Baby Steps! 7 Weeks Post Op VTH - California

55 Years old and have been fat for as long as I...

55 Years old and have been fat for as long as I can remember. Highest weight was 259. For the last 3 years I've maintained 175-180 and am 5'8". So yes..I could stand to lose more. The majority of my weight is hips down. I have no leg shape they are tree trunks. 10 years ago I went from ps to ps searching for someone willing to do something to them and I was told they could do nothing. 5 years ago I flew to Texas and a doctor did lipo. Was happy at first cuz he basically debulked them to some extent which left me with swag drapes for inner thighs.

About 6 months ago I started searching again. Swimming over a mile every morning 7 days a week and no amount of exercise was going to make them better. Then I found Dr Agha - lots of before and after photos. Now I am 7 weeks post op a verticle thigh lift. Legs are still sore and I had some incision openings in the groin area but I've since learned that it happens frequently. Dr Agha also did some fat transfer to the buttocks (which I made clear to him that I had no interest in a big booty - been trying to have a small one my whole life) it was in preparation for the butt lift he will be doing 9/1 with a sprial thigh lift and tt. Until then I have a HUGE ASS!

Before surgery I wore a size 10. We are going on a Cruise Aug 11 and I have no clothes that I can fit in to. Oh well.. all a part of the journey. My butt will flatten out when he does the lift. After that I'll have my arms done and that's it.

It's been wonderful reading all the posts and gaining the encouragement and strength from all of you.

Keep 'em coming cuz it keeps me going!

I'll try and get some pic's posted soon.

Wow, LMull, you are so pretty! Glad you are posting about the butt and fat transfer. My teen granddaughters keep telling me since TT that I have NO butt, nadda, el zippo and need some padding or something. So, hope to follow your journey as I want to learn!!!
Wow we are the same ht and @ the same weight and we look around the same age ! Wow you just look amazing but I am sure you know that! And we go to the same doctor!!! My point no point! ha ha ha!! Hope your having a GREAT day!
Oh my so beautiful and does not look to be 55 at all! Wow! I hope your incisions are good for your holiday! I didn't even know they did the fat transfer thing sounds interesting! The big butt look is in isn't it? LOL Mine's big naturally!

Hey all you anticipating a thigh lift or verticle...

Hey all you anticipating a thigh lift or verticle thigh lift. Here is the list as promised.

1. Toilet seat Riser w/handles.
2. Absolutely! Do NOT - Do NOT use stairs.
3. Order a freshette at
4. For a verticle thigh lift - have on hand 5X7" sterile pads and 4X4 gauze pads for dressing changes.
5. Tape - I prefer the cloth tape - alcohol to remove the goo left behind.
6. Steri-strips in case anything looks like it might pop open unless you don't mind endless weeks of packing with gauze 2X's a day like I have had to do:( Hate it!
7. I think a hospital bed or lift chair would be great if you can afford it. I've only found 1 rental place in Los Angeles for the lift chair. I 've read that most people who have a tt/tl prefer the chair lift.

Hope this helps!
Kristy, Wish I could just tell you that I started 1 diet and stuck to it and never failed. Truth is I started many but in the end I just never gave up. Kept dieting and kept exercising. I still have a hard time keeping it off but as soon as I am at that strong 5 lb up I know I have to do something. 5 can easily become 30 for me.
Oh me too! I yo yo! Lost 85 lbs gained most back lost it again this time I as well try to keep it in a 5 lb window. Still a bit from my goal but close! You have done awesome.

Hi LMull. Thanks for your review and congratulations losing so much weight and managing to keep it off. You're doing a great job.

Can I ask how you lost the weight?



Went to see my Dr yesterday. Healing well now. Had...

