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Depending on your body type and genetic background...

Depending on your body type and genetic background (take a look at your relatives because that is the future of your face too!) this is an amazing option to look your best. I would also like to add that in my case this will not be something I can just have done once every year but rather cosmetic maintenance that may need a touch up. If you go into the Radiesse experience knowing you may need the occasional touch up and that it is a cosmetic enhancement, not a time machine you will be very satisfied with the results.

Just a little background so hopefully this will help others - I am in my late 50s and a lean build. I have been getting botox for years to help with my migraines but I have to admit the cosmetic effects are an added benefit. As I entered my mid 50s I began to notice that even with botox my face began to look 'tired' and that was because I was losing my cheek volume. I decided to give Radiesse a try after a lot of research on the pros and cons and a conversion with Dr Klein after my last botox treatment. I initially loved the results of my first Radiesse treatment (I did have some bruising) but as the swelling went down I had a 'sunkin' look again. Because of the research I did, I knew this was a common complaint and that a touch-up visit was to be expected in some cases, so I went back in and absolutely love the results. My mid face area has a youthful appearance.  

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Dr Klein is a very skilled dermatologist - I have used other doctors in the past for botox treatments and once I found her when I moved to Orange County I have used no one else. Her results are natural and effective. As for Dr Klein's ability to artistically inject Radiesse - I am thrilled. She has an eye for symmetry and my face looks even, healthy, and youthful.

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Hi Britt, thank you for asking for additional feedback. Yes I will continue with Radiesse. I like the additional volume this product adds to my cheeks. Personally I believe many are disappointed because they expect a result this product does not deliver. In my case even after 2 visits and a total of 2 syringes in each cheek area, Radiesse did not give me huge cheeks, but rather a subtle fullness so that my face does not look sunken (as it often does when we age). The bottom line - Botox and Radiesse are great options for looking refreshed over the age of 50.
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Hi OC,

Can I just say, thank you so much for doing your research and talking to your doctor. That seems to make or break how well a procedure goes and how happy a patient is with it. So Yay for you! I'm glad everything worked out and that you are happy, based on such a positive experience is this something you will continue with? 

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