Almost 6 weeks!

I am 32 years young, I had my first three kids by...

I am 32 years young, I had my first three kids by the time I was 21 and my fourth when I was 29. My tummy had been destroyed since my first baby at 17. I lost all the weight, which I owe to the young age and resilient skin, and though I got very few stretch marks, I got one at the top of my belly button and my belly button became a very sad face, literally! I've never really had a flat tummy, but I've never really been over weight till probably recently. I am 5' 8". I don't know what I weigh because I threw my scale away forever ago. I feel they are such a demonic device lurking behind us taunting us to feel bad for our selves. I go by how I feel, how my jeans fit. I did crossfit and paleo for a whole and loved it but I'm so darn busy with these kids, their sports, my business the hubby and home life I have slacked off. I am terribly self conscious about my yucky tummy. My husband buys be two piece lingerie and I go return in for a one piece. I do burlesque and always wear a waist cincher on stage. I want the freedom to show my tummy and not embarrass my self!! I want a happy belly button! So I did a consult with Dr. Cruise in Newport beach and knew right away he was the one. His staff is amazing and Cristin has been so patient with me and all my questions. I live in Northern California and they are in so-cal it's a 12 hour drive down there but luckily I have family in the area to stay with. I am scheduled for the 26th of this month and I am really excited, but I still have the normal fears. I don't want to die!! Ha ha:) I've been reading this site for a while and found all your stories encouraging and inspirational. I can only hope I remember some of your words when I'm on the other side and feeling down. It shall pass!! I'll post some of my before pics.. GAH.. That's crazy I don't show my tummy to ANYONE and here I am about to show it to a room full of strangers;)

Can anyone help me post pics? I'm not sure if I...

Can anyone help me post pics? I'm not sure if I can from my phone...?

Had my blood work done, for the second time....

Had my blood work done, for the second time. Originally had my labs done in the town where I live but when I told my doctors office they were charging me $800 Cristin called and cancelled the order. Had them redone in SoCal when I went to visit family and it only cost $65. Big difference!!! 17 days till my surgery! Yikes... It's flying by as I've been crazy non stop busy. I guess that's good otherwise my mind would be overwhelmed with fears. I'm performing my last show this coming Saturday until November.. I can't wait to dance on stage and show off my new belly button:) I hope all of you are having a great weekend so far. I'll try to get on a real computer soon and post pics of my yucky flab;)

Uh should NOT have watched TT surgeries on YouTube...

Uh should NOT have watched TT surgeries on YouTube. Just gave myself a panic attack. GAH!!! So scared! Also still trying to get to a computer so I can post yucky tummy pics before I wack it off :) hope you all are having a fabulous week :)

8 days till my surgery, yikes! I think I'm all...

8 days till my surgery, yikes! I think I'm all packed and ready to go. I'm getting odds and ends all together still but the majority is done. I start taking arnica at the end of this week per my PS. Hope that will help with my bruising. Well I can barely keep my eyes open so off to bed I go! Good night real self!

Meh. I feel like my body is trying to get sick:( I...

Meh. I feel like my body is trying to get sick:( I sure hope not cause my surgery is scheduled for 6 days! I recently started juicing a few weeks ago which I am liking a lot. I'm also taking a multivitamin per my PS so hopefully my body will prevail over whatever is trying to sneak in:) I am on such a emotional roller coaster, as I'm sure you all are too. My doctor prescribes Xanax but not till the day before. I feel like I need one now! Ha ha but I've survived this long without Xanax I'm sure I can get by a few more days:) anywho I'm ready to make that 12 hour drive to get a brand new *flat* tummy. Happy healing to all of you on the other side and to those of us waiting, it will be here soon!!!

Four days!!!! Four days till I can find see my...

