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I've always wanted a nose job. I was always afraid...

I've always wanted a nose job. I was always afraid to go through with it. Recently that has changed. A few months ago I noticed a little bump forming on the bridge of my nose and partially by my eye. I went to the doctor and he thought it was most likely a cyst. I was suppose to have a simple excision but ended up having 4 benign rare type tumors removed....not a cyst at all like the docs initially thought. The type of tumors I have do come back almost 100 percent of the time. So, I pretty much know I will be under a surgeons knife again. This has given me the strength to pursue the nose job I have always wanted. I already know I will have surgery for the tumors in the future, so why not go ahead and have surgery to get the nose job. At least this is something I truly want and is so worth the pain. I have a consult on September 1st, and am currently working on finding at least 2 more doctors to choose from. My family doctor is suppose to get back to me with some names of doctors who specialize in facial surgery.

We're glad you found us, too!

Thanks for the warm welcome :) It's still sinking in that this happened. I am 2 weeks post op and healing well. I was told by both the surgeon and my regular doc that it should not have any effect on getting rhinoplasty. I'm looking forward to making this change....other than my nose I am totally confident about my appearance. I am really inspired by others stories here and am grateful to have found this site.

I'm sorry about the tumors! What a pain to say the least. I'm glad you now have the courage to get your rhinoplasty though! I don't know where in Cali you are so I can't offer a list of doctors, but you can also go to the Doctor Finder link above and do some searching of your own. Please keep us posted!


I found 2 more doctors that I want to consult with...

I found 2 more doctors that I want to consult with. I made an appointment with one of them for the 28th of this month and the other I will be calling tomorrow morning. One does only facial surgery and I am hoping that he ends up being the one that is right for me.
Thanks, MN. I will post pictures at some point. What I don't like about my nose is the profile. It's big....protrudes a lot. My ideal result would be a smooth nose that fits my face and isn't the main focus. I really love following your story and am so happy that everything has gone so well.
You should post some photos. What it is about your nose you don't like? I am sorry to hear about the tumors, big bummer :(

Two more weeks until my consults. I am really...

Two more weeks until my consults. I am really enjoying reading others experiences. I added some main issue is with my profile. All of my bruising has gone from my tumor removal. I still have some swelling around the incision....hoping it is gone by the time I go to my first consult.

My first consult is next Tuesday! :) I finally...

My first consult is next Tuesday! :) I finally have 3 consults lined up. Hoping I find the right doctor for me.

Who I am considering...

Dr. Klink did a family members surgery and so I have some familiarity with him although the procedure he did was not a rhinoplasty. Dr. Green had a lot of before/after photos and also when/if my tumors come back I would be going to him most likely or one of his colleagues because that is where my doctor refers. Dr. Clutter does facial surgery and I saw a rhinoplasty @ real self that he did that was pretty impressive.
hey i dont know where you are either but the doctor i had was really good, you should contact him. Dr Jed Horowitz
Thanks so much, unfortunately that's a little too far for me. I live in the Sacramento area. I made an appt with Dr. Klink (Vacaville) also one with Dr. Green (Sacramento) and Dr. Clutter (Sacramento) I'm hoping one of them is the right one for me :)

First consult is this afternoon

First consult is this afternoon

I really liked the first doctor. I think there was...

I really liked the first doctor. I think there was some difficulty on my part explaining exactly what I wanted done. For some reason his simple questions made me pause and over think. Things like did I like the width and if I wanted it thinner...I never gave that any thought before. My on the spot answer, no. The tip....a slight turn up or? My jumbled answer, no. Ug, things I never really thought about. I guess I thought I could convey the image in my head into words but soon realized that I pretty much suck at doing that. He did not have digital imaging....which I think would have helped a lot so that I would visually be able to see we had the same vision even if it wouldn't be exact. Ok, so I did manage to ask if he had any photos of noses similar to mine that he had done....and he did find one very much like mine. I loved the result photo and yes she really did have as close as I've seen a nose look like mine in the before. He did seem very comfortable with doing rhinoplasty. He has done many. He asked that I bring in photos of noses that I liked next time. He told me mine would be quite simple to do....explained about a splint would be on for 4 days then I would go in and he would check it and if he was pleased I would be taped for 4 more days....if he felt it needed adjustments he would readjust and splint it again. He also said it would be an open rhinoplasty...he would smooth the small bump on my nose, make the tip smaller, and shorten the projection. Surgery is done in office, the actual surgery is 2 hours and then they keep you an additional 3 hours before sending you home. The cost would be $5990.00 Did any of you not have digital imaging? Am I placing too much value on that? He did give the standard answer of it giving unrealistic expectations. My next consult with another doctor is on Saturday. I will be bringing photos this time.
I think that the digital imaging is a good tool to help you and your surgeon come to the same goal (at least as close as possible). A visual image, where you can both discuss the desired and potential changes (while looking and pointing at specific areas) would make it easier to understand each other. In my opinion, I think it's good that you're bringing photos and i also suggest that you ask him what he is and is not comfortable with for your case.

