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I had quite a few children...worked out hard and...

I had quite a few children...worked out hard and my tummy never showed results! I started browsing for help and decided a TT might be the solution. I also did some research on blogs like this and utube.

I had a consultation and now I am absolutely sure and am scheduled for surgery in a few days. I'm excited...I'll post my experience as soon as possible!

Had surgery yesterday...not too much fun =( But...

Had surgery yesterday...not too much fun =(
But I know this will pass and it will alll be worth it. I'll get pics up soon! I'm going to see doc right now

Post op 2 I feel a lil zombied out still...seen my...

Post op 2 I feel a lil zombied out still...seen my results yesterday, Love it!

Today is post op day 3. Just as everyone said...

Today is post op day 3. Just as everyone said "everyday gets a little better" I still sleep alot and I still feel sleep deprieved haha idk but my spirits are up today =) When I start catching myself fall into the beauty blues...I start remembering my health goals, by the way this was a great motivator...I am now a nonsmoker! NEVER have I lasted this long withhout a smoke! My ab muscles are now corrected, no more floppy fatty skin! I'm so aware of my food intake...give me healthy =)

Post op day 4! I didn't realize it but it was...

Post op day 4! I didn't realize it but it was so much easier to get out of bed today and I suppose tomorrow will be even easier. I'm still a little hunched over but at least I don't feel like I'm kissing my knees when I walk lol I feel a little more mobile and almost painfree, it's been aboout 10 hours since my last dose of pain meds! This must be the coasting part that everyone talks about it...we'll see, Keep you posted =)

Day 5. Today I feel way more mobile, I was able to...

Day 5. Today I feel way more mobile, I was able to wash up and stuff without too much trouble. I am now off the pain pills and switched over to extra strength tylenol. I feel like mopping the kitchen floor...but that just going to have to wait. Early this morning I drank some prune juice, all I can say is that I feel lighter lol (worked within 3 hours)Best tip yet! =) I can't wait for Friday to take another peek at my tummy at doctors office!

On a extra note I feel like I'm standing up...

On a extra note I feel like I'm standing up straigter! Yaaay

Today's kind of a rerun of yesterday! Doing Ok...

Today's kind of a rerun of yesterday! Doing Ok on the Extra Strength Tylenol, My mind wants to do so much but my body's saying holdup! lol I'll do some things like wiping counters, making a sandwich but I won't mop or vaccuum yet, I miss working out! I'm still a little hunchy, especially in the morning...can't wait to take these darn tubes off lol I want to sleep on my side so bad!!!Oh well I'm going to get back to my mini wannabe vacation lol =) I guess it could be worse I could be stranded on vacatioin in some foreign country with floppy fatty skin draping across my tummy...NO MORE! :)

Post op day 7...went to my doctors appt. LOVED...

Post op day 7...went to my doctors appt. LOVED LOVED LOVED my results!! My bellybutton is a little red though (antibiiotics will help) I got those darn drains out yaaay! My life seems like it's getting a little more back to normal...So worth it!!!!

I'll be posting pics asap..Today felt like a big day for me I'm exhausted...

I'm up and rested! I feel like going shopping,...

I'm up and rested! I feel like going shopping, but I don't think I can hang staying out too long and you know how shopping can be lol I'm so happy and tired hahaha! My family has been great, I couldn't have done this without them! Even though they were not too crazy bout the idea of a TT and said I was fine the way I am but when push came to shove they were right by my side =) Chauffering me and the lil ones to school and doctors appts. running errands for me, cleaning...yeah do you believe it cleaning wow thank you Jesus=) I truly believe that this is the coasting part...

I am so close to feeling normal, went shopping...

I am so close to feeling normal, went shopping today for a bathing suit for my girls...except for my hunchiness creating back tension I feel Okay. I kind of just leaned on the shopping cart for support and a reason to be hunchy hahaha I didn't feel like trying any clothes on though I sat every chance I got lol =) First day I drove yaaaaay that felt so good! I almost bought my favorite chocolate bars, but I read the nutrition info, and yikes I better not, I'm really craving chocolate though...I also showered today, I've been doing the sponge bath thing so a real shower felt awesome! Now I'm going to lay my beat body down and put the TV on...Happy Sunday Everyone!

10th Post op day and all is good! Today was my...

10th Post op day and all is good! Today was my first normal weekday. Made breakfast, drove the kids to school and even though I'm still not wearing jeans yet...I feel good and happy with the way I look...yaaaay! My belly button still red but I'm doing just as doctor ordered and taking my antibiotics. I'm off the hydrocodones and I really do not tke the Extra Strength Tylenol anymore either (I don't like messing with prescription painkillers unless I absolutely need them)I'm standing a tad bit straighter today, everyday is better but I feel I'm almost there =)

Just another note-Last night I couldn't sleep...

