Tomorrow I will be 2 weeks PO - Bay Area California

Here goes... I am 32 and the Mom of 2 kiddies, 5...

Here goes... I am 32 and the Mom of 2 kiddies, 5 and 2. I had 4 miscarriges along with my 2 term babies, so my body was bigsmallbigsmallbigsmallbigsmallbigsmallbigsmall way to many times in a short period of time. Fast forward to today - I have 2 wonderful, healthy, happy, beautiful children and I resemble a tiger. I have the loose skin and my breasts are a tad deflated. I am having a TT, BA and lipo at the hips to even things out. I had my consultation yesterday with my soon to be PS. After an evening of debating with my hubby, I called today and scheduled. O. M. G. I scheduled... Anyhow, I have been reading here for some time now, and decided that I am now part of this Mommy Makeover craze! I am nervous, excited and in uber organization and prepare mode... It is what I do.

I have been reading and reading on here and...

I have been reading and reading on here and searching tons, but I cannot find a list of things that I should get prior to surgery... Any suggestions, or a link to something? I have been feeling guilty about this whole thing and wondering what I will tell my daughter when she asks what I did, as I do not want to give her a body image negativity at her age... I do know, though, that when all is done I will squat down and swim with my kids without a second thought because I am concerned about my stripes showing or my breasts coming out of my bra. Ups and downs I guess!

Also, does anyone here have an anxiety disorder or...

Also, does anyone here have an anxiety disorder or something similar??? I do and wondered if anyone has a similar experience... Thanks Ladies!!!

My PreOp is scheduled for Monday... I am kinda...

My PreOp is scheduled for Monday... I am kinda nervous! I wonder if I am under-prepared for the visit: do I need to know what size I would like for my BA? I have some reservations about the surgery only because I am already feeling the guilt of all the pressure on my husband and Mom. I still have yet to tell my 5 year old what I am doing as I struggle with providing her a positive body image and don't want her to think she needs/will need it too.
I have been doing a cleanse the last couple of days hoping that I can get down from this plateau I have het weight wise... I would like to be down another 10lbd before surgery on May 10. Less than a month!!!!! EEEEEEeeeeeee
I will try to round up the balls to post pics for you all...

I am all paid for!!! On Monday I paid for the...

I am all paid for!!! On Monday I paid for the surgery and then on Tuesday I paid out Taxes!!!! A bit of an expensive week!!! :)
I am so excited about my surgery. I have just about all I need, except I am waiting on my meds. I am having a TT and a BA with no lift. Just having an implant put under the muscle to fill out the deflated girls I have now.
I went shopping today and purchased some cute little PJ's that are a little camisole and short sets at Soma. Can't wait to abandon the XL t-shirt and hubbies boxers/flannel pants. Can't wait to be intimte with the lights on and am excited to be in front of hubby NEKKID!!!!!! :p

10 More Days, 10 More Days.... I am so excited!!!...

10 More Days, 10 More Days.... I am so excited!!! Time has flown by and I think I am all ready!!! I have all the food I need, house is ready, nerves are frazzled!!!! Yay!

So freaked out. If feel like all at once, I am on...

So freaked out. If feel like all at once, I am on edge and scared of the surgery. I am afraid of the surgery - 6 1/2 hours, the recovery, not being able to care for my kids, not being able to care for my husband, business and home for a period of time. *sigh* It will seemingly be a long 6 days until then...

Surgery in 4 days. 4 days until I am sexy again!!!...

Surgery in 4 days. 4 days until I am sexy again!!! Whoo Hoo!
I have some questions:
How long until I will be able to pull a shirt over my head?
My Mommy is staying until Saturday evening - should this be enough? My husband is really helpful and supportive and capable, so that is not a worry.
Anything that you ladies had that was your lifesaver???

Tomorrow is my day!!!! O_o

Tomorrow is my day!!!! O_o

Here I go... TODAY is my day!!!!...

Here I go... TODAY is my day!!!! EEEEeeeeeeeeeKKKKkkkkkkk!!!!!! c:

I made it! All went smoothly and I am home now. ...

I made it! All went smoothly and I am home now. Dr. says he removed 7+ lbs of chubba and 270cc for saline. I can see where my boobs are and they look great. Hardly any swelling.
Last night was hard, but a nurse came home with me. Getting out of bed is the difficult part, but sitting on the toilet is sooooo comfy! I just did a lap around my home and now it is nap time. The percocet and morphine are making me really loopy!!!
I hope all are well here!!!

PO Day 3: Feeling pretty good! The first day was...

PO Day 3: Feeling pretty good! The first day was the rough one with the anesthetic wearing off and keeping the meds on board. I am now weaning off of the Percoset and Morphine. I haven't had a Morphine since last night and my last Percocet was at 7 this morning. I feel sore, but no horrible pain. I can get in and out of bed/on and off the toilet/ on and off a chair all by myself and walk alone. I am still a little bent over, but not bad!
I have my first PO appointment tomorrow morning and that is when my Dr will take off the dressings and garments. My swelling is really next to nothing. I can't wait to see what I look like without all these bandages!!! I want to shower soooooo bad. Tomorrow I get to do just that!!! This afternoon, my husband is going to wash my hair - Oh! So exciting!!!!
Happt Mother's Day to All!!!!!