My PS had the digital imaging. As we discussed surgery, he worked on the image as I watched on a monitor. He told me what he would like to do and showed me 'approximately' what my nose could look like. Of course, there were no guarantees. It's only a tool. Try to articulate what you want in detail and if you're unsure of 'anything' that you hear, ask for clarification. Good Luck!
Thank you, great info!
yes, excited but very nervous. I wish I was younger. its hard to imagine being used to having my nose all my life and then waking up with a diff one. Hope my face does not change. For so many years i wanted to do it but something always prevented me and now I decided its now or never. good luck to you with your appointments!

Another consult tomorrow morning, I feel really...

Another consult tomorrow morning, I feel really fortunate that I was able to make a Saturday appointment. Bringing photos this time and hoping I don't get too tongue tied about explaining what kind of result I want.

Wow, things have completely fast forwarded. I met...

Wow, things have completely fast forwarded. I met with my second consult doctor today and I feel so confident in him that I have decided to not go to the 3rd doctor. He did do digital imaging as well as describe in detail what he would be doing. I like that he gets that I just want my nose to be a non factor. He did throw out a suggestion of a chin implant but I kinda like my dinky little chin and he was not pushy at all and totally agreeable with me saying that I wanted to keep it as is. I will be having some liposuction just below my chin. My blood work and pre op is next Tuesday and my surgery is scheduled for Sept 13th. It's so fast, not even a full 2 weeks away. I am still mentally digesting that this is actually happening.

I get blood work done this morning and my pre op...

I get blood work done this morning and my pre op is early this afternoon.

So, today was kind of a big deal....found out that...

So, today was kind of a big deal....found out that Dr. Klink will be doing an excision and scar revision where my tumors were as well as the other procedures. He will be removing any remaining tumor and then improve on the scar. If he gets it all there is some real possibility that it most likely will not return in his opinion. I truly hope so. This is such a great thing because it is something that I would have to face at some point....why not now? I appreciate him being proactive, at the same time I am freaking out a little.

The pre op went well, I was given a folder with pages of info about what to do and not to do before/after surgery. Me being me I am having everyone in the house read them. I was also given my prescription to fill to be prepared for after surgery. Percoset and antibiotics. Also, we paid for the surgery. My husband has been coming to all of my appointments with me He has been a great support. He worked a ton of overtime for us to be able to afford this surgery as well as he has driven me to so many appointments the last few months. He made sure I was comfortable and cared for when I had my excision. He has made this whole process so much easier. Our daughters and son have been an amazing help too.

The next few days will consist of getting things ready for next week. I have to arrange transportation for my son to get to and from school for a week or so. My husband has taken the surgery date off which is a Thursday. My eldest daughter has taken Friday off to stay with me that day. Saturday and Sunday everyone should be around and hopefully by Monday I will be doing well enough that I can be trusted to be left alone if need be. I also need to fill my prescription and get some shopping done....soft foods, beverages, lip balm, neck pillow, ice packs etc....

Any advice/tips?
I'm almost 2 weeks post-op myself. Really happy with how it all went. Worse parts were the sore throat from the breathing tube and all the caked up blood in the nose...but really, was not a difficult recovery at all. In fact, it was pretty nice to have a week off of work to watch movies and eat ice cream all day :) Good luck!
Aw, that is comforting! I hope mine goes like that. Thanks so much bseargeant!
Good luck with everything. I am getting my nose done the same day as you!

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I feel nervous and...

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I feel nervous and wish I wasn't thinking about it non stop. I have everything prepped for when I get back home. I just pray everything goes well. My surgery is at noon. My brain is still having a hard time comprehending that I am finally getting this done.
i'm confused as to which doctor you decided to go with? ha I have my surgery with Dr.clutter on dec 7 ! please let me know if you don't recommend him xoxo
I didn't go with Dr. Clutter. I met with the first 2 surgeons and went with the second because I felt confident with him right away and he had done a beautiful surgery on a family member...I never ended up meeting with Dr. Clutter. I saw a before and after online that Dr. Clutter did and the result was beautiful. Good luck sherine123 :)
Hey. How have things been since we last talked? Any improvement?
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