Four days!!!! Four days till I can find see my belly button without digging for it! Four days till my flabby stomach will be GONE! I can't wait to join the flat side! I own a clothing store and we have bikinis in and I stare at them all day wondering which ones will be mine! Hopefully all if them! We are taking our family vacay to Hawaii this November and I can't wait to show my tummy for the first time in public. I am so happy with the PS I chose. His staff has been super attentive and always available to answer questions. He specializes in tummy tucks and has a technique for minimizing scars. I haven't been left with any doubts or unsurities about what meds to take before or after or how long to wear my CG. His staff has made sure they covered all bases. I start taking my arnica tomorrow, 5 pills three times a day and every day after till they are all gone. I have all my meds that I'll need already waiting for me at the doctors office which I'll pick up on Monday for my preop. They are giving me scarless for free too. I feel bad for some of the stories I read where it seems the women weren't given much direction by their doctors and I can't imagine how that feels:( I feel so fortunate to have found dr. Cruise! I haven't found one bad review for him any where and I would suggest him for anyone! My time is def nearing and I've come to realize my biggest fear is the limited support I'll have after. Not by my doctor but by my family. Since my surgery will take place 12 hours from my home I am away from my best friends. My husband will be with me the day of my surgery, but will be leaving to come home two days after, leaving me in LA with my kids. I'll be at my in laws house so my mom in law will be caring for my baby. My older kids will have to be caring for me. I feel bad to put that responsibility on them but I need this surgery!! I know it will create a happier me, therefore creating a happier house hold. Anywho.. Here's to putting our selves first:) we deserve it once in a while! Cheers and happy healing!

3 days!! Ahhhh!!! Had a bit of a freak out in the...

3 days!! Ahhhh!!! Had a bit of a freak out in the middle of the night. Woke up just so scared of the surgery! What is it I am so afraid of? Is it Waking up during surgery being able to feel everything but not being able to scream? Or is it not waking up at all? Morbid I know, but real thoughts no less. I reminded myself that tt surgeries have become routine and my doctor is amazing at what he does. I have full faith in him. Now, if only I could trust the same in my after care:) anywho. I leave for LA tomorrowand I can't wait:) talk to you guys later, I'm off to clean my house top to bottom.

Whelp, 1 more day and a wake up and it's my turn....

Whelp, 1 more day and a wake up and it's my turn. I am currently making the drive to LA and I'm about half way down the state of California. I'm feeling okay right now. I have my pre op first thing tomorrow morning and was disappointed to hear my husband doesn't want to go. I guess it shouldn't matter since this is for me not him. Was hoping for moral support I suppose. Ah. Oh well. Enjoy your day everyone!

Well I am up getting ready for my pre op.. And...

Well I am up getting ready for my pre op.. And this time tomorrow I'll be at the hospital embarking on my journey to the flat side! Yikes! Good luck to those of you with upcoming dates too... Hoping I get the Xanax my dr prescribed. I could really use it now. I'll check in again after my Pre op if anything exciting happens. If not happy healing!!

Ok Pre op went well. Paid my balance, got my Ned's...

Ok Pre op went well. Paid my balance, got my Ned's and took the dreaded pics. My surgery is scheduled at 730 and I'm to be at the surgery center at 630. Surgery should take about 3 hours they think. Doctor said I had great skin so my results were going to be amazing. I've kinda been in a zone today, to relax myself mirror less and I'll take a Xanax a little later. I anticipate no problem sleeping tonight as I'm still burnt out from yesterday's drive. I'm hydrating as much as I can. Well, guess I'll try and check in on my way to the hospital, if not as soon as I can

Good morning fellow tummy tuckers! I have arrived...

Good morning fellow tummy tuckers! I have arrived at the surgery center a little too early. Ha! They aren't even open yet! I took a Xanax last night and slept like a baby. This morning my doctor had me take two Celebrex, arnica and a patch behind my ear for nausea. I'm kind of a puker. As I expected no support from the hubby other than financial. He is here with me but when I said "in case your wondering, I'm scared to death" his reply, "you wanted it" and gave me three little pats on my knee. GAH!!! Whatever, I'm used to the lack of compassion. I just wanted a hug or something. I've been on the verge of tears since. Guess it doesn't help that I'm hormonal as all hell because of my period. Ha! Well amigas, see y'all on the flat side. I'm going to catch a nap:)

Surgery went wellas far as I know. My MR really...

Surgery went wellas far as I know. My MR really hurtsmy lipo is super numb but as soon as that weighs off I'll be I ├╝ber pain. I can tell. My nurse was amazing as was my anesthesiologist. The anti nausea meds HELPED SO MUCH. No pukies for me. Well, I'll update later

Well in still feeling surprisingly well. I totally...

