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It Worked on my Jowl Area

I read the pros and cons here about Titan and was...

I read the pros and cons here about Titan and was very skeptical and scared to do it, but I was desperate to try something to help with my jowls besides Thermage because Thermage is the most painful thing I've experiened (did on my stomach at age 40). I am 45 years old and a friend recommended Titan.

So far, I've had 2 treatments on my jowl area only . She used a numbing cream on my face which totally took the pain away, if there is any because I did not feel much bush warmth during the process, no pain. I could feel tightening immediately after the procedure.

I had my first appt in Jan, the 2nd in Feb of this year 2010. It's working! as time goes on the skin processed gets tighter. Guys, it works. I was so scared, but I'm so glad I tried it. I'm trying to gather funds to get the 3rd appt in. soon. I want to do my whole face now :-)

After my 3rd appt. my provider said she will share my before and after photos, as I told her I wanted to post them here for you all to see to help you too! I don't know about other places, but this place knows how to do it. Hope this helps and good luck to you :-)

temporary? or is it just that we cannot stop gravity or the aging process???

Hello. Dr Hoffman in san Jose Los Gatos 408.***.****! He is very good! Good luck!!

I know what you mean. You already did what i would do being thermage. For me that stuff hurt but would do first. Last resort is the knife but you know.. That is what's going to get rid of it, no doubts. Find a real good plastic surg to do it though. Mine is very good but in san jose California.
Plus, you won't be dumping more money into the temporary procedures. I can tell you that I am 46 and am using all the temp process' but know in my fifties I'll have to go under to get a good result. Just my 2 cents and talking from experience with so many temp process,
Good luck to you! Be safe;)
Michelle at Aesthetics and Genetics by the Bay

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