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I did it and feel amazing! TT, MR & Umbil. Hernia Repair - Campbell, CA

Almost 25 in 2 months, 5'6, 160 pounds....

Almost 25 in 2 months, 5'6, 160 pounds. Married mother of one!! I gained a hefty 85 pounds during my pregnancy, as my son was 10 pounds at birth and i gave birth vaginally. Took me almost 2 years, but I lost the weight plus lost another 20 pounds!! I'm left with muscle separation and saggy belly and flank fat!

I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow and im really excited!

That's good. Make sure you ask your PS all the questions you have. I had even more questions I thought of after my pre-op so I made another appointment and went back to ask the questions.
You will love your new body!!! Keep us posted on your journey.
Thanks! I'll post a new update tomorrow! I have my preop today and i printed out a collage of tummy tuck before and afters and what i liked and didnt like and a picture of a belly button i liked.

My pre-op appointment went great. I love my PS....

My pre-op appointment went great. I love my PS. She's so personable and informative, she really does care about you and wanting to make sure you look your best. I put down my $4000. It's so real now. It's really going to happen!! 12 Days! She's going to stitch my abdominals back together and also bring in my obliques. Yay! Hour glass torso is in my future. I also talked about my concerns about dog ears and how to prevent them, she basically told me that she does enough lipo to make sure the area is perfect enough to stitch up smoothly(those are my own words not hers), and brings the operation table into a V shape when she stiches me up to make sure that im as tight as possible. She said my privates would also be lifted back up. YAY! not that it's saggy and looks bad; but it will be back up more again. Woop woop! i made a collage of tummy tucks and belly buttons and brought in a picture of a befor and after that looked a lot like my tummy but the surgery scar was way too high. she told me how that yes it was WAY too high, and discussed with me how she makes sure it will be lower. Where is the fast FWD button???? im so impatient! Oh also my surgery time got bumped up to 7am instead of 7:30!!!

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!! If you have the stomach...

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!! If you have the stomach to view go ahead.
" Video of a Tummy Tuck Procedure " by MercatorSurgery on youtube shows the "V Shape Position Stitchup" and also on the website http://www.mercatorabdominoplasty.com/AdditionalResults_OtherProcedures_1.aspx
you can see the before and after pictures. This isnt my doctor but this is the technique she said she uses. Again she did not refer me to this website, i found it on youtube myself.
I don't think they allow that. Germ city.

here's an example of the v position to stitch you up. i think it turned out beautifully. you can see the after photo on the website.
You know, I work in a hospital and I can handle all kinds of blood, guts, brains, broken bones, etc, it doesn't phase me. For some reason, I can't watch this video! Maybe it's because I know that's what they did to me?? Perhaps in due time, I'll be able to watch it in it's entirety, but not yet! Weird!

I cant wait to have my tummy match the rest of my...

I cant wait to have my tummy match the rest of my body...11 more days. I have my husband taking the day of surgery off work, and my bff sara has spring break that week so she can be with me all day tuesday and all day wednesday and help my husband with the house and cooking. The baby is going to be back home with us thursday night (my mom is going to bring him over for dinner every night and so i can get my babyboy fix, ill be a wreck if i cant see him) I need to see if another BFF of mine can come stay with me thursday during the day and friday during the day...

I remember when I had my augmentation 10 years ago that they let my mom come in the room while i put my gown on and marked me up then I walked into the OR and laid down and they put a warm blanket on me and don't remember much more than that until i woke up in the recovery room... I think it will be the same with the TT
That is awesome that your husband has the day off of work for your surgery... and your friend can come help you for a few days! It will be the same with me...except mine is on a Friday so my husband took off Friday and will be home with me Saturday/Sunday and my MIL will be there too...then during the week one of my friends said she would stop by everyday! I am glad you have great support and I know you will miss your little guy so much!
Yeah he can come in the room with you while u undress and ask last Minte questions but once you go back into the actual or room he is not permitted. So u say your goodbye's see ya layers hugs and kisses in the intake room. It's a sanitation thing. Good luck to you huni, you will do fine! Do you stay at the hospital overnight? Or are you going immediate outpatient?

COUNTDOWN: 7 Days to go..i think i might puke....

COUNTDOWN: 7 Days to go..i think i might puke. Before i was so excited now im also sick thinking about the PS cutting me open and stitching me up. I just imagine myself about to go under and running out of the room. i know i wont. i need to stop thinking about the actual operation and just focus on the results and the reason why im getting it done.

