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Well where to start i am a mother of 4(13,10,8,2)...

well where to start i am a mother of 4(13,10,8,2) im 29 yrs old i have never been a over weight or under weight so i pretty much maintain my weight im 5'1 132 lbs i try to work out when i can but all in all my belly is loose and i have strecth marks. i hate the way it feels when i wear certain pants you know my belly i have to tuck it in lol so thats why i want to get this done ive been wanting to get this procedure done for 5 yrs now but as i wrote on here before im so glad i didnt because i had a beautiful baby girl 2 yrs ago and now im fixed and so ready to do this :)

my husband said i dont need this but i feel i do. i am having a ftt and lipo of the hips and inner thigh so they dont rub anymore yay. i am nervous and sometimes have doubts but i wanna do this for myself... and noone else. so i cant wait to join all of you wonderful ladies here in recovery that have had it done already and enjoying ther new flat tummys :)thats pretty much about it. 

Ok so im uploading pics today 16 more days to go...

ok so im uploading pics today 16 more days to go yikes my tummy is ugly cant wait to compare the after pics ;)

Oh boy ladies my day is getting closer finally i...

oh boy ladies my day is getting closer finally i have my preop this fri and nxt fri at 6 im the morning ill be at the surgery center getting marked.... so excited and scared and nervous i think about the big day everyday lol everyones like alright already enough with the surgery talk lol i cant help it thats all that i beeen thinking about ive had 3 dreams about it already omgoodness, so ya i guess i do think alittle bit to much about it but it is a big event and exciting to so. i guess i cant expect them to know cause their not the ones gettting it done,and man im starting to have cramps :( man i hope i dont get my monthly visitor the day before surgery omg that will suck.

Hello ladies well its 10 pm thursday night night...

hello ladies well its 10 pm thursday night night before my big day i have major butterflies in my jiggly tummy thats gonna be gone tomorrow morning but i just want this to be over with already i really cant believe how fast it came 3 months seemed like forever when your waiting but man it sure did creep up on me lol no i am very EXCITED tho well imma finish getting my stuff ready and try to go to sleep hope i can good night ladies.
thanks for all the support and wishes

Im 4 days post op now my lipo areas r more sore...

im 4 days post op now my lipo areas r more sore the the tummy tuck area but ladies this revovery isnt at all as bad as i thought. i do hate taht i cant hold my 2 yr old baby thats the hardist thing i have to deal with i still am guazed up so you cant really see my whole tummy but it is super flat :).

Ok ladies so its post op day 5 i feel really good...

ok ladies so its post op day 5 i feel really good i made me and my baby girl some eggs this morning and wash my dishes im up and walking around i havent been swollen at all mayb cuz i havent been takin any salt so im thankful for that my husband has been helping me with my baby and stuff hes the greatest he suprised me on how hes been because at first he was like im not gonna take anydays of work off or anything but he took off fri and yesterday its been nice having him home my kids have also been very helpful love them all yesterday i made them hotdogs for dinner today imma make them pasta theyll do the dishes so all in all im doing really good thank god i pictured this so worse then wut it is.i would do it again in a heart beat.

Sorry ladies i havent been on for 5 days now...

sorry ladies i havent been on for 5 days now omgoodness let me update well on fri the 3rd i went for my 1 week post op appt i got to drive myself there yessss it felt so good to drive they said i could cause i havent been on any pain meds since the day of my surgery. my ps took out my drains thank god those things are annoying and i am swollen now i try to take it easy but with a 2 yr old its kinda hard but i rest when i feel like i need to now i know what you ladies mean when you say your swollen now im feeling alil swollen its not to bad though ok so i am 9 days post op i feel pretty much normal now yesterday i finally took my first real shower wooohhhoooo no more sponge baths let me tell you that was the best feeling ever took my son to his ortho appt and then later we went to a bbq it was fun to get out and about.

Photo Update

I cant tell you ladies how much i thought this...

i cant tell you ladies how much i thought this recovery was gonna be hard and take alot of time but i tyhank god that this has been an easy recovery man im alil swollen still so i cant imagine how good its gonna look when i can stand straight and not be swollen lol anymore i really love my new tummy i noticed my lower back doesnt hurt me anymore i think me hold in my tummy everyday and every min prob had something to do with that and having my core muscles being weak also had something to do with that so thats a plus :)well i gotta go to sleep tty ladies later.