Just another note-Last night I couldn't sleep too well I warmed up some milk, not longer than 2 minutes, fell asleep like a babay =)

I woke up this morning feeling so lazy, its...

I woke up this morning feeling so lazy, its probably due to all the rain we got today...I can't wait to be able to sleep on my side, my poor butt hurts lol =)

My belly button looks pink today, not so red, it was kind of freaking me out yesterday, but it looks as if its on the right path in recovery(still taking antibiotics)

For some reason my tummy feels soooo tight today, especially if I'm sitting too long...I'm getting kind of antsy to put on a pair of jeans, but to be honest anything I put on looks good hahaha no really I'm not trying to sound caulky, you know what I mean :] afterall I should right I am wrapped up like a damn tamale haha lol but yeah I feel good and can't wait to exercise and stretch, a complete stretch!

Post-op day 12 and all is good =) Today for some...

Post-op day 12 and all is good =) Today for some reason I just feel so hungry, I'm trying just to munch on carrot sticks and nuts to ease the edge but gosh I want to bake some chocolate cake...maybe this weekend not today lol =) I got my veronique binder, wow that thing is no joke! I love it, my other binders are also good but this one just molds you in a serious fashion hahaha I need all the molding I can get!! hahaha Well looks like I still have a few more weeks to be wearing these things incision is healing beautifully and my bellybutton too! I'll post some more pics at the 2 week mark...feels like I really am coasting now =)

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

Post-op Day 13 almost 2 weeks unbelievable =) So...

Post-op Day 13 almost 2 weeks unbelievable =) So quick! Today I found myself walking a lil hunchy still, but I'm able to do just about everything almost (except lift and mop). Tomorrow I'm going to attempt walking around the appetite is too good for me hahha I want everything its crazy, its probably because I stopped smoking IDK But I'm cool I got my will power on =) Other than my deep depression due to lack of smoke and lack of food hahahaha i'm good! I can't wait to work out agian tomorrow is a big day for me yaaay!=)

2 week mark! Time is flying! I tried to take some...

2 week mark! Time is flying! I tried to take some pics today, I don't any bikinis or bikini undies but I took a pic in the smallest undies I have...Now I know whats on my shopping list =) Thats going to be fun! I can't wait to work out, even though my tummy feels way flatter, I still feel like I have a lot of work to do to get to my goals! My incision is just about all healed up but my bellybutton is still tender. Today I feel grateful that I don't have that excess fatty skin...I'm almost there =) Posted a couple of pics at the 2 week mark...

A little over 3 weeks now, 24 days post op!...

A little over 3 weeks now, 24 days post op! I'm ready to work out now, but my tummy still feels tight and tender to the touch but my incision looks really good, thin and light...I'm still not sure if I should start putting on scar traetment stuff yet. I'm going to ask the doctor on my 4 week appt. about that. I'm going to post some more pics up by 2moro...I appreciate all of you ladies! =)
Why tell the world when we have eachother! Have a blessed day!!! TTYL

35 day post now! Wow time flies! I'm pretty much...

35 day post now! Wow time flies! I'm pretty much back to my old self again, except I feel so fit! I wear most of my old pants but look way better! Alot of my tops, you know the hide the belly kind of tops are collecting dust hahaha! If you ever thought "Gosh I would be happy with my body if I didn't have this belly" then this is definately for you! I have absolutely no regrets! My scar is very thin and flat, healing very bellybutton is still not completely healed but free from infection or anything like that, I'll give it another week or so and it should be good =) I can't wait to really work out again, enough with the brisk walking hahaha =) My doggy loves it though! Anyhow I'll take some pics soon!

Okay I'm starting my light liptical! I feel good!...

Okay I'm starting my light liptical! I feel good! I still wear my spanx because I feel better in them, it may just be a habit...idk. Sometimes I feel like I overdo it but I just have to listen to my body...I have been getting so many compliments! I love it!

Wow! Can you believe it's already been 2 months/8...

Wow! Can you believe it's already been 2 months/8 weeks!!! I went for my follow-up appointment today and everything looks good! I got cleared to get in pool yaaaay! I still have to take it easy though. I am very happy with my results except for the swelling in the evening and my too tiny bellybutton...but totally fixable, for now I just have to stretch it a little bit by lubing and inserting something that may fit, I heard of marbles but they too big's cool though! This is still better than that nasty stretched out skin flopping over hahaha
Either way i'm getting back on track and start dieting, no fried foods for me. I take the lipo-den and vitamin B12 shots they help me stay on track. I'm still wearing light garments, it just feels weird not to, idk I think I just like the feel of support. I also was told to massage my stomach and start using silicone scar treatments? They have some for 70.00 bucks...maderma not an option idk why! For now I'm just using bio-oil. I'm on the prowl for something a little bit cheaper hahaha
Tomorrow when I get ready for pool I take some pics! Yaaaaay pool it is so hot over here in SoCal!!!

