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Hi everyone in 24 mother of 3 wonderful kids 5,4...

Hi everyone in 24 mother of 3 wonderful kids 5,4 and 3 I'm having an tummy tuck with Lipo and a breast augmentation on April 5 I'm really excited to see the results but nervous about the risks and also my can't even say if my hubby is soportive or not because I'm really nervous about if he is.going to be there and do the nesesary to watch my kids and help me.out I had bad expieriences with him on all my 3 csecions on the last I would even shower the older 2 in the hospital wen the third was born and the day I got out of the hospital I was already washing and doing everything in the house I don't know who else to ask for hepl the only 2 friend a have one can't because she loves in another state and can't come if not I know she would be there 100% for me ans the one I asked hasent answer me I asked her if she could atleat be there for my kids for 2 days and I will pay pay her but she has been,really negetive about my sugery thank you I have found a lot of tips that help on taking care and more that I real more that I want to do this can't wait even though I'm really nervous about the risks and I had scheduled my surgery for march 3 but changed wen decided to ad implants and even my hubby is not being really soportive I want to surpise him with the implanta as he doesent know about that part of surgery but I still need $2000 so I hope I won't have to change my date againg he told me to wait acouple months but I don't want to because one the kids get out of school in June and I want them to atlest be in school and,not home were I won't be able to do much,for them I take care od my self and wen I had my las csections was in May wen its hot and it was rally uncomfortable I'm really sensitive to the weather be able to hear from you guys

Ok fist sorry for the bad spelling on my previous...

Ok fist sorry for the bad spelling on my previous ,,and girls I have been reading a lot of stories that make me want to do it even more but there a lot.of reasons why might have to change ny date again :'( even though I thunk April is the perfect month because my kids get out of school in June and I won't have to worrie about not being able to atend them but Im still short 2000 did a lot of credit applications bit got denied for lack of credit I have never really worked after I had the kids and have nothing under my name and the person helping out is charging me 300 for two weeks and I need to stack up on what my kids will need I didn't mention I have a special needs child my 5 year old is autistic so I need to have $$ for what ever he may need and I'm worried he won't stand mommy not assisting him as he is not fully potty trained and depends a lot on me I change him the other 2 are not my worrie thank god they are very dependable kids just my 2 year old is a mommy's boy and I play a lot with him most of the time.he will be on top of my stomich fighting and likes to be hugged a lot he will tell me he's a baby if I don't hug him ,,it will break my heart to not be able to do that for a while but I know it will be worth it because he will have a happy mom as I hate my body so much my sexual life is pretty much on hold I think I understand were my husband negativity comes from I think he's lucky if he gets it once a month so he might think after the mommy makeover he won't get any ,,my biggest concern right now is that I see a lot of brussing happens ,,I'm a person that gets bruises very easily as a matter a fact sometimes I end up with huge ones on my back of tighs and can't Denver hittig anything and they take along time to disappear any tips to reduce bruising and the other is wen I had my first baby had to have and emergency csection because his heart was failing and the epidural dint work so I ended up having general anesthesia I can't remember much but hubby tells me I was acting wierd saying a bunch of nonsense and that I even called my mom crying screaming to come help cus they wanted to still my baby and I ended up with high temperature and vomiting ,they also gave me the machine with balls that helps with the lungs I ended up with depresion and can anyone tell me what I need for after the sugery and. Place were I can find cheap binder and
bra and arnica well girls thank you and god bless all of you :::

Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for starting your story here! I hope you're able to get this done and find support for afterward.

Check out this list of supplies you'll need for after your surgery. I hope this helps!


Hi girls for those of you who just had surgery...

Hi girls for those of you who just had surgery congrats on the new body and hope you're not having a lot of pain my date was soposed to be April 5 but got changed to April 3 I can't wait to see my new body there's days I think of not doing it I'm afraid of the risks but wen I want to wear a dress or something thight I wish the surgery was at that instant I don't really have friends so I have nO one to talk about my feelings about surgery I have starded to fix the house and supply what my kids will need ,the hubby did not know I was getting breast implants until he literally made me cry saying he couldn't do nothing about the $$ I'm missing and not asking for days of so I told him I was getting breast implants for him ( one day I asked him if he could change something on me what would it be and he said he loved my breast but liked them wen I was pregnant that they were hard and big ) so he's being more supportive of everything he just keeps on Asking if the full surgery is safe I tell him yes , even though inside I'm praying god everything comes out good and thats what I do all the time I'm real

Yayyy 26 more days for my surgery going slow but...

Yayyy 26 more days for my surgery going slow but enjoying my munchkins can't wait to say "yesterday was my surgery" good luck to all of you with sooner day and wish all of you a get well soon and that all of you are not dealing with a lot of pain and to those who had surgery all ready have fun showing off you're new body's just a question would you rather have lipo on the flanks or thighs or can any one tell me if they had the tummy tuck with out lipo????????,

Hi girls well my surgery date was changed to April...

Hi girls well my surgery date was changed to April 3 at first because the doct is going out of town now they changed it to April 17 uggg more day to be nervous but I'm ready for this don't care anymore of all the negative comments god why can't they be happy I guess what kimmers said about god giving us friends for that fam that we can't count on is true but what is it wen you don't have friends I feel more lonely than ever it's always just me and my 3 kiddos that I was thinking on changing my mind and not doing the surgery but I'm doing it my only worry is my kids I pray everything goes good so I can be with them it's hard wen they have aunts uncles cusins grandparent but it's like my kids don't excist it's ok they have me and this surgery will make me more self confident for them thanks girls all of you're story's have helped me a lot well I'll try to keep you guys posted I can't pay my phone with Internet so I came to McDonalds with my munchkins and I'm using wifi do good luck for those who are getting near you're surgery day I will have all of you in my prayers and to those who had surgery already first congrats and I hope you're healing is going great with out pain take care ad some tips wouldn't come bad thanks
Good luck this Tuesday!
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