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Good at the Beginning, Now I'm Not So Sure..

Pros-boosted self esteem-look more feminine-wasn't...

-boosted self esteem
-look more feminine
-wasn't painful
-fast recovery

-was small at first, now its huge again
-may not turn out exactly how you wanted it

Did it because I hated my big nose that I felt made me look masculine

I had a rhinoplasty done in Mar 09. A few weeks after I was very thrilled with it because it was very small and it was swollen but still looked good. Now my tip is alot bigger and I look like a bottlenose dolphin. It is getting bigger. I have some blackheads and very rarely do I pop them but I have a few times. Could that be why? If not, why is my nose growing and is this common? I had it done to make my nose smaller, not make it bigger!


I don't really notice anything except that you look very attractive.
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from my experience, tip your nose isn't growing the swell in your nose bridge is slowing dissapearing. It actually takes upto a year before you can see how your nose will look.
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I think your nose looks pretty good. Ive had a rhino/septoplasty and it's weird but my nose has changed shape too... My nose was really swollen then the swelling went away, then it came back when I got sick, and now it's kind of in between... I think the shape of your nose looks really cute though.
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Friendly doctor, explained pros and cons.

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