Mommy Makeover...feeling amazing

Well, the reason I decided to get a mommy makeover...

Well, the reason I decided to get a mommy makeover is because pregnancy took a nasty toll on my body despite my best efforts. I only have one child, but I'm 4'11" with a small torso. Needless to say I stretched out and stayed that way. To be completely honest I got stretch marks on my left arm, breasts, tummy, butt, and both legs. It was extremely difficult for me emotionally because as stupid as it sounds now I did not believe I could get stretch marks all over the place.

My husband does not mind the stretch marks because he gained 20 pounds during my pregnancy and has matching stretch marks on his inner thighs. Despite all that I do not think my husband will ever understand that women's clothes is meant to show off skin and people can be cruel towards skin imperfections. The one time I tried to wear a bathing suit after having my baby was awful. It was just my family, but they were cruel. My sister still likes to make it know to everyone that I have stretch marks.

I am hoping that this whole surgery is worth it and that I can show off some skin on some part of my body. I am nervous and would really like advice. I will put pictures up when my husband finds where he put the camera.LOL might be a while.

You are a petite little thing! 

My advice to you is relax, take super good care of yourself and only listen to people who are positive.  You need to be with people who will build you up right now and not tear you down. 

The jitters are normal and will pass.  Think happy thoughts and focus on the prize at the end of this journey. 

As far as the stretch marks..oh boy I have plenty of those myself.  I use the Palmer's Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil on my skin and it has helped greatly.  I use it on my entire body after every shower.  Give it a try..

You will get your confidence back and all of the ladies here on RealSelf will cheer you on.

Keep with us and continue to post.


So I went in for my pre-op and I was nervous, but...

So I went in for my pre-op and I was nervous, but my mom was even more nervous. Dr. Williams went over the whole procedure with her and she seemed to be more relaxed after. Dr. Williams is very knowledgeable, patient, and reasonably priced. His staff consists of very patient and knowledgeable women. I am nervous about my mommy makeover because of the risks not because of the doctor. Trust me if you happen to live in California and you are thinking about having anything done just visit his office-HE IS WORTH IT. Ill update with before and after pictures when possible.

So I went to pick up my prescriptions at 1pm and...

So I went to pick up my prescriptions at 1pm and they did not have anything on record for me. I got so nervous since my surgery is in the morning on Tuesday and Monday is a holiday. I called the after hours hotline because I did not know what else to do and the nurse was very helpful. I felt bad bothering Dr. Williams, but he was amazing and he apologized. He goes above and beyond!
So today was your day. I hope all went well and you are recovery already. I'll check back for updates!
You'll be fine girl. Relax. I am almost 40 and I could not believe how quickly I recovered. I am so happy, this was the best thing I have ever done for myself. It really was no big deal and I would reccomend anyone to go for it if you want to look your best and more importantly feel your best on the inside!
Good luck, you'll do great!

Yesterday was my surgery day and I was so nervous...

Yesterday was my surgery day and I was so nervous that at one point I thought I would run away. The staff was amazing they made me feel comfortable by making jokes and providing anything I needed. When it was time for surgery I was ready and when I came to I did not believe it was already over. My husband brought me a cute plant and took me home.
The first night was rough just because I was getting used to my limitations. I also went pee every half hour, which made sleeping impossible for me and my husband. I am so thankful that he was so understanding and helpful.
The most unexpected part of the surgery so far has been the emotional roller coaster. I feel happy that I get my body back and then I get grumpy from not being able to get comfortable, and then I get kinda sad that I cannot do much for myself.
This morning I received a thoughtful surprise from Dr. Williams and his staff; it was a bouquet of beautiful flowers. He really is a surgeon that goes above and beyond.
Everything went great!

Glad to hear this:)   Your emotions will be all over the board for a while.  You have been through the surgical trauma, on medications, hurt, and nothing is normal right now.  So all of your feelings are totally normal. 

They will pass and you will feel better and better each day.  Just be patient, rest and medicate for the first couple of weeks.  You will get there and it will all be worth it in the end.