Well in still feeling surprisingly well. I totally expected the worse of everything so I'm glad how things are turning out. Gad a follow up this am and saw my tummy and belly button. It's so cute and I'm flat as can be. I have minimal bruising, like just around the incision none on my back or tummy from the lipo thus far. I've had to pee a lot so I feel like imvup and down frequently. I hit my first dizzy spell this am on the way to my post op and now I'm back at my in laws and I'm going to take it easy peasy. I have pics but can't post from my phone. Hope all you are healing well:) I seriously feel my breast aug hurt waaaay more 10 years ago. Crazy. My MR hurt the most yesterday but the norco is awesome. Arnica is helping lots for bruising. I'm staying plenty hydrated. Happy healing amigas:)

Day 2 post op. I am def feeling the lipo pain a...

Day 2 post op. I am def feeling the lipo pain a bit more. Still not that bruised. Just a bit around my incision and a small spot in my ribs. I do have two big folds on my incision which I don't like but my doctor said it will go away as the swelling drops and stitches dissolve. *if* they don't he'll do a free revision. His office checks up on me throughout the day which is comforting. I have permission to shower since day one but am scared. My husband went back home 12 hours today to take care of stuff so my in laws and kids are taking care of me, my mother in law is gonna help me shower today. Hooray! I feel so gross. My drains are doing good not draining a whole lot and the one in my pubic area burns so I've been putting neosporin on it. Took off my CG. And rubbed some arnica gel on my back and tummy. Cucumber water and Lara bars have become my favorite for sure. Sleeping hasn't been a problem other than the noisy house hold. I do only sleep at three hour intervals or so. Xanax really helps at night. Well, that's it for now amigas.. I'm going to nap:)

Day 3 post op. still haven't been able to shower...

Day 3 post op. still haven't been able to shower as my mother in law has been busy.. I've been in bed all day today for the most part. Only getting up to pee and get some blood circulating. Husband will be back tomorrow thank GOD. I'm obviously still swollen and when I first sit up i can feel all the blood rush to my rear and get really hot. Lots of strange new feelings for sure. Drains have slowed down a lot. I am keeping fingers crossed that one drain comes out Monday like the doctor mentioned. The other will come out possibly the 7th. They haven't been too much of a pain. I am nervous to have them removed though even though I've read more good stories than bad. Any ways, hope all you are healing well, and I wish lots of luck if your surgery is coming!! I'll post more pics Monday after I go in for a post op

Day 4 post op, I finally got a shower last night...

Day 4 post op, I finally got a shower last night and it felt amazing. My sister in law and I bonded over a bar of soap! I am taking less and less norco which is good. Drains have slowed down a lot but I still have a pretty strong burning sensation. I am also so very itchy, particularly under my compression Garment. I should be down sizing garments monday if I remember correctly. I finished the keflex and am still taking the Celebrex, twice daily. Also my arnica 3x daily and norco and Xanax as needed. I'm pretty much cucumber watered out but I'm still chugging along:) these days have flown by I can't wait to be in my own home. I miss my juicer and cool ocean air! Happy healing amigas! And good luck to you who will be joining us soon!

Well the pain from the lipo has set in and all I...

Well the pain from the lipo has set in and all I can say is eff me running. When I switch from laying down to sitting or standing my whole back, flanks and butt BURN like my body was filled. With hot lava ripping through my flesh. Holy hell. I'm switching to extra strength tylenol today because my norco just makes me Ill and out of it. I have the house to myself today which is fabulous. Family went to watch x games. Crossing fingers and toes drain one is out tomorrow... Happy healing friends and may you NOT feel this excruciating burning pain.

Day 6 post op. got into yesterday pretty good with...

Day 6 post op. got into yesterday pretty good with the hubby about him not helping me very much or being compassionate. Basically what he said was I wanted this surgery so deal with it. I cried for hours. What a sad feeling not having support from your spouse. I went to a post op today and had my back drain removed. I was so scared I started sweating and it didn't hurt at all. Thank God. Still have my front one in and it will come out on Friday. After that I'm clear to go on the long journey home. Man, I tell ya even after reading everyone's stories it doesn't fully prepare you for what is going to happen because each experience though similar, is unique. To all of you who have a great support system, you're lucky. Count your blessings. Having to do everything myself since the beginning has made me bitter and some what resentful towards my family. This too shall pass but I will remember how I was treated should my husband ever need me. Then again, my heart is too big to let someone suffer and feel alone, like I do. Anyways. Happy healing.

Hi everyone. I've taken a few days off as I...