Reason #1: I want to feel confident again
Reason #2: I dont want to have this water bed wrinkled stomach anymore. i want my stomach to match the rest of my body again!!
Reason #3: Bathing Suits, cute clothes and Lingerie!
Reason #4: I want to look in the mirror and not automatically focus on my stomach!

Also my 2nd oldest sisters wedding is July 3rd. I am the tallest and youngest out of all the bridesmaids and also the biggest. Everyone else is like 5'2 and a size 4. I'm a size 9 right now because of my waist. ugh. my legs are about a size 7 in jeans. frustrating. I dont need to be a size 4 honestly..i like being the curvy girl, i'll be happy to be a size 7...and i know that from reading other reviews that i wont be a size 7 right away, it's going to take a few months for the swelling to go down, and eating lean. I'm going to start taking the arnica tablets on Wednesday because i bruise easily and swell easily too.
My preop is march 18 and my surgery is march 28 I'm so nervous and scared!
i think our tummy looks alot alike.. not far you got clothes on in your picture..lol
I have all of the same reasons you do for getting the TT done! That is great you are in a wedding this summer! I would wait as long as possible before buying your bridesmaid dress so that the swelling is all gone! I am sure you will look beautiful, don't worry about the other girls! =)

I love all of you girls! This website has been a...

I love all of you girls! This website has been a godsend! Picking up my arnica tonight so i can start taking it tomorrow morning since tomorrow is 5 days before surgery!

Thanks Cagirl1986 I appreciate it. My cancer is in early stage, God is good. But I can't wait to have my tummy tuck
My heart goes out to you! Let us know how everything turns out. My thoughts r with u.
I'm a 44 year old from Houma,La my surgery was scheduled for March 28 but I had to postpone I found out yesterday I have colon cancer. But I'll get it soon.......

.....11:40 pm.....hubby and I are just watching TV...

.....11:40 pm.....hubby and I are just watching TV....this is way past my bedtime. Mom came over and picked up our son for the night. Took some colace earlier to prep me for tomorrow lol. Hopefully I can upload pics from my phone to here. Anyways I just wanted to let you al know I'm feeling confident. And happy and anxious! Surgery is at 7:30.

Good luck, I will be thinking of you tommorow!
Thanks hunnie!
Tomorrow is your big day and I am so excited for you! Let me know if you need anything...just relax, everything is going to go great! I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Good luck to you tomorrow!

I'm alive!!!!! I had a umbilical hernia...

I'm alive!!!!! I had a umbilical hernia TOO!!!! Had that repaired. Omg my stomach hurts so bad but I'm doing okay. My vision was super blurred for a good 10 mins after I woke up. Didn't get too nauseated. Nurse gave nausea meds anyways. Haven't seen my tummy yet. But I can it's super flat!
So glad to hear you made it through and are doing well. Rest well girl, sending healing vibes your way. You so deserved this. (hugs to you)
So glad it's over for you!! Sending good healing vibes your way!!
Ive been following your review for awhile now and i'm so glad to hear everything went well with surgery! Can't wait to you post up more pictures!

So swollen and I can feel the gas pressure...

So swollen and I can feel the gas pressure building up so badly. I didnt take it easy today like I should have. I got a little over confident. Still no poop a d barley let out any gas since after surgery. Agony. My back hurts.the recliner sucks so I moved to the sofa. Fluid in my drains are becoming a little less red. Saw the Dr today and my new belly! Its so so flflat and defined. My whole stomach is so swollen. Gotta be patient. Iced my Belly twice today. Felt good. Percocets make me feel good but makes me feel high and doesn't let me sleep well. I hope tomorrow is a better day. Definatley goo g to take it easy. Ugh. Just wanna poop. Room mom once in am and once just now. I miss my son so bad. I njsr want to be healed already and Ger a good nights sleep.
Thinking of you!! Hope you're feeling ok and doing well! :)
Hope you are doing well...:). The hardest part is over...now the long haul which will be sooooo worth it in the end...:) You can do it!
yippee...... so glad you made it through and are resting! Take care of yourself and get lots of rest the next few days! Let hubby pamper you sweetie! HUGS!

I just wanna poooooooop! Super gasy now. But at...

I just wanna poooooooop! Super gasy now. But at least when I get it out it relieves a little of the pressure.ugh I really hope I go tomorrow or tonight. Ill post pics tomorrow because I'm just so bleh feeling right now and so soswolen all over my stomach. Its so firm.
Very nice results. Thank you so much for posting your pictures. When you finally recover, I would like to reach out to you to find out more about your doctor. Her price seem to be very reasonable.
You look great!!!! Congrats girl! I'm so happy for you!
Thank you!!

