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My Chin Implant Made my Face Look Asymmetrical - California

I had a chin implant a year ago, everything went...

I had a chin implant a year ago, everything went well, the healing process took well over 5 months. I realized the skin where the doc had the incision became very thin afterwards (got a little better now), what I also noticed is that it made the right side of my chin bigger more prominent which made my face look a little undefined and asymmetrical. Is there a way I can correct this without having to go through the whole process again?

I did this chin implant thing because he recommended to me. He said it would complement my Rhinoplasty, I had no idea I had a smaller chin until he pointed it out!

Am I being too self conscious now or is it because my bone structure underneath the implant is asymmetrical?

(My doctor is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in New York city)

Your opinion is appreciated!
thank you in advance...

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I just had a chin implant/neck lipo. I think you look GREAT!
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Yes I think it looks good. It would be helpful to see your before photos and side photos as well. Yes you can get fillers also to complement the result.
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I think it looks great!
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What kind of implant did you get?
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Would love to see your before pics! I don't think you look asymmetrical at all.

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looks good, hardly noticeable, if at all
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You are looking Nice now!!!
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what doctor did you go to?

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I can see what you mean i think it's A LITTLE asymmetrical but overall i think it looks good. I have heard you can get fillers, maybe you can just fill in a bit to get the symmetry back and not have to endure another surgery!
Overall i think it looks good and you can only see if you look closely!! :)
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