Hi everyone. I've taken a few days off as I ventured to the beach(in a wheel chair) and spent the 4th with my family. It was nice to get out of this room and get air but it sure took a lot out of me. I'm not really needing pain meds any more but I do take a half of norco and two Xanax at night to help sleep. I'm a tummy sleeper so this whole sleeping in the back in one position is hell. I've had a few break downs emotionally but things are looking up. I showered myself and get my last drain out tomorrow. I have developed sutures abcesses and it's freaking nasty. Had me in tears. Doc said its normal for some people. Why me??? Any ways I'm headed home tomorrow after my dr appointment I am not looking forward to a 12 hour drive but I just want to be home. If anyone else had suture abcess I'm grateful for your input.. Please and thanks. I'll post pics when I can

12 days po and I'm back home. Finally. I missed my...

12 days po and I'm back home. Finally. I missed my foggy little ocean town. I'm still dealing with my suture abcesses. They said its caused by too much bending and turning at the waist so I'm re training myself to move like a robot. I am able to stand straight most of the time but sometimes I'm so sore I. Find myself hunched again. Went grocery shopping yesterday and cooked a nice paleo meal for the family. Feels good to eat clean again. I still need to remind myself to take it easy. I've never really been able to just relax I am constantly busy do its hard. My dogs were so happy to see me but they are such jumpers I had to put them outside. I feel pretty good aside from fatigue. I'm still sleeping sitting up because I find it better for my insiscion site,, at least until it heals. I did, however, stand in my bra and panties and call my husband into the room to look at me and he said" oh wow! Huge difference. Turn around.., wow! Good job babe you look sexy!" that made me feel really good;) considering my previous updates that's a huge step for him. Shooot if he thinks I'm sexy now, wait till I heal and my swelling is gone! I'll be rocking a bikini for sure for our Hawaii trip in November for sure! Anyways. I hope you are all healing well... I try to keep up with your updates. Oh and my bruising is gone!! I swear by arnica!

Hey fellow tummy tuckers! Hope this finds you all...

Hey fellow tummy tuckers! Hope this finds you all well and in good spirits. Tomorrow is 14 days po for me. That's crazy! Im still dealing with my suture issues, doc said it can takes a few weeks to heal and keeps reassuring me its normal. Aside from freaking me out it doesn't really hurt which is good. I am starting to get feeling back in certain places which can be unpleasant at times. I've gone right back on to my paleo life and hope that by eating clean it will help my healing plus lean me out again. Swelling isn't fun by any means but I guess I didn't expect it to be. I also notice I am not eating as much because I get full fast and my MR makes being full uncomfy, but that's probably all for the better anyhow.. Portion control! Ha ha. I envy those of you who only have to wear a compression garment for 4 weeks. I have to wear mine for 3 months. However, I, along with my PS only want the best results possible. I'll wear it if it'll give me the sexiest me possible! I need to be bikini ready by November when we go to Hawaii. My energy level is still very low and of course is expected to be that way for a while but iI miss just doing things. I have tons of pics I want to upload... Hopefully soon:) happy healing friends... And if you just got it done, I pray for your comfort! This is no walk in the park ladies!

Ok so here are some gross pics.. "enjoy" lol. Oh...

Ok so here are some gross pics.. "enjoy" lol. Oh and that scab on my pubic is from my drain lol!! Just so we are clear;) I'll update more tomorrow:)

Hi all! Well here I am 18 days post op. my skin on...

Hi all! Well here I am 18 days post op. my skin on my back and sides is still really sensitive from the lipo... I've been sleeping laying down and can lay on my left side but not my right as it puts too much tension on my open wound, which I thought was getting better but now I can tell its getting bigger. Yikes. I started a wet compress using dakins solutions. It helped a friend of mine so I'm trying it out:) wish me luck. My energy is good I don't find the need to nap during the day and I am doing chores and cooking for all 7 of us(my two step sons are here for a few months.) anywho. This compression garment bit is getting old and I still have a few months to go. *great* but my doctor has his reasons. I'm loving how flat I look and so is my husband. I've been back on strict paleo and so my husband says the "new skinny mom is mean huh kids" when he tries to bring crap food home. Oh well. When we go to Hawaii we'll see who looks hotter! Ha ha!! It WILL be me. Okay fellow tummy Tucker's! Happy healing:)

Okay so I wanted to post some postive pics up as I...

