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I Need Help. I Really Want Rhinoplasty. - California

I have always wanted Rhinoplasty. I really hate my...

I have always wanted Rhinoplasty. I really hate my nose. There is a bump on my nose bridge and then there is a bump on the tip of my nose on the top and on the side. There is also an indent on the tip of my nose that I like to call a butt nose. I don't like the way my nostrils flare either. When I look at my nose it just looks like a fat triangle from the front. I am worried that if I got a nose job my nose would look like a tube because they would probably pinch the tip to correct the problem. I am always worried that it would look fake, I really want a nose job though! What do you guys think? I wish I could see what it would look like with photoshop or something.


For anyone that reads this.. This was my post a few years ago. I lost the information to log in so I made a new account. I never ended up getting a nose job :( but I still really want one! I posted more pictures with more questions today. I really like Dr.Ghavami. I have a few thousand saved up but he's very expensive so I don't know that it'll be enough. Thank you everyone for the nice comments!
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There is a way to see what you'd possibly look like if you go to this link right here. http://balharboursurgery.com/face.php

I did it with my pictures and I love the outcome of what my nose could possibly look like and I like the fact that I'll have these pictures for when I do go to a plastic surgeon, they'll see exactly how I'd want my nose to look like.
I hope the link works for you. :)
But I must say, your nose is fine and I wouldn't change it!
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Please please do not get the SURGERY! your nose is so CUTE! You honestly, wholeheartedly do NOT NEED A NOSE JOB! you're extremely gorgeous the way you are!
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