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I am 25 days po.I got my tummy tuck on July 12,...

I am 25 days po.I got my tummy tuck on July 12, 2011 because after 3 kids (2 c-sections) and keeping fit, my belly has never fully recovered.

I did it to:
Get the excess skin taken off.
Repair my ab wall which never fully recovered after three pregnancies.
Build better self esteem about my tummy area.

The surgery went well. My PS explained what was happening and the staff was light hearted and made me laugh. I remember them drawing out their plan on my belly and then waking up to pain and chills they have me demeral through my IV and preped me to go home. First 3 days I was a zombie on my recliner, sleeping through most of the days. I drank plenty of water, VitaminWater Zero and had the Fiber One bars on hand. So I never experienced constipation and remained regular. The pain of healing does go down as you progress on. You do develope "cabin fever'- especially if you are extremely active from taking it easy while healing. But as time goes on you feel better but dont over do it.

It has been quite a journey so far and I am pleased with my choice and loving my results.

Tuesday will be 1 month PO recovery. this last...

Tuesday will be 1 month PO recovery. this last weekend went to a Pow wow with my family. I didnt dance of course but still did a lot of walking up on hills/around. I slept almost flat..but was so uncomfortable because I miss laying on my stomach. I only had very minimal swelling and still cant eat a lot. But it cool -im not starving. :)Hhhmmm...I wonder when my flexibility will be back in my abs? I know they are healing and minimal movement is recommended - that's just been on my mind.

Woke up this morning and I had bleeding from the...

Woke up this morning and I had bleeding from the front part of my incision. Kind of a bummer. Will keep an eye on it and contact my PS. It dont hurt or anything.

I AM 1 MONTH PO! WOOHOOO! Ok, so things are going...

I AM 1 MONTH PO! WOOHOOO! Ok, so things are going well with few minor things here and there. But all is well, I just have to remember to allow myself down time for better recovery. Today I did swell a lil after taking my girls out to do their school shopping. So now it's time to rest.

Activity info I got from my PS: ACTIVITIES:...

Activity info I got from my PS:
Tummy Tucks are probably the most uncomfortable operation to do. You experience some pain for 10-20 days and will not feel like resuming sports or heavy exercise for at least 6 weeks. After the first 2 weeks, you may resume moderate walks for as long as is tolerable. Too much initial activity can prolong swelling. This includes sexual activity. Let your body tell you what to do.

Tomorrow is my birthday & we are going to the...

Tomorrow is my birthday & we are going to the coast. I have been feeling great - just minor or minimal swelling & LIL dual pains on incision here & there. Simular to how my c-section incision felt. I've been walking every morning with my husband. That is even getting better too.

5 weeks PO and I still have spots in my incision...

5 weeks PO and I still have spots in my incision that are healing up. Tiny spots that scabbed over or are very very small openings that look like a stitch popped out. It is frustrating to say the least. Im taking care of them and they look fine but I am still worried. :/

All I can say is ...iT SUCKS HAVING UR PERIOD....

All I can say is ...iT SUCKS HAVING UR PERIOD..during recovery of a Tummy Tuck! It makes the lower abs and pubic area so much more sensitive!

6 week appointment went well.Got a go to resume...

6 week appointment went well.Got a go to resume regular activities. YAY! He pulled some stitches that were 'comin' out and cleaned them up. I am loving my new tummy. :)

2 month update: I am doing well. Still get sore in...

2 month update: I am doing well. Still get sore in the abs at times. I have been jogging and dancing but rest time in a lil' longer then normal but I am fine with it. Everything is healed up fine and no more sutures wanting to find their way out. I do the Retouch silicon bands and also miderma for scars. I seen my friends scar from her TT and you can hardly make it out- you have to take a good look at it. So I am hopeful. I had a cold for almost a week and my poor abs suffered from the couch and then sneezing. it was torture but I survived. I took a bath for the firs time tonight too. I am pleased with this new belly and cant wait til next summer. :)

2 1/2 month check up update. I had a check up...

2 1/2 month check up update.
I had a check up and it went well. My scar is still reddish and was told it will fade in time. I am using Retouch silicon Scar Band and also Miderma Scar Gel. I use the Scar Gel on my belly button but it is irritating it and so I was told just to use vitamin e for now. I go back in 3 months for another check up and post op follow up pictures :) Also I have been keeping up my fitness routine and asked about doing pilates. Got a go on the pilates, so I am stoked. Also was asked to maintain my weight. Well he said..are you maintianing your weight. I thought to myself..wow do I look like I gained...but i am fine. Infact my clothes are fitting looser.

Its been a long while since I have came into here...

Its been a long while since I have came into here and updated my status. I am now 7 months P.O. :) And I am very pleased with my tt. I am one of the 'lucky one's' who get Keloid scars. So I had reconstructive surgery on my belly button Friday because of that and enjections on my incision to smooth out the keloid scar. My PS is awesome and I love that he takes care of my worries about it. I have been enjoying my belly dancing, jingle dancing and other physical activities like my fitness routine. My target now is to stay healthy and fit.
Fresno Plastic Surgeon

My PS has a great caring staff and he is very thorough and cared about my choices & helped me make the right choices. I have had a few post op appts already and called in questions and I have always been taken care of great.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Welcome back and thank you for the update!  Let me know how the scar revision goes.  Would love to see pictures.

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Keep up the good work!

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Good to hear from you:)  Thank you for posting an update.  It sounds like you are doing wonderful and feeling great..well other than the pesky cold:(

You have recovered so quickly and that is totally amazing.  Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing from month to month.

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No worries on the stitches.  I spit out stitches for weeks.  If would look like a little pimple surfacing and then "Poof" the darn stitch would pop out.  I called my doctor for a couple of them but them pulled three our myself.  

My body does not like sutures..LOL

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thanks for the birthday wishes. :) Had a wonderful time. Walking around was a lot easier since I have been doing my daily fitness walks. Oh I love being mobile. :)
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I do too!  I hate sitting in one place for too long.  I need to be moving all the time.

I am glad you had a great Birthday:)

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Well Happy Birthday:)  I hope you have a wonderful day with your family.  

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Yes it is a blessing to eat less :) I am keeping an eye on my incision and had let my PS know. So far so good. :) Trying to eat right and do what I need to do to keep this positive healing going. :)
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You can do it:)

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Thank you for posting your review:)

It sounds like you are totally happy and healing very well.

I looked at my not being hungry after surgery as a blessing.  That was ok with me.  They pull you in so tight that is squishes your little tummy in.  

Keep an eye on the incision and have the doctor check that out.  

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