PO Day 5: Had my first PO check yesterday morning...

PO Day 5: Had my first PO check yesterday morning and PS said all looks great! He removed my drain and took off all of the bandages! It was the first time I have seem anything. I cracked up laughing!!! My boobs look like boxes because they have been tight in an ace bandage and just started to swell, my tummy was swelling above and below the incision so I look like my tummy is concaved! Kinda funny I thought.
I got a nice shower last night... it was a little scary without my CG and sports bra. I had my husband snap a few photos. These are at the end of the day, after I had been up all day, so the swelling is fantastic!!!!!
Overall, I feel great! I am sore in my back, but today am able to stand upright. My tummy still hurts when I cough, but not too bad.
Happy Healing!!!

I can officially be added to the list of...

I can officially be added to the list of ding-dongs that felt great one day and subsequently did WAY TO MUCH! Yesterday I felt great, did my hair, did my makeup, worked in the office, walked outside and at 5pm I was eerily similar to a blueberry in shape. :(
So I was in bed at 6 and have been ordered by hubs to stay here all day. The swelling is that painful part, but there are times you feel so good - It. Is. Your. Body. Lying. To. You.

Here's to a day of shitty daytime TV. *Holds up glass of Water*

1 week PO: This is hard. It is hard to not be...

1 week PO:
This is hard. It is hard to not be Mom, to not be wife, to not be business owner... Right now, it is about me doing the bare minimum and concentrating on healing. A huge slice of humble pie was served up to me after having tried to do too much.
The house will eventually be put back in order, I will catch up on business and the hubs and I have time to date and be close. Right now my priorities are myself and my kiddies....

Still no driving.
Lots of brusing from the lipo, boobs are dropping and look fantastic, tummy looks funny, but I can tell the outcome will be great!
Have been shopping online, a lot... o_O

The time has not quite flown by. I get outside, but have not officially been able to leave the house. Not because of pain, but the swelling and inablity to drive henders that.

I am ready for a nice long walk and trip to the park with my kids. I am ready to cook again and not have to sit down periodically to rest... This is definately a rough road. Everyone heals differently.

Day 9 PO: So, Today is PO day 9... I can't...

Day 9 PO:
So, Today is PO day 9... I can't believe I am here, in that I am now starting to turn the corner. I am typically a fast healer and quick to get up and moving... not so much now. Hard, painful and slow - is how I would describe this process. Today was my first real day out of the house: we went to Target, Sprouts, Sports Authority for a new bra and I was toast. 1 hour and a half and I was whopped! I came home and lay daown for about 2 hours and then off to my kids softball game. THAT really did me in. I am not in pain, only slightly sore, but tired, tired, tired. Had an hour nap after that, so feeling a tad better!
I stand up straight, but is sure doesn't feel like it! My tummy is so tight, it feels like I am hunched, but I am not. That tells you how tight it is!!!
I am really pleased with my results thus far. Still slight bruising, but otherwise great! This has definately made me stop and care for myself.

A very interesting 2 weeks... I sure thought I was...

A very interesting 2 weeks... I sure thought I was nuts for going through with this, this time last week! But now, I am glad I did!!! I am still sore, mainly in my boobs, but the Doc gave me the instruction on massaging them and they honestly feel much better after I am done! Swelling is in fully swing, but I still look great! I am thrilled with my results. I did, however, underestimate the healing process... I am used to jumping up and going, but that is just NOT possible.

I will take and post pics soon!!!
Dr. Prescott


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You look fantastic!!!! I have an anxiety disorder as well my ps told me to take my clonazapan for the anxiety and that helped.
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I think after swelling is gone your tummy is gonna be real flat, and no stretch marks left...lucky you! I still have quite a few :-(
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your looking good. I'm 11 day post op. speedy healing!
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i hope you are healing away!!! I am getting nervous I have 22 days left!!!! trying to gather my supplies but I have no idea what to get YIKES
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You are really going to look great when the swelling is over! Hang in there.
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lol I'm sorry you are having a rough day. Thanks for the laugh though! :)
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Hopefully you can find something to watch on the boob tube.
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your results are good! I can really tell you are hunched over, i am so scared of that part of recovery
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You know, that was after a busy day of seeing PS and such, it was 830pm. The very next morning by 10 I was totally upright and have been ever since!
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I feel like it is the swelling that hinders the ability to be upright.
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hope your healing well!
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How are you doing? any pictures yet?
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I haven't taken my bandages off yet, so no pictures... soon!!!!! :)
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Sending you good healing vibes for a speedy recovery:)
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Glad you are ok. Can't wait to see your after photos.
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Hope it went well!!
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Good luck! Can't wait to see your after
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Saying a prayer for you and your surgeon
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Wish you the best! Congrats on getting a new you!
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Best wishes to you. You'll wake up with a whole new you! So exciting. Keep us updated.
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Good luck n best wishes!!!
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