Mother of 2 - My Tummy Tuck Experience

I am the mother of two, a seven year old and a 3...

I am the mother of two, a seven year old and a 3 year old. I had my TT 5 days ago and I'm feeling great. The recovery has not been as painful as I imagined. I was up and walking outside the very next day which was encouraged by my PS. I definitely advise taking the pain medication every 4-6 hours as prescribed for pain management. I haven't needed any pain medication for the last 2 days. I got my drain removed yesterday and was able to see my stomach for the first time. I LOVE IT!!!! Soooooo worth it. It looks great already and I'm only 5 days post op with swelling. Anyone who is thinking about getting a TT, I say go for it!! Do your research, find a board certified PS that you feel comfortable with and do it. It's definitely worth the money and the minor pain.


Great posting Best of luck Dr. B MIAMI
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Thanks for posting, that is the only thing I am concerned with, pain and not being mobile. I am looking forward to my surgery in August and will definately take lots of before and after pictures.
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I had a tummy tuck and breast lift and went on a family beach vacation two weeks later. Obviously, I took it easy and didn't even think about wearing a bathing suit or being active. Since my extended family members were there, I didn't have to do much of anything. I think it depends on where you are going, what you are planning to do, how much help you will have, and whether or not you end up with unexpected complications that need medical attention. Good luck with your decision!
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