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I Need Help. I Really Want Rhinoplasty. - California

I have always wanted Rhinoplasty. I really hate my...

I have always wanted Rhinoplasty. I really hate my nose. There is a bump on my nose bridge and then there is a bump on the tip of my nose on the top and on the side. There is also an indent on the tip of my nose that I like to call a butt nose. I don't like the way my nostrils flare either. When I look at my nose it just looks like a fat triangle from the front. I am worried that if I got a nose job my nose would look like a tube because they would probably pinch the tip to correct the problem. I am always worried that it would look fake, I really want a nose job though! What do you guys think? I wish I could see what it would look like with photoshop or something.

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For anyone that reads this.. This was my post a few years ago. I lost the information to log in so I made a new account. I never ended up getting a nose job :( but I still really want one! I posted more pictures with more questions today. I really like Dr.Ghavami. I have a few thousand saved up but he's very expensive so I don't know that it'll be enough. Thank you everyone for the nice comments!
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There is a way to see what you'd possibly look like if you go to this link right here. http://balharboursurgery.com/face.php

I did it with my pictures and I love the outcome of what my nose could possibly look like and I like the fact that I'll have these pictures for when I do go to a plastic surgeon, they'll see exactly how I'd want my nose to look like.
I hope the link works for you. :)
But I must say, your nose is fine and I wouldn't change it!
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Please please do not get the SURGERY! your nose is so CUTE! You honestly, wholeheartedly do NOT NEED A NOSE JOB! you're extremely gorgeous the way you are!
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no need at all i saw pics before reading ur story and i thought those are post op pics as ur nose has no problem
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you don't need it!
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Hey did you decide on your PS yet? ARe you going to go through with the surgery?
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wow ur really pretty.. i have that problem its like a total huge bump on the middle on my nose i totally know how you feel i hate it so badly and sometimes my dad takes pictures of me like he would be on my left side and take a pictures when im looking straight nd you could see the big bump right there i really don't know i got this i think an injury when i was playing soccer thats what my parents tell me.
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If you schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, he or she can often show you a simulated photo of what your nose could look like post surgery. You should ask when you call if they have this capability.

Do you have a doctor and surgery scheduled, or are you hoping for February 1st?


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No I don't have a date scheduled yet. I am going to schedule a consultation soon though. I didn't mean to put February 1st in there.

And are the simulated photos very accurate of what my nose would actually look like or what it just may look like and could come out looking way different? I am very worried but I really want one!
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I would say it depends on the skill of your surgeon and the structure of your nose. When I had my nose job simulated on screen, it was close to what I ended up looking like.

Most important guideline I have: do your homework. Visit a few doctors. Find one who's qualified, has great before and after photos, and who you feel comfortable with.

You can go here to look up some doctors in your area. Good luck and please keep us posted on what you decide to do.

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omg gosh Gabrie. I completely feel how you feel. You're sooo pretty and most people must tell you "oh my gosh you don't need it" and maybe like me your thinking that you don't wanna ruin a good thing.

I hope that the doctor is good and makes you look even prettier!! Let me know how it goes. Mine is scheduled the 17th....
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Thank you! Yes that is exactly how I feel, I feel ok with how I look now but my nose is the one thing that makes me less confident. I'm scared a nose job will be a big mistake. I will post after pictures once I go through with it, I don't have a date scheduled yet, I'm still researching doctors first.

Good luck with your surgery! I hope you love your new nose =]. Post some pics up after too.
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