Went to see my Dr yesterday. Healing well now. Had a long discussion about my LBL on Sept 1. I have changed my mind and will have my arms done then and hold off for the big one in January for several reasons. I want to lose another 15 lbs prior to the LBL. My VTL was only 8 weeks ago and I am still healing and want to really feel strong when I have the LBL. Also, every year my husband and I go to Cabo in Nov for 10 days and I DON'T want to potentially jeopardize our time together there by an incision potentially opening. Not being able to swim etc etc. My arms aren't real bad and no doubt I'll be healed. Guess I am rambling. Sorry All!!
It is SO worth it! for real it was one of my Christmas gifts ~ I got it through Screaming Deals~ so I paid 300~ for 6 session on each area and that's all it took Amazing I really NEVER ever shave binkie or underarms I SO LOVE it! And lately I have been using the Bella lite and I think it's staring to work on my lower legs not as GREAT as the laser but good!
I had laser done under my arms and bikini area and my hair has never ever grown back~ I never shave I love it~
Ah shoot, HeatherMarie, now I"m double jealous! Thought of having underarms lasered, maybe I should just say "laser neck down" - LOL.

Wow!!! Red banner day for me! Both groin incisions...

Wow!!! Red banner day for me! Both groin incisions are finally closed and heald. 9 weeks post op today. I still have two openings mid thigh on my right leg. There were two small scabs that my Dr pulled off a couple of weeks ago and wanted me to pack them..Now 1 is about an inch long and 1/4" deep the other is about 1/2"X 1/4 " deep. After all I've gone through it seems like a piece of cake now. Been getting up at 4am to walk 2 miles before I start working at 5. Bummed I can't swim though.
I put on 6 pounds over the last 3 months and trying to get it off. Really want to lose another 15-20 before the LBL in Jan - which I know I will do!
Arms are next for 9/1 - hey atleast I'll be able to keep up the walking during recovery!
Glad you are back LMull and looking forward to your date next week! HereIam - how are you doing? Been thinking of you!!!
Just got back on Monday! Is this Marie? I saw all the communication with issues I assume you are back online:) How are you? Hope the healing is going well. Can't wait to hear all about the spiral. Scares me but my date for that isn't until 1/17. My arms get done 9/2. Give me a call when you have a chance and feel up to it. Want to hear all about it!
Hi yes it's me~ call me at my house this morning if you get a chance the 949 number~ your date is coming up~ I can't wait to talk to you~~~ holy smokes girlfriend~ I think in Jan. I need to come help you for real~ if we are still in Ca that is~ lol~

Big Day tomorrow..Having my arms done! Talked the...

Big Day tomorrow..Having my arms done! Talked the husband into going hunting for the weekend with his buddies. A sister/friend will be with me. Love her to death! She even took two days off work to be with me. We've been friends since elementary school. My husband absolutely stresses and then it stresses me. Besides he is very anal about pain meds. I can take 1 or 2 tables every 4 hours. If I take 1 and it does not do the trick he insists I wait until the 4 hour mark to take one or two more. Just don't want to deal with it. I want drugs and I want to sleep:) after surgery. Just hope I don't deal with anything opening under my arms. I've seen enough bandages and gauze over the last 3 months. Send prayers!
I just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you I have called a few times and left you a couple of message's just to let you know I care~
Well it was GREAT to talk to you! Wow we had a lot to catch up on that's for sure~ I am SO excited for you for tomorrow your going to look amazing~ xoxoxoxo I will keep you in my prayers.
Thanks so much Cher! I was up at 4 am this morning cleaning my closet! Sounds silly but I still had two suit cases packed that I wanted to take care of before my arms are bandaged...Like anyone would see them other than the husband.

Back home yesterday! Arm surgery went really...

Back home yesterday! Arm surgery went really great!!! Little sore but much better than anticipated. Dr didn't even put in drains cuz my arms weren't all that extensive. I look like a weight lifter the way I carry my arms but I am doing fantastic. I've had absolutely no swelling in my lower arms and hands. Doing so well that I got up at 4:00 am and walked two miles before starting work. LOVE the ARMS!!! Hope all you gals are doing well!
I really want to have this surgery but have to wait. Had gastric bypass surgery March 2005. Insurance won't pay for plastic surgery and financially we can't afford it. Just wish I could enjoy my weight loss and not have to wear jeans and long pants all year round. Wish there was a reputable licensed plastic surgery that would do this as a tax write off. I hate feeling ugly and embarrassed about my legs!!!!! :-(
Please can we see some pics, I am going to get the thigh lift in a few weeks and would really like to see your pics, thanks so much for the list of "goodies" that we should stack up on, definately helpful..
Yes .. pics please.. My surgery is in a few weeks and I am having the incision down the leg... any other suggestions as far as supplies???
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