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I'm a 40 year old mother of 2! I have a 4 year...

I'm a 40 year old mother of 2! I have a 4 year old and a 18 month old and I'm scheduled or a TT and a Breast Reduction on the 24th! 9 days away and I'm really considering not going through with the TT part! I'm getting very scared of everything! Will I live? Can u really go under anesthesia for 6 hours? Will it even be worth it? How long until I can pick up my baby? when does the huge scare look better? I have heard people have trouble breathing after? Jeez... I'm panicking!! Any advice?

I stumbled on this :)

I did my tummy tuck first march 21st:) I'm waiting on the reduction but hopefully in the next 10 years:) I'm a 36G
They are heavy but have kindof been a part of me , maybe the next 5 years:) then lol

Best of luck with the healing:) the breast reduction actually oddly enough scares me more then my tummy tuck :) sooo glad that silly jelly Is gone:) but now the girls look even bigger, well I mean I can't hide them as well =D
Hi there! You look amazing!!! It was great to read your story because as u know I put off the TT. I still have a 1 year old that wouldn't understand why I couldn't hold him and I was scared of hoe long recovery would take. I love this site and hearing stories like yours cause it makes me less nervous.

Soooo.... Now about the boobies! :). It was hard for me to do them too because they were so apart of who I am. I actually enjoy them big... But not AS big and floppy as they had become (gotta love what kids do to your body)! They were a big double or triple D which still (like yours) looked great in clothes. My PS was great... She knew I didn't want to totally change but needed help!! They are now a perky (I kid u not) full C... Maybe small D. I haven't worn a bra since!!! My shoulders don't hurt! I can't wait to play tennis!! Lol! Best decision ever!
Wow!!! Thanks yes I was scared of them getting too small but they are a lot of trouble them naughty girls. Tried learning golf HA!!!! Not so much with these things in the way:) jogging double or sometimes triple sports to hold them down! thank you a full C sounds perfect and no bra?!!!!!! OMG I'm excited now:). Thanks!!
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