Ok so yesterday was my first day back at work and...

ok so yesterday was my first day back at work and everything was good except frm sitting to long my lipo area on my inner thighs gets really sore i was alil tired like sleepy at the end of the day but other wise was good i still had to go home and make dinner and stuff. omgoodness last night my baby girl fell of the bed i jumped up to get her and my tummy muscles were so sore after i hope i didnt do any o my muscle tightening:(

Well ladies i am a month post op today i feel...

well ladies i am a month post op today i feel great just one minor thing last week i got a really itchy rash along my scar it was horrible being itchy and tryin not to scratch lol besides that red swollen rash my scar is so thin o cant wait till this rash goes away lol so i can take some pics i have no idea where the rash came from i havent taking any pills or anything so who knows it doesnt itch that much anymore its slightly going away thank god lol cuz its getting hot n its not fun having a rash when its hot.i will post new pics soon.

Ok so im 5 wkas post op and feel awesome my...

ok so im 5 wkas post op and feel awesome my swelling is going down alil everyday and nxt week i can start working out again yay man time just flew bye. i posted 2 new pics i took a few mins ago ttyl.
thanx ladies

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

shes so sweet and gentle she explained everything to me very well called me the next day to check on me and so far from what i see my tummy looks awesome i feel great. thanks for a new body ;)

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Hello, I have a consultation with Dr. Min next week. I have a question, were you hunched over for very long? In your pictures you seem like you were standing upright pretty soon after. Any idea why you had so little pain? Is there something she does in particular? I would appreciate the input. You look amazing!
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You look great!
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You look great! Do you have a small vertical scar where ur belly button used to be? My surgery is 9/12 and my ps isn't sure i will hv enough skin to cover so he said I may hv a small vertical scar which I would rather have that that the tummy tuck scar being to high. Thanks!
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Thanks! I am getting so nervous, just wondering about the what ifs, but am trying to overcome I will be fine, my belly will be flat and I will heal like a champ!! I am glad your recovery is going well, and I am looking forward to not having my fat flap! LOL
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ya that is so common those feelings of nervousness and worrying i went thru all of that and then i did it and i was fine and i got thru it pretty easy but everyone heals differently so i hope your recovery will be as easy as mine was. it will be so worth it.
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wow you look great. medical technology has become so advanced, why not change what you dont like. congrats you look very shapely and nice
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You had my belly that I currenly have, seeing ur results makes me more excited, u look amazing!
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hi soccermama123 thanks ya this has been so wonderful having a flat tummy it feels good to fit n my pants nicely and to sit down witout a roll of fat lol so it is very exciting cant wait to see your results, keep me posted:)
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Wow your so tiny and flat in the mid section!  Looking good!

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thanks kimmer:)
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what up sexy you been??? Duder, arnt you like 7 weeks post op now? I bet your swellin is like almost gone eh?? you look fab in your July 1st pics PS...bam, you need to get you some kini pics on here, Im totally posting some this week, got my first kini since I was a toddler, and feeling HOT SHYT! Love you new pics, keep up the good worksies...HUGS :)
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I'm doing grrreeat ya I'll be 7 weeks this Friday but ya I still am all swollen girlie especially by the end of the dayI can't believe how fast these days go by LOL OMG ya I know I need to do an update with better pics I usually just get on real quickI when I get a chance LOL, I'm glad ur doing awesome I can't wait to see you in your bikini

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thank you taniasexy u look amazing in that pic :)
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Congratulation to you and to your dr. Amazing results!
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Big fan of your results. Your pics are my goal for sure.
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how goes it sexy mama...Im feelin so much better today. Feelin fantabulous actually...gawds what a journey so far. I hope you are doin well and loving your new bods..cause you bees smoookaaaan. ooooowwwwww hehe. duder so I lost all my pics on here and will have to post some more...meeeh. I will keep intouch though..happy trails mwah
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Wow! Girl you are "hot stuff" in that new bikini. Can't wait for my date and sure hope to get amazing results like you.
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girl u look amazing ;)
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i cant wait for bikini totally inspired me to get up and jus go buy one LOL I think next week will be when I purchase my first one since I was a freakin toddler..LOL
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lol your funny well ur gonna be a sexy mama in your bikini this summer ;)
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Holy crap!!! I think you have the best results yet!!! Congrats and keep on doin whatever your doin.
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aawww hi cleveland 10 and thank you so much i feel great!
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Hey precious how long did it take for you to stand upright...Im not even 24 hours since my surgery and I jus want to know whagt schedule i need to be on with that? Any clues from anyone would really help :)
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hey sommiebreez i still cant stand all the way straight when i try i can still feel the tightness and pulling so idk maybe another week or 2 who knows i cant wait though i feel like a hunch back lmao nah but i feel good all my pants fit me so much better not fat to tuck in lol how you feeling ??
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you are literally 8 days postop and you look athta good...freakin amazin
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