3 Weeks PO from T Inscion Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift Without Implants - California, CA

Hello everyone. I had a tummy tuck with breast...

Hello everyone.
I had a tummy tuck with breast lift on November 9th. I feel like I really need someone to talk to, and someone to understand me. While I am sooo thrilled with my nice smooth flat tummy, recovery has been horrid for me.

First I ended up having to get the T incision tummy tuck or also called fluer de lis tummy tuck, so I have the normal hip to hip incision but also have a incision vertically down the middle of my stomach from pubic area to middle of breasts. I did tell the doctor to do whatever he needed to do to with my tummy tuck because i did have a lot of fat and skin. Maybe it was just wishful thinking that I could get away with only the hip to hip incision. I've been down about this because I feel like its making my healing time slower... I still cant stand straight due to the uncomfortable tightness , especially in my upper abdomen where the vertical incision is. Also my new belly button and the incision right below it has been giving me problems. I seeps and seeps a puss like substance, and i've been on antibiotics for 3 weeks, i've washed it, let it dry, rinse repeat, its a constant struggle. And while my doctor does admit it not being normal, he is not too worried about it yet.

The vertical incision right below my belly button is also opening slightly and it also seeps a liquid.. *sigh*

What is sad is I am usually a very happy go lucky person, but lately I have been such a grump and so genuinely sad, almost wishing I didn't do all of this to myself.

My breast lift I am hoping will fix itself in time but right now its just also depressing me. I will attach a photo to show you, the left breast is significantly bigger and also the nipple is much higher than the right, the right breast is completely flat on the underside and has started to kinda sag and the nipple faces downward, while the right nipple faces upwards :(
Has anyone had this happen and it eventually fixed itself? I know all the muscles in there still need to settle down.

I also have 2 children, one of them is 20 months old and my hubby has gone back to work. It's been really hard because I cannot, no matter how hard i try, i cannot pick him up yet... not to mention me trying to chase him around the house hunched over with horrid back pain..
My hubby was a wonderful help the first 2 weeks of my post op, now he pretty much tells me in a nice way to get over it and push through the pain.. which maybe thats what i need to do?

I really do love my doctor, he is a wonderful surgeon... just this belly button issue, slow healing, still being semi immobilized, and my uneven breasts really gets me down...

Maybe I just need someone to smack me out of it... I try to tell myself everyday this is only temporary and when this is all over i will be super hot! lol

Ohhh it feels so good to finally vent to someone! Thank you ladies!


You poor thing. That sounds like a rough recovery. I'm so glad you started your story on RealSelf and vented to us. That's one of the things we're here for! :)

I hope you'll keep us posted as you continue to heal. And if you have a specific question for a doctor, feel free to post, with a photo, in the Doctor Q&A community.

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thank you angie :) thats very kind of you
Hey Rock you look great and it will all be worth it! Healing is a slow process just like the fat we gained ;)..it has ups and downs please try to keep you head up. I too have belly button issues and had to go back to have it cleaned, scrapped, burned and re stitched last week. I pray for you to fine strength for you and your babies. You will be great in another week or 2 so just hang on..Big Hugs
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I have my 4 week check up today. So I think I will...

I have my 4 week check up today. So I think I will mention some of my concerns to my PS. Wish me luck! :)


Hey there. No posts and no pictures,,, are you ok? You are making your cyber buddies worry!
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Hi just wondering how you are getting on? I had a Fluer de Lise and it sounds like I'm having the same problem. I'm 4 weeks post op and the join at the T is not healing. It's a mix of weepy clear fluid and puss.
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Just checking in to see how you are doing!
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