Okay so I wanted to post some postive pics up as I seem to be focusing on my hole and not how great the rest is me looks. The rippling on my insiscion is still there but gone done a lot. My Doctor said he wants to a in office revision to extend it a little bit to help with the rippling and he'll fix whatever needs to be fixed where my hole is at. GAH. Awesome I get to be cut open again.. Under local anesthesia to boot. Hooray! I foresee a panic attack coming. I can barely change my bandages or shower with out complete dread taking over me! They are calling in some kind of biotic today, just to put me at ease. He doesn't think it will do much but hey, the placebo effect right! They are so patient with me. I am in contact daily and they never make me feel crazy or bothersome. I love that place!! Well, I'm off to make some fascinators. Happy healing!

Hey fellow tummy Tucker's! Well I'm 25 days post...

Hey fellow tummy Tucker's! Well I'm 25 days post op and feeling pretty darn good. I think my hole is starting to close! I played dress up today and was so excited!!! All my dresses I've been wearing actually fit like they are supposed to now! I looked amazing in a bikini too:) can't wait to see the final results. Just got a new compression garment in in a smaller size. My old ones were too big. Got two more months and some days to go wearing this thing, but no complaints here. I really believe its helping shape my waist and it's helping reduce the swelling. It also gives me a lot if support in my lower back and tummy.. So I'll just deal with it. I am avoiding any alcohol or anything toxic as I want my body to have the best chance it can have to heal.. My scar (aside from my hole) has healed beautifully thus far.. My lipo incisions are disappearing too.. All and all I'm uber happy with my results. Just wish I hadn't developed the hole. Either way, that's my own fault. Welp, happy healing!

Well I'm am 4 weeks po! Crazy! Things are going...

Well I'm am 4 weeks po! Crazy! Things are going really well. My hole is closing nicely:) thank god! I've been really good about eating clean and what not so I'm sure that helps. I was avoiding alcohol but decided to partake the other night and oh boy do I regret it!! I'm good for another 4 weeks. I was so hungover:( anywho not sure if I mentioned this already but so far my waist has gone from 34" to 29". Of course that fluctuates through out the day. I still don't own a scale but I feel great. I do have trouble sleeping at night as I am a tummy sleeper and still can't rest comfortably on my tummy. I've about had it with the compression garments but still have two more months with it. I do feel more support with it on and more disciplined. I can't over indulge in food and I have to sit straight:) so I guess that's good. As soon as my hole closes I can start working out and swimming. *come on hole** my butt looks like I actually have one now that he sucked out all the fat! I'll post new pics soon! Happy healing friends.

5.5 weeks po Hey all! Hope everyone is doing...

