Abdomen with Full Waist and Inner Thigh - Need Advice

I am a mother of 2, 5 yrs and 3 yrs old. I have a...

I am a mother of 2, 5 yrs and 3 yrs old. I have a lil belly. I have an appt scheduled on 5/19/10. I have seen many reviews, pros and cons. I am really worried now and dont know if I should proceed or to cancel :(

Like many others, I felt like I was pressure into paying upfront for the surgery. The patient consultant was friendly, yes but not professional. She didnt even weigh or measure me. All she did was asked me to lift up my shirt and drop my pants. She took a glimpse at it and quoted me of $11,400. I was shocked because I am 5'1 and about 138lbs but mostly muscle. I am only really having problems with my abdomen and maybe the waist too but thought I can get a better discount if i did the thighs too. I told her that I read many reviews and dont remember it being this $$$$...OMG! Then she was like, okay $8000 and thats the best I can do. I was like no, i cant do that neither. Then she said okay, $7000 and its the lowest I can go. Oh man, did i feel like I was buying a car. BLEH

Anyways, my concern is... do i really want to proceed or seek another clinic that will have an actual doctor or something to do the initial exam? is 7000 decent, given the areas I m having the surgery for? your advice is greatly appreciated...thx in advance =D

Pros - 1) they have board certified...

Pros - 1) they have board certified surgeons

2) they specializes in this area; whereas, other centers may include laser hair removal and breast augmentation.

3) The staffs are very friendly

I will post updates when I get the surgery


Updated on May 27, 2010:

I had my surgery last week (5/19/10). The surgery itself was not bad.

Pros: Dr and assistant was very professional; minor pain; provides super absorbent pads to minimize leak in car and bed; pleasant setting; friendly staffs; provides a compression garment; and Board certified surgeons.

Cons: The recovery process (very...very uncomfortable). My lower ab is swollen and discolored :( As for result, I havent notice any changes in the stomach but the flanks are definitely gone. The inner thigh is the same but I was already told that the thigh will take a lil longer for result. I didnt take any pain meds post-op so that may have contributed to the discomfort in the recovery process.

Sonobello Sacramento

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whatever happened with this procedure? what doctor did you see?
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I considered going to Sono Bello also, however, choose a clinic in Roseville because it is closer to my home and when I told them I was interviewing at SB, they instantly dropped their price by a couple grand. My consultation was about the same as yours, sales rep looks at my belly and says "you'll do great". I never met with the doctor (and she is a doctor, I checked it out)until 30 min. prior to proceedure. Kind of a leap of faith I guess, but by then I had already paid so WTF? Anyway, I ended up paying more than I wanted to initially because Dr. convinced me that if I did not add knees, I would regret it later. By then I was naked and marked up with Magic Marker and half way to la-la land with the sedatives. Kind of feel like I was 'Upsold'. Anyway,even though I thought the process could have been a little more personalized, I am very happy with results so far. I would be happy to share more of my experience with you. Just let me know.
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what areas did they perform on? do u have pics? I am still scheduled for 5/19 and just got my bill from care credit! WTH!!!! arent they suppose to charge on the date of service. Wow.... was there alot of pain involve? Oh and i believe they provide a post-surgery compression garmet...how is it? does it have a crotch-open area? I need to start getting all the stuff before this surgery and dont know what else to get. I have the pads, an old shower curtain, tapes/bandages, and arnaci gel. is there anything else that i should get? thanks
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I just used Sono Bello Tampa and are happy
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if i was u i would shop around the price is outrages.
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run like hell!

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I agree with the others. RUN! I got my smartlipo in a region where prices are relatively high compared to most. But 11 grand???? And then the person tried to bargaining down??? No way! Also, you should have been seen by a doctor. Make sure you are getting your procedure done by a board certified plastic surgeon. You should never feel pressured to make such a big decision right then and there and fork over so much money. Good luck on your search. Take you time. Make sure you feel 100% comfortable, otherwise, you may pay a bigger price later.
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I agree with patricesis.. RUN as Fast as you can. If they seem desperate for business that is the BIGGEST RED FLAG.. Find a few plastic sergeons who are board certified in plastic surgery and get a couple of opinions. The is too high also. I am having mine done july 2nd (so my husband can take care of me) and am having my fukk abs and inner& outer thighs and it will be 4500. 1500 per area. He is here in Texas though. He is the one who looked at my body and told me what he would do, not a consultant. Also, be sure and ask how many they have done, also if there are any patients that you can speak to that have had the proceedure (call more than 1). Good Luck!
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Hello Shannon, I would run like HEll. Please do your homework and go with A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that has been doing this procedure for many years. Have the procedure done in a sugery center. This is a very serious surgery and you can really wind up with a botch job if you no not find a very skilled professional. If that were me I would have left immediately and continued to do my research.. Good Luck to you...
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Thanks for your concern but I think i will proceed with the surgery with Sonobello. The surgeons there are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons! They also have an assurance policy for unsatisfied customers so..... I know that there will be clinics out there that can beat the price but I really want the best result! I will definately post updates and pictures after the procedure! thanks again
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Hi Sacmom,

First of all, welcome to RealSelf. :)

I've seen SmartLipo prices vary widely depending on the areas covered. (Here's a link to the SmartLipo cost map) Still, if you feel uncomfortable, maybe you should get a second opinion from a doctor?

That price quote/negotiation sounds really bizarre, btw. :-O

Good luck and please let us know what you decide to do!

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Okay, thanks for your response but I will go ahead and proceed with the surgery. I have done many researches and the doctors at Sonobello are Board Certified Surgeons so I should be in good hands. I will definately post updates of my results. thanks
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