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I am 5'2" and I weigh 138 pounds. I had a baby...

I am 5'2" and I weigh 138 pounds. I had a baby last year and although I have lost all the baby weight, my abdomen is still big. I researched about the smartlipo and the reason I wanted to do it is because it claims that your skin can be tighten. I am afraid of doing it because I have read that it can be painful and I am afraid of the pain. I have my procedure on October 25. Hopefully, I am going to be happy because I feel that I am expending a lot of money in this procedure.


Hi there,

Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. I hope everything went well with your procedure and you're recovering nicely! Please do update us and let us know how you're doing, when you get a chance!


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Here are the pictures before the procedure.

Here are the pictures before the procedure.


Edel, a Spanx will work. My doc says its just as good as a stage 2 and half the price of the marena. I have the loose skin in my lower ab which velashape is helping. But it's very expensive :-(
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Hi, Edelweiss: I agree with the others that it is really soon for you to judge your final outcome and likely you will see continued improvement. Wear your garment as much as you can stand. It will help with the swelling and make sure that your skin reattaches properly. I had some loose skin and it has tightened up now. I still at 6 weeks can feel some shooting pain here and there, but not often. Also, I have found it helpful to use Bio-Oil after showering, but be careful to keep this away from your incisions. My skin didn't look to great in the first few weeks. I thought I was going to have awful wrinkling. Not so! I'm fine and my hopes are that you will be at least as smooth as me. We are the same size but the way ... 5'2" and in the 130s. Best wishes!
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Thank you for your words..Yesterday after taking a shower I sat in my bed to put lotion in my body and I realized that I had a lot lose skin in my pubic looked worst that before of the procedure..Do you think that will improve? I was thinking that it looked like that before the procedure because I had fat but now I am afraid that it will look like that. Hopefully, this will improve. I am using the garment everyday. i

I still waiting for the results. I took this...

I still waiting for the results. I took this picutes 11 days after the procedure.. I haven't had any problem at all. No pain during the procedure and easy recovery. The hardest part is wearing the garment.


You are still very early in after the surgery. I used a hand held massager to help with the swelling and lumps. Your waistline is already looking great!
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Thank you..I will keep wearing the garment for al lest one more month. I didn't want to spend more money but I am going to buy the garment 2 stage..It that doesn't help, I don't think it will harm.
I bought one to mommy to massage and another hand held one..not battery operated...gonna lotion the belly up good tonite and massage

It has been a month since I had my procedure. I...

It has been a month since I had my procedure. I have lost 9 pounds since the procedure. I am not sure if the smartlipo help me to achieve the weight loss because I have been exercising a lot and eating healthier. I lost most of the fat in my abdomen and it really looks flat. I could be very happy with the results but I don’t like that I have a lot uneven areas which will make very difficult to wear a tight shirt or dress.
At least for me, that was the idea to wear something tight and sexy. I have been researching and I have found out that there is nothing you can do about the uneven areas that the more treatments you have the worst they can get so I am not even sure if I need to speak with my dr. about it. When I saw my dr. last time, the uneven areas were not noticeable because my abdomen was very swollen but every day they are getting worst. I won’t lie to you because I have already some before the procedure (you can see in my before pictures) but I was hoping that they will be smooth with the laser since the procedure claimed that it tights your skin. I feel that I expecting more about it. Now, my abdomen looks as if I have a lot of cellulitis. I have using my garment 24/7 and I am planning to keep using it at least for 6 month. I won’t wear it whenever I have an event or party because it’s hard to hide under your clothes.
If you are not very big and you have a little more money, I will recommend doing a mini tummy tuck. It might be more expensive but I guess you will have more chances to get a better results.


Hey did the touch up go...any difference? are u happier since the touch up...let me soon!!
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hey i did the touch up already!! i have to tell you, not to discourage you, but for me didn't work.. i still have the uneven areas, like cheweb said i am going to work with other alternative like vela-shape to see if is going to get it better...i hope it works for you, but i really recommend you that dont expect much of a change!!! cause it wont!!! and like your DR. said it can definitely get didnt get worst but, i dont see that much of a change either,,so i hope everything goes well with you!
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