5.5 weeks po Hey all! Hope everyone is doing fabulous! I have been doing really good, my tightness in my abs is getting better and I no longer have to bend my self in unfavorable positions to shave my legs. My hole is pretty much closed up and you know what that means?? I get to swim and hit the gym! Can't wait to start doing crossfit again. Hawaii is in November and even though I'm flat now I still want to be the best me I can be! I've been so busy with my burlesque troupe lately getting them shows and what not. I can't wait to be performing again. That's where I belong! I'll post some pics soon:) happy healing amigas!
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cruise and his staff have been nothing but supportive and informative. Cristin has been my guiding angel helping me through this. They even have a special website where you connect with other patients and hear their stories. I've never seen one bad review. I'll edit this more when I get the aftercare but if they are as attentive after as they were before then I'm golden. :) so once I got to my hotel I received a call from cristin then a little later from dr. Cruise. Seriously best doctor ever.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi Alyssac, how does your tummy look now after a year? I am thinking of using Dr Cruise as my PS. Thanks!
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Wow Alyssac burlesque! I'll bet it is a lot of fun, but I don't have the nerves lol! I can barely do a strip tease in private.............I need to loosen up big time huh? hahahaha
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You look great!!! I'm dying to do crossfit which I never done BUT my PS says oh no!! Not yet until maybe sept.:( so I'm doing cardio only with 5 lbs weights....
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Hi Alyssa! It's nice to hear that things are working great for you. BTW, just an update on my tummy tuck, I'm thinking about re scheduling it in December so that I'll have ample time for my recovery. And you are right, talking to the best doctor is the best way that we can have the look that we want. I'm sticking with Dr. Magallona of Philippine Cosmetic Plastic Surgery; I've already talked to him about re-scheduling the procedure and he seems to understand. I'll keep you posted.
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Cory I wish you luck! I'm glad you found a doctor you are happy with! That makes all the difference;)
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:)))) Glad you are feeling better! can't wait to see pics! BTW my PS is going to do a revision on my BB on Aug 22, yeayyyyyyy. And no cost yeayyyyyy!
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That's great Wonj!! I think will end up with a revision also, not on my Bb but my incision. That's okay though:) I'm happy for you:) you look so great already that will make you feel complete, huh?
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Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about my results. I feel ok about my BB as it is now, but since he can make it better, why not? :) Why did you think you need a revision in you incision? Is it because of where the hole is? You think it's gonna need to be pulled down if there is a dip there or something?
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He feels my rippling may not fade with time so he will extend out and if it needs to be fixed where the hole is at it will be because the scar left behind is big.. But we'll see only time will tell!
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Ok, well that's good, it's not a big deal to correct if you need it. :)
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Hey how are things with you now? You must be about 4 weeks po now huh. I am just over 3 weeks and do feel hugely better. Just wish the swelling would go and the hardness in my tummy!! How is your scar doing now?
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I am feeling better and aside from my opening the rest of my scar looks great. Are you putting something on it? I have been instructed to wait till my 3 month mark..
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Yeah I am using bio-oil. The ps said to use it when i called earlier this week so I was 3 weeks po when they suggested using it so i have been using it twice a day since then. Glad to hear things are healing up nicely for you. x
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I feel like I am going through this journey with you Allyssa. You are very brave of putting your journey all over the Web. You serve as an inspiration to all of us. I'm sorry that i was not able to read through the whole forums for some days now real life had to take over. But rest assured that I with you in every step of the way. I hope that you live your "new" life to the fullest.
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Thanks Cory, this site and all of its members have been a inspiration to me as well:)
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Alyssac you got an amazing waistline. I read your story and boy o boy you went thought a tumultuous journey. I admire your positive way to deal with your surgery . You're right from now it can only get better. I do also like your chosen PS. He it is really good. I'm glad I met you here and I'm sure you'll have soon a reason to celebrate. Your a very strong girl and you're also very young. I wish I knew the right combination of words to say to make you feel better and to express how bad I feel for this situation. In very confident in your doc so I'm sure he'll do everything to see you happy.
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Hi zizi! Thanks for your kind words. I was really upset by my hole but not anymore. My problem is small compared to many of the world. My doctor does make me feel better. He offered free revisions should I need them. I have full faith that I'll be okay:) I love my new tummy and belly button. He takes great care in making sure everything looks fabulous!
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Allyssac you are very inspirational . This is the attitude that will get you far in life. You are the perfect example of that say "when life give you lemons ..." so far you're doing an amazing job not letting anything stay in your way. I'm so proud of you. Good thing that you have an amazing PS and that's fantastic. Keep being positive and sexy.
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Hi alyssac. I'm 11 days PO and 5'8" like you. Have you noticed the swelling in the sides/waist and Back going down with time? Does it make an impact on the way your figure look? I'm swollen on my sides and back not sure if fat or just swollen. If is going to stay the way it is now I may need a revision. I'm also swollen on my belly. My pants don't fit. But I do see a change on the way tops fit. My husband is not supportive at all either. A couple times I asked for help he gives me a similar answer your husband gave you. You are looking really good. And is going to keep looking better
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Hi Nena, yes I'm still swollen on my flanks and back but my compression garment helps keep my shape. We'll be swollen for like 6 months so don't stress:) does your doctor have you wearing anything? Yea I gave up on my husbands support. In the long run he's gonna beg for my attention:) just hang in there we can only improve by the week.:)
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Looking good Alyssac and good for you!!!!!
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So happy yo hear you are doing well! Isn't it great seeing yourself in clothes and liking what you see!! Good for you :).
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Yes Ana! It was so much fun:) I kept sending my husband pics! I thought I'd be giving my clothes away but instead I fit into them the way I was meant to. That's fine by me though, I have So many beautiful dresses I'd hate to lose:)
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You are looking fabby honey. The waiting is insane though eh. You just want instant gratification...especially after paying out that amount of money eh. I so want to see everything all flat and my scar to not be bunched up and I KNOW it will take time but i've never been a patient person. You look great though. x
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Thanks fluffy! I guess I dont mind the rest of the healing now compared to the healing of my hole.. But regardless SOOOO worth it! Hole and all.
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