Doing great today. Standing up straighter. Still...

Doing great today. Standing up straighter. Still no poo. My friend/cousin came over today and cleaned the house and did two loads of laundry ans dishes for me while I got to cuddle with my son and watch blues clues. I so needed that little one on one cuddle time with him. Its great to have a family member as his nanny! They left to get her daughters from preschool. Time for me to take a nap. Icing my belly really helps with the swelling. I think I have no bruising because of the arnica.
You look GREAT! Your tummy is sooo tiny!!! CONGRATS!!!
Awww look at you! You look great! How are you doing!? Gotta love arnica! It really helps! Just wanted to say hi and check up on you! Rest well mama!:)
Wow, looking good so far, eh? You must be soooo happy! Oh, I forgot to mention I remember my last pregnancy I was really constipated for like weeks after I delivered. I remember I started eating legumes and it really did the trick. I am planning on having these on hand after my surgery for sure! Good luck. :-)

Feeling goods today again. Much easier to get...

Feeling goods today again. Much easier to get around. Took a shower! Felt sooooooo good. My vj is swollen. The Mons and inside too. I think the antibiotics dried me out. I need so KY... my belly button is tiny and cute even with the gauze in it. I have a lot of stretchmarks but they r flat. She's going g to laser them when she lasers my scar in 3 months. Getting my drains out Monday morning!
Thanks! I actually have a waist!!!
Doing so good today! Thanks! Feeling almost normal. I want my drains out. They're barley draining! !!

Saw my scar today.it litterally is as thin as if...

Saw my scar today.it litterally is as thin as if she drew it on with a pen!!!!! Amazing!

DRAINS CAME OUT TODAY!!! I feel freaking g human...

DRAINS CAME OUT TODAY!!! I feel freaking g human again
This week went by so quick. Litterally sleeping watching TV and reading romance novels on my kindle. I'm so happy about my new body. Elated! My belly button is nice and tiny and my scar is thin. I have a lot of stretch marks but my doc is going to laser them when she lasers my scar in three months. At least they are flat now!
Yay for NO drains!!! Lookin' good mama, keep healing well!! :)
You look amazing. Im hoping my results come out as good. Compliments to the PS too.
WOW! You look wonderful and just one week out! wish I was having the same healing process...I am two weeks out and now I am battling a staph infection. Other than all of that I have almost healed. I am able to get out of bed easily and I am getting around real good. I was about to go back to work today but developed this highly contagious infection. So i am stuck in my four walls still...:(. BUt you are looking so amazing! Congrats on the new you sweetie!

Back at work today for a few hours. working just...

Back at work today for a few hours. working just 8-12. Feeling okay. Making sure to drink water and get up and around. Took a picture today in the bathroom without my binder. Today i wore comfy but cute black sweatpants with a light zipup hoodie and a white tank top. very glad i have a relaxed work enviroment lol.

amazing results!!
Wow, ur post op pics r awesome, our tummies could be twins lol, ur before pics look just like mine! Ad I'm also a young mom, 26 with 3 yr old twins and a 2yr old.Seeing ur results keeps me positive that its gonna be great,(I dont get mine till June) and u cant even c ur stretch marks! Congrats, u look great!
Glad you are healing so well sweetie! I also just bought some Dial Antibacterial to start using too! I think you look so awesome! Why was she so freaked out when she saw your belly?

Swelling was so bad last night that i borrowed a...

Swelling was so bad last night that i borrowed a compression garment from my mom. MIRACLE!!! ditched that stupid binder! i feel much better today and i wore it last night and woke up with little swelling. also taking bromelain today. lets see if that helps.

thank you!!
oh boy yes i still have stretch marks! but now they're totally flat and white. my PS is going to laser them when she lasers my scar. i had a lot of stretch marks above my belly button before but now they're all below my belly button. my tummy is so flat and tight i love it! thanks!
im off my meds now..about 3 days with nothing. i should take some tylenol at night because i wake up so sore. =( i started taking bromelain today to see if it helps with swelling

ENEMIES!! SANGRIA (wine) and bbq!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh...

