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Radiesse Hand Rejuvenation Caused Pain and Prolonged Swelling-California

I had Radiesse injected into the backs of my hands...

I had Radiesse injected into the backs of my hands to make the veins there less prominent. One syringe per hand was used. The injections weren't painful but the subsequent swelling certainly was! My hands puffed up to twice their size, looking like mitts and the stiffness was terrible, every movement of my hands was painful.

That level of swelling lasted a full two weeks. Once the swelling wore off, my veins looked nearly as prominent as before Radiesse and a couple of months later, I still have a small degree of stiffness in both hands but it is nowhere near what it was.

I think people should be warned that injections into the hands DO have these potential side effects, plus in my opinion, 1 syringe per hand is not enough product to camoflage protruding veins, it just added a degree of volume but one would need 2 syringes per hand to disguise large, raised veins in my opinion. I am convinced it is the prohibitive cost of Radiesse that prompts the "1 syringe per hand is enough" from providers. Few people would be willing to start out with a total of 4 syringes.

Despite the long-lasting discomfort endured post-injection, I am considering getting another syringe injected into each hand as the symptoms did eventually abate and now I have no discomfort most of the time - just a bit of residual stiffness/achiness but not enough to be bothersome.

A dermatologist whom I used for injections of Sculptra in my face is about 50 years old. The back of one hand is "normal" and his other has been injected with Sculptra. The injected hand looks much better but then he isn't very old and I don't know how much Sculptra he uses or how much. He said a hand surgeon had shown him how to do the injections.
I went ahead and got additional Radiesse injected into the backs of my hands, but only 1/2 syringe in each hand as my doctor said I did not need a full syringe in each and could always add more later.

She felt that using less would be wise in light of the pain and stiffness I experienced the first time. She also felt I would see good improvement after this 2nd treatment.

I am happy to say that I experienced NO stiffness or pain this time. There was no discomfort whatsoever, but there was also very little lasting result!

I had swelling that began 4 days post-injection (painless swelling) that lasted about a week and during that time, my hands looked GREAT! Like an 18 year olds, totally smooth, firm and veinless! I was thrilled.

Then the swelling went down and my prominent veins came right back into view. Sigh. As bad as before the additional 1/2 syringe in each hand.

Conclusion: Disappointed. Wish I'd gotten 1 full syringe per hand instead of 1/2 a syringe this time. I'll always wonder if more would have yielded a better result.

Maybe I'm just one of the unfortunate few for whom Radiesse is not an effective solution for hand veins.

Hi California,

Well, maybe your doctor was just trying to be safer by using only half a surgeon. Are you able to go back and get another half put in? Please keep us updated.


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My doctor is a skilled injectionist who is also a surgeon so has great knowledge of the body, vein systems etc. therefore I trust her with administering injectable fillers correctly. I have also had Radiesse injected into my smile lines and upper cheekbone area by the same doctor and had NO bruising whatsoever. I think hands are just very sensitive, delicate areas.

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