So yesterday was day two of recovery and it was...

So yesterday was day two of recovery and it was worse than day one, but I made it! I experienced coughing-not fun. I also became itchy and really sore. All of which I expected but still painful.
Good morning, I hope u are doing good. I know exactly what u r going thru. It is sooo true.... as time goes by you will feel better.... It has been 10 weeks for me. Im feeling great. I really thought I would never get here. The waiting game is the hardest! Everybody was like hey it will be worth it at the end!!! I was like what the hell ever! lol I really hated the dumb garments!! Ughhh I could not breath in them!! Well girl hang in there and let me know if u have any questions! :)
Each day gets better and the roller coaster ride goes on for a little while but somehow we obtain super talents that we didn't know we had like picking up things with your toes because you can't bend over! Take it easy and treat yourself right because when you over do it you KNOW it..;)

Today is Saturday or day 4 and I feel amazing....

Today is Saturday or day 4 and I feel amazing. Yesterday I only took two pain pills and I finally took a number two. For everyone who has had a tummy tuck you know how difficult that is. Today I am not going to take any pain pills, so I will let you know how that goes.
Yesterday I went to the doctor's office and saw his assistant Jennifer. She removed the gauze, took pictures, and removed a drain. Out of everything the removal of the tape on the gauze hurt the most. The drain removal felt like someone trying to tickle my tummy, but my tummy was numb.
Today I can almost stand all the way up and my breasts look amazing I have pictures below. I can take a shower today and wash my garment-EXCITING!
A few things that I have learned so far is that trying to lay on your side is not a good idea even though your back is sore and have back up people to help you. What I mean is my husband has been helping me and I asked him if he wanted a break because I had plenty of other willing to help, but he did not want to admit it. Unfortunately it took him yelling at me for me to realize that he really did need a break. So now I have everyone on 8 hour shifts so that no one can really get run down. Remember everyone needs time for themselves to relax!
It is great that you are feeling amazing already. Keep up with recovery and try not to push it. I know there were days I felt great, pushed it and then was exhausted and sore. Take it easy.
I am feeling amazing today! I cannot wait until I am ten weeks out and do not have to wear this garment!

Today is favorite day so far!...

Today is favorite day so far! Yesterday I went shopping for some lose fitting close with my sister and mother. It was hilarious and all the laughing hurt. I used a wheel chair because we were out for hours. I thought I would be exhausted today, but I feel even better. No pain pills for me today.
Sadly yesterday I had to make my husband leave the house to stay elsewhere. We were not getting along because he was lying about doing simple things like feeding our cat and he was not willing to help me move around anymore. Hopefully no one else has to go through this during this recovery. I am great though because I have a great family that do not put me down while I am trying to heal.
The only thing that hurts today is my butt from the sitting. I can stand up straight and laughing does not hurt, but coughing still does.

Sorry to hear that:(  Hang in there and take care of yourself.

I'm so sorry to hear about the turmoil with your husband in the house.. I hope everything works out.

I am one day behind you. Today I feel a little bit more like myself, finally - though I feel like I've been to hell and back!

I'm scared to take a shower, does it hurt on the incisions?

I went to the mall yesterday in a wheel chair and...

I went to the mall yesterday in a wheel chair and the looks I got where awkward. People just do not know how to respond to people in wheel chairs. Some people stand in the way even after you say excuse me multiple times, some people turn and walk the other way, and some people are helpful.
Going to the mall yesterday was to make me feel better about everything going on and it did. I bought a small dress that I would never could fit before surgery, but I tried it on with all my swelling and it fit! I am loving the new me! From a large to a small :)! I am so glad there are plastic surgeons like Dr. Williams!
After the mall my mother brought my daughter over and she ran to me and started kissing me. I loved every second of has been really hard not being able to lift her and run with her. My daughter is only 17 months old but she knows that I do not feel. I cannot wait to be able to be the best mother I can for her.

So I am still at odds with my husband, but I let...

