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Not As Scarry As I Thought :0) - Newport Beach, CA

I had surgery on Monday August 1st. I was a bit...

I had surgery on Monday August 1st. I was a bit scared the days following the surgery and wasn't sure what to expect.

The day of the surgery my husband came along with me. Let me tell you it is nothing like you expect or imagine. Everything happens so fast and next thing you know your awake feeling oozy and talking non sense with a flat tummy and drains coming out of your abdomen.

The pain has not been anything compared to what I was led to believe I would feel. My pain rated on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the worse) would be a 2 =) it's not as bad as you think!! If I would of known it wasn't this bad I would have done this years ago.

Wow I'm so happy for you! I wanna get a TT done somtime next month. I just recently found out that I have a bunion on my right foot and it's been hurting a lot! So I went to see a podiatrist and told me that I could get it remove by doing surgery. He told me that I have to wear a boot for 8 weeks and recovery is about 3weeks. I'm a self employed and I thought since I'm gonna be off work for awhile mine as well to the tummy tuck too! Do you know if that's a good idea to get my bunion surgery done then after 2 weeks do the TT? Or vice versa?
That is great for you, hope mine goes as well, lol
This is very encouraging! Hope you are doing well!!

It has been 6 months since my surgery and I feel...

It has been 6 months since my surgery and I feel amazing. I have dropped down from 135lbs (day after my surgery) to 128lbs. I don't know if the sweeling had anything to do with it. I love my results, I'm starting to get my sensation back around my belly button and my tummy is flat as a board.
Hi Pretty, looking good and congrats to u, whet are u putting on ur scar
Hello =) I've been putting Mederma which I'm not too sure it's helping =/
lol the Nasty beast, ur funny...Thanks for posting the scar pic... I think you look Great! I also have a similar shape and I love your results...

It's been 9 months since my surgery and whoa......

It's been 9 months since my surgery and whoa... time flies!! I'm still at my 128 lbs. my scar is so much lighter in some places. I have mostly all my sensation back yay!! I tried doing sit ups the other day and it caused a little discomfort but other than that I am truly amazed at my results, I feel sexy, young and most of all I'm super confident about my body. Now I'm looking into having breast augmentation =) I can't wait!!
u look awsome keep us posted im 8 weeks in and love seeing my body change everyday :)
You look AMAZING! Glad it was an easy process for you. I am surprised that sit ups caused discomfort this far down the road, but I guess that makes sense. Did you have muscle work done as well or just skin? I work out regularly and not being able to do that is tough. I feel yucky, when I should be feeling sexy because my tummy looks so much better! Lol, figures! I had complications, so I am nowhere near even being able to walk on a treadmill, but the time will come.
still lookin good!!!

Two years after TT

It's been two years exactly since my tummy tuck and I couldn't be happier. My tummy is still really flat and I still have my curves =) The only thing I was unhappy with was my scar, which my friends claimed didn't look bad, but it just bothered me. It was light in some areas, but really dark (almost burgundy) in some. I tried Bio Oil, Cicatricure and Mederma without any success. I decided to have a tattoo to cover the ugly beast... I'm so happy I did that. I am now more confident and can totally floss my belly without being worried.
You look amazing! And you are gorgeous!!
Thank you... likewise beautiful!
Love the tattoo you look amazing!
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