will have drastic changes. Yes I am nervous and I know the day of surgery more. But its what I want and my sweet hubby is with me. All he says its over already and just the healing. I am taking arnica and bromelain which helps a lot with bruising and swelling. I had lipo 6 years ago but areas were missed. If they leave your incisions open there can be a lot of drainage. I used diapers with hockey tape so it doesnt stick to your skin. For 2 days it can be a lot. Be prepared. Then it just stops. Quite tender and felt like my belly was jello. The garment is so important for structure and swelling. Use it always. I used various garments for 3 months. I am having whatever the doctor wants to do. Upper abs and back fat and inner thighs. Plus fat grafting on my hand as they look old and veiny. Wow so close I am nervous!
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Hello there, i have same surgery in the same location in the begining of next month. My doctor is Blynn Shideler too , trying to do research about him, how did you know that your dr changed? are they related??????
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My Dr hasn't changed, this website just listed the wrong Dr.
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