Monkey Face After Upper Lip Lift..

2 weeks ago I had the upper lip lift (procedure...

2 weeks ago I had the upper lip lift (procedure done with the incision under my nose); I had this done for the primary purpose of exposing more of the vermillion of my upper lip.

The lip lift is okay, but I am now thick and fleshy in the area between my upper lip and nose, because the doctor also injected filler for the lines I had above my lip. While I used to have feminine features, I now have what I can only describe as a monkey look. My nostrils are also MUCH more visible.

If I could turn back time, I likely would have had the upper lip lift done without having filler put into the small lines above my upper lip. With the lip being pulled up, that filler is now almost completely filling the area between my nose and upper lip, and the thick 'monkey' look has changed the integrity of my face. I used to have small, delicate features. Scared to death that my nostrils won't go back to normal, either.

MY QUESTIONS: For the heave upper lip issue,Can...

MY QUESTIONS: For the heave upper lip issue,Can I/should I consider having that filler dissolved? AND, will my nostrils/nose go back to normal? (A reminder that the procedure was done 2 weeks ago). Thanks so much for any feedback. -- Updated on Jan 20, 2010: After the upper lip lift I had 3 weeks ago, my nostrils have hard scar tissue inside where the stitches were. This is causing a loss of pliability and are making my nostrils wider and more visible. Does this repair itself over time? I also feel I have too muck thickness in the flesh between my upper lip and nose, resembling what I can only describe as a monkey (possibly a bit harsh). I'm hopeful that this is due to the filler and will repair itself as the filler dissolves.
Temporary fillers can be resolved with an antidote shot. I completely understand what you are describing as I had temporary fillers placed into my upper lip one time that actually moved into the space in between my upper lip and nose. I had the doctor inject an antidote and it went away within a few hours after the antidote. With your lip lift did he cut skin only and not the muscle? I do not believe you would have had a good result with fillers injected into your upper lip due to how thin your lips were. My lips were similar to yours before my upper lip lift. I just had an upper lip lift where the doctor cut the muscle as well. I also had a corner lip lift which turned my corners upward and lower V-Y. This may help if you get the corners done. My surgeon is in California. Good luck to you.
Looking at your pictures again. I think an antidote shot would get rid of the problem with thickness in between your lips and nose. With skin only lip lifts it can pull down the nostrils. It s still really soon after your procedure and I am sure swelling etc is going on. I read it can take up to 3 months before everything settles down after lip lift.
Reply This person above wrote about her nostrils being large and it was temporary as after the swelling went down they looked fine. Again I recommend the antidote and wait 3 months for swelling to go down before doing another procedure. I would discuss with a doctor.
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My doctor is typically conservative, and to give him the benefit of the doubt with my current issue I am seeing him again to follow up.

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