Hey everyone! I found some scar treatment for 21...

Hey everyone! I found some scar treatment for 21.00 bucks at Rite-aid. It's called Scarguard and it's also silicone based. You just brush it on twice a day, it kind of smells like nail polish lol but it keeps the scar from raising and lightens it up. I also massage that bio oil all over my tummy.
You know one of the best experiences from all this is that I don't have to shop for clothes that hide my tummy anymore and wow I actually look for tightfitting tops and my jeans don't fold out at the waistline anymore. The hard part is keeping that weight off haha but my tummy doesn't swell too much anymore. I still sleep with my compression garment and don't wear any garment during the day. I'm just waiting for that 3 months target to start really working out!
Tarrick Smaili-California Surgery Institute

Before I even make a consultation appointment I do my research! I have seen various before and afters and I was impressed, he is very knowledgeable and experienced...I found I trusted him totally with my surgery and I am very pleased!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi My Time, congratulations on your amazing results! Can you tell me how long you were "smoke free" before your surgery and if you had any worries about the wound healing? I am due for a full TT and MR on the 18th July and I am terrified that something will go wrong because of my being a smoker. I gave up a couple of weeks ago on the advice of my PS but it till concerns me a great deal.
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Honestly I cut down to like 1-2 ciggarettes before surgery from about 6-8 a day. After surgery I didn't smoke any at all because that is the most critical time and plus I was terrified of not healing right. I know how you feel that was the hardest part for me. Just whatever you do cut down to 0 and don't smoke for the first month at least to prevent complications. It's kind of easy because the meds relax you...Good Luck and you really can do it! Tell yourself your a non-smoker and look up a stop smoking website forum...they help too.
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Bio Oil is now available at Costco in a 2 pack for $21!
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That is excellent news!  Thank you:)  I will make a trip to Costco today because I am about out.

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You look awesome! I have a question though about the skin is it nice and tight or is it still a bit loose? When you bend forward is it still in place or hang?
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Its in place...but my tummy aint as flat in the evenings for some reason, idk if its just bloating or what and I can suck it in alot still can you?
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I was talked into abdominal lipo and did not have the muscles tightened (a regret that I was scared would happen) oh well. So yes I can suck it in a lot. But I do have alot of hanging skin when bent forward and I can still grab some above and below my BB. Not sure if I'm overly happy with my results. Yes the apron is gone but I paid for alot more then that!
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Did you have a full tummy tuck but without the muscle tightening? I've heard that that can to your P.S. and see if he can fix it...Wishing you all the best...
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Thanks! Yes I had a full tummy tuck just not the muscle repair. Just dissappointed because of the almost $10,000 price tag.
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When did he take off the tape to the belly button. I still have mine on and it looks gross inside it. I haven't opened it yet though.
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My belly button took the longest to heal, I think they said to just let it fall off by itself...mine looked really gross too. Did he give you antibiotics?
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No just the cephalix. I'm going for my post up later today. I hope this tape will come off so I can see it lol. It looks gross and moldy inside the tape. It grosses me out. Haha
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hahaha I hear ya sista! =)
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Congrats! You look really good! I'm also getting my tummy tuck by Dr. Smaili. My big day is tomorrow! So, excited! Do you have any advice for me or any tips or what to expect when I go in tomorrow? I'm so nervous right now. Thanks.
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I was real nervous also just know when you're out of suregery that each day gets better and you will look fabulous once you're healed up! Good Luck! Keep us posted!!
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WOW! You look incredible!! So happy for you :)
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Thanks I'm happy!! Getting rid of that ugly tummy is miraculous to me =)
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omg you have the same PS as me!! I got my surfery done today!
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Oh wow!!! Small world! I like our doctor, I ws so scared to the point where I was in tears when I got on the surgery table, but I trusted my doctor, right from the beginning at our consultation. How do you feel?
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Im not sure yet. I like how he did my first boob job till it got runed with pregnancy. The second boob job looks great, I'm still waiting to see the results of the tummy tuck. So far seems likes its going to look good. I was so nervous as well, I was shaking on the surgery table till I fell asleep. haha
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My incision looks pretty good, I didn't think it would look so thin...I'm happy I might go back and have him do my boobs! Is boobs less or more painful than TT?
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He does really great boob jobs. My first time was kida painful but that's bc I went huge. This time no pain at all. I think TT is more painful
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You look amazing!!
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You're looking really really good! Isn't it wonderful to have it all gone - yippee! Happy for you!
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What a difference. Congradulations. You wont believe how it'll look in a month or so!
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