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Good at the Beginning, Now I'm Not So Sure..

Pros-boosted self esteem-look more feminine-wasn't...

-boosted self esteem
-look more feminine
-wasn't painful
-fast recovery

-was small at first, now its huge again
-may not turn out exactly how you wanted it

Did it because I hated my big nose that I felt made me look masculine

I had a rhinoplasty done in Mar 09. A few weeks after I was very thrilled with it because it was very small and it was swollen but still looked good. Now my tip is alot bigger and I look like a bottlenose dolphin. It is getting bigger. I have some blackheads and very rarely do I pop them but I have a few times. Could that be why? If not, why is my nose growing and is this common? I had it done to make my nose smaller, not make it bigger!
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Friendly doctor, explained pros and cons.

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I don't really notice anything except that you look very attractive.
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from my experience, tip your nose isn't growing the swell in your nose bridge is slowing dissapearing. It actually takes upto a year before you can see how your nose will look.
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I think your nose looks pretty good. Ive had a rhino/septoplasty and it's weird but my nose has changed shape too... My nose was really swollen then the swelling went away, then it came back when I got sick, and now it's kind of in between... I think the shape of your nose looks really cute though.
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really? omgoodness. I have been sick so many times. oh no! maybe blowing our noses had something to do with it?
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I am having the same problem. It was all big at first, then shrunk and looks very small and feminine, now it's widened and my tip looks bigger. I am very fearful that it won't be what I did all this for in the end and that scares me.
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I realize this picture doesn't really do it justice. My nose looks the same in both pictures but it really isn't the case. My nose was so small and beautiful and my nostrils were small and now it is wider and my nostrils still look big. I am still hoping the swelling will go down! The tip still feels hard. I know doctors say it takes about 2 years for a person with thick skin to fully heal. I know I have thick skin so I hope this is the reason!
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You and me both. That is the first thing the doctor said when he saw me, you have very thick skin, which is good for aging but bad for result time. I hope it doesn't take 2 years to go down, but honestly 2 years is better than nothing. I ordered a nose huggie online to speed up the process. Just google nose huggie if you're interested. I am waiting for it to come in, once it does, I'll let you know if it works.
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ok I will google that right now! please let me know if it works for you! that would be very helpful for me and other people with the same problem! good luck!
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I just googled that nose huggie thing...I'm sure it's a waste of money. Also they're using photos off plastic surgeons websites....I've seen those photos before!
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I don't know. I used it and it did work. You can't thin out the top because it slides off, but you can (and I have) thinned out the tip. I didn't like using it. It hurt/annoyed me. However, it was 30 bucks and it thinned my tip and now no more re-do to my nose! I just wanted to avoid surgery again. So I guess everyone is different.
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