ENEMIES!! SANGRIA (wine) and bbq!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh swell hell!!! seriously have 5 pounds of swelling. drinking lots of water to flush out the alcohol and took some bromelain too. in other news, my scar looks great. very very thin, stretch marks on it make it look kinda weird, but i know they will be flattened when they get lasered.
you look perfect! Your thighs are not big and your tummy area has an amazing hour glass shape. You have no need to be hard on yourself! even your scar looks good! Mine is still really red....
thanks! yeah it's super thin. i startd my silicon sheets. what are u using?
I am using bio oil and cocoa butter. Where did you find the silicon sheet? Are they expensive?

THREE WEEKS!!!! Yay!!!! Feeling great....

THREE WEEKS!!!! Yay!!!!

Feeling great. Coughing and sneezing doesnt hurt anymore. just kind of annoying. stomach is still really flat and tight..still have swelling above insicion and my "mons" but all totally normal. might need a touch up on left side of insisioin its a little "pudgy" dr said its swelling too and just to wait. all in all im super happy so far.
Look at you mama! What a transformation!! I thought I saw someone say something about their scar getting darker after using Silicone Sheets!? I've been using mine for about a week now and mine look darker too!!? hmm I hope that's normal. I should look into that. Anyway, hope you are feeling well!! You look great!
i wonder if it's the lack of oxygen to the skin from wearing them!!!
hmmm.....that's a good question!! you're prob right!

Im now just using the silicon gel stuff. i was...

im now just using the silicon gel stuff. i was wearing the sheets all day and all night and only took them off to shower and massage...! and when i take them off they started lifting up the ends of my scar and now they're bleeding and there is kind of a hole on my right side (the flattest side) ugh.. making a dr appt with my PS right now. i think i need antibiotics for my belly button cuz it's really red on the outside and getting gooey and crusty in the middle. i think i didnt let myself heal enough to start messing with my belly button. whoops! making an appointment with the dr now.
im now justin using the silicon gel stuff. i was wearing the sheets all day and all night and only took them off to shower and massage...! and when i take them off they started lifting up the ends of my scar and now they're bleeding. making a dr appt with my PS right now. i think i need antibiotics for my belly button cuz it's really red on the outside and getting gooey and crusty in the middle! ahh i should post this on my review while im at it lol. im getting really used to the new belly. i kinda forgot what my old belly felt like!

4 Weeks post op today! Definatley think i need a...

4 Weeks post op today! Definatley think i need a few touch ups. the end of the incision on my right side needs some fat sucked out above it because it sticks out a lot. smartlipo should fix, and also i think my sides need to be smoothed out with smartlipo a little as well and above my inciscion there is a band of fat that needs to be smoothed out too so it's flat with the scar. my belly button is less infected thanks to the antibiotics, and same with my right side. I know it needs to be stiched back up because there is a little hole in it that i could stick the head of a qtip in it (was cleaning it out with peroxcide when i discovered this) making appt today to have it looked at. Didnt make it to my appt friday. overall im so happy to have that old stomach gone!
Love your updated photo! I see muscle tone already!!!
thanks! the swelling has gone down A LOT in the past few days. i get swollen at night and that's about it.

Can't wait to workout. i already gained 5...

can't wait to workout. i already gained 5 pounds in 5 weeks. FML
Is your ps charging u for smart lipo? If so how much?
Hi Cagirl1986,

I am considering a TT. I used to live in Campbell so if you liked your Doctor will you refer me to her?

How did the surgery go and are you a happier camper now than before you had the TT? Thank you very much. I am new to this website.

OK so i havent gained anyway. its just swelling...

OK so i havent gained anyway. its just swelling and the normal water weight gain stuff. weighed myself this morning and im still at 160.
U r looking amazing. WhY scar treatment r u using?
You know it's funny, but I still find myself "sucking" in my belly...only to realize I don't have to anymore!! Old habits are hard to break!! LOL! You look great!
Another question have you picked up your little guy yet? If so what week?

Hey again realselfers. So This weekend i did...

hey again realselfers.

So This weekend i did a catering gig. im back to normal, almost 100%. I feel amazing..! I was running around for 5 hours straight and had tons of energy. Didnt swell up too bad afterwards either. just made sure i was drinking plenty of water while i was running around.

im using a scar gel called saf-gel. before i was using the dr blaines silicon strips. now that im healed better im going to try them again. i put them on at 2 weeks and i dont think i was ready for them, because they lift your skin when you peel them off.
oh my gosh i do too! it's such a weird sensation because im expecting my reflection to pop my belly back out and it doesnt!! yay!!
oh yes i was picking him up (him standing up in his highchair) at like 15 days. i was carrying him around at 4 weeks.

Called and made my appt for my touchups....

Called and made my appt for my touchups. HOORAY!!!! i have my sisters wedding July 3rd and she picked us to be in BLACK SHINY SILKY DRESSES. omg. definatley going to need to wear a slip under it lol. i expressed my urgency for my touchups to Dr Melody and xoxoxoxo i love her! she's going to get me in June 3rd. hooray!!! get my little pocket of fat sucked out and my sides smoothed out.

PS the puckering of my belly button totally went...

PS the puckering of my belly button totally went away! hooray!

to all the ladies who are only about a week post op: TIME HEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST WAIT.
Yea I was a little scared too but ah, I was fine... Now I will have to wait a bit for him to recover, lol! Yea, its nice to wear sexy clothes again =)

thanks sweetie!

Updated my price for tummy tuck because i had a...

Updated my price for tummy tuck because i had a hernia. that was an extra $400 i was billed from surgery center for overtime.
you look awesome;)
thank you!

Today was day 3 of my jogging workouts. ahh feels...

Today was day 3 of my jogging workouts. ahh feels good to be back running in the sunshine!!!!!!!
You look great! :)
Wow your tummy is nice and flat! I'm sure your gonna look sexy in that blk dress at ur sista's wedding! How long did you have to wait to have touch ups? I am gonna need a little done on my abdomen and back area but I have no idea how long I have to wait. I will ask my PS on thurs when I see him. Hoping I can get it done before I start work again in August (I am 6 weeks post op now)

BIG UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havent been able to...

BIG UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I havent been able to lose any weight since surgery!! UNTIL NOW! I started the Herbalife diet. 2 shakes a day, 1 healthy meal, vitamins 3 times a day. I broke through my plateau. I lost 2 pounds this week. hooray!! I started it because my friend Kristen has lost 100 pounds since October to May!! she looks amazing. she went from a 24 to a 9! i want to lose about 15-20 pounds. My husband is also doing it with me and has lost 3 pounds in a week. hooray!! and it's saving us money too on groceries! we just started jogging at night on Monday. its great having him as a workout partner, and we get to take the baby and dog too. we have a jogger stroller. if anyone wants to try herbalife visit the website www.herbalife.com and message me. im a distributor now.
Good luck today with your touch ups! That is awesome that you lost a few pounds already with your new diet!
thanks hun! it's tomorrow, but i will post pics!
Hey dear.
I was reading your post in the "toddlers and tummy tuck" forum and notice our babies are really close in age. I was wondering if you are able to lift up your son yet? I'm one week post op and just miss cuddling and doing everything with my son. I know it'll still be awhile before I can pick him up... but was hoping you can let me know around what week you were able to do more with your son.
Your tummy looks great btw!!!

Posted touchup pic

posted touchup pic

I'm down to 154!! Hooray!!! I need to schedule...

I'm down to 154!! Hooray!!! I need to schedule my smartlipo touchup and my incision repair. the side that stuck out a little bit got a little better with the smart lipo, but it just needs to be cut off and redone. She's going to fix me as soon as i make the appointment. i guess i should get on that today. lol.

Tomorrow I am going in to get the ends of my...

Tomorrow I am going in to get the ends of my incision fixed. im so excited. My mom just got her fixed and she looks perfect.
You look amazing in all ur pix. You have really great results. How are you doing now that it's been awhile;•}
Wow, your tummy looks amazing!! I can't believe how smooth the skin looks, that's awesome. I have an umbilical hernia too-I really don't want to get it fixed bc I don't want a scar plus it's not bothering me at all...yet. Doesn't look like you have a scar at all?
Hi there! Your story sounds so similar to mine. I'm almost 28, married for 5 years and proud mother to a wonderful 2 year old son. I am scheduled for a tummy tuck on January 7th and my mom is taking off a week from work to help me. My hubby is deployed and I can't wait for him to see me when he gets home. How did you do with your son and taking care of stuff after a week? My son is also a momma's baby and sleeps with me. I have three dogs and am thinking of sending the Great Dane home with my mom for another week so I don't have to walk her. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I am so nervous and excited! I'm 5'0" and 125 lbs and this nasty stomach has been so depressing. I'm so glad that you are healed and happy. Congratulations!!
Melody Lynd, MD

Highly recommend Dr Lynd!!! She's very personable and will answer any question you have. I'm very happy with my tummy tuck. My scar is thin as a pencil mark!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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