So I am still at odds with my husband, but I let him back because my family needed to deal with another family matter. I found out when I kicked him out he went dancing and drinking...I do know if he is a keeper anymore. Anyone have suggestions.
sounds like a typical man , dont stress off it , they need a lot of attention big babies dont know what to do when we are not able to give attention cause we need to be the focus while we heal,,,,,,, all I can say is WATCH OUT cause your gonna be smokin and he better act right lol jk try not to let it jult you your emotional and guys cant handle that let him do whatever its better you be with the ones who can focus on you and not be selfish at this time, b4 you know it youll be out dancing! big hug to you , you look great and youll be feeling that way soon enough

Please try to focus just on your healing right now.  This is all about you right now so that you heal properly and get your strength back.

Try not to even think about the hubby issues right now.  You do not need stress at this time.  As hard as is it you can deal with it later. 

You're right! I showered and it felt sooooo great, especially afterwards!

I can't imagine going through all those issues with your husband during this time - I have been on an emotional roller coaster all day!

Sounds as if your healing is going very well though!

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a get...

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a get well card from the surgery center that I had my procedure at. I really am enjoying everything about the mommy makeover, except the husband.

So just got home from my second follow up...

So just got home from my second follow up appointment and it was kinda awful. Still have the drain in and did not see Dr. Williams. The wait was about an hour and I heard the staff talking about a prospective patient...I mean just about any body in the waiting room could have heard. I do not want to know what they say behind my back. I know that everyone has their days at work where they just cannot help make a rude comment, but when you choose to do it within ear shot of patients or customers its wrong.
Agree 100%. Does not sound like office staff took professionalism 101. I would have walked away just as u did wondering if they would be talking about me next! I hope you are doing better considering the circumstances! Best wishes to you for a quick recovery.

I am sorry you had such a horrible experience at the doctors office.  You are correct and they should not have been talking about another patient in ear shot of anyone. 

Patient confidentiality should be top priority.

I personally would complain the next time I went in. 

Well let's say I drove an hour, waited an hour, and then nothing. The PA took pictures and was kind, but she did not take out the drain, which was the point of the visit besides seeing the doctor. I'm a little upset I did not see the doctor, but I was told that surgery ran late or something so its understandable. If it was me under the knife I would hope the doctor would choose me over the patient in the office.

So today was my 3rd post-op appointment and I...

So today was my 3rd post-op appointment and I finally saw Dr. Williams. I got my second drain out finally! I also got my belly button stitches out and all the tape on the tt scar removed. The staff even gave me a gift card to apologize for the wait last time. I like the staff there for the most part and everyone has bad days. I am just gonna dismiss my last appointment as a bad day for some of the staff.
As for how I feel AMAZING! I have shopped everyday and I love my waist! I would do this all again in a heart beat!
I can stand up straight but by night I'm bent back over.
You look Great I am sorry about your husband and you doctor's office~ And really at this point you would think he would be treating you like a queen with that new hot body of yours! Keep thinking great thoughts and I love your shop therapy!
Glad to hear you're doing so great! Are you able to stand up straight now?

So I saw underneath my bandages and it looks...

So I saw underneath my bandages and it looks really scary right now. Does anyone else know what I am talking about? Everything is swollen and a little bumpy and I am scared. It is odd to see myself like this.

I love the PA at Dr. Williams' office. Her name is...

I love the PA at Dr. Williams' office. Her name is Jennifer and you feel comfortable with her immediately. Today she called me and answered the questions I had asked through an email. I believe that the staff here real does try to help you.

Yes it can look bumpy, red, scabby, and a little rough for a while.   It will all smooth out and look beautiful in the end. 

Don't panic...


So I haven't updated this in a few days because I...

So I haven't updated this in a few days because I got really sick. I could not hold any food down at all, but I am feeling better now! My tummy tuck is scaring me slightly because it looks uneven, but that is probably the swelling. I cannot wait until I can run around with my baby girl.
I know that you are a few weeks behind me (regarding recovery). I am almost 6 weeks post-op and my incisions are read. They weren't at first. However, no they are really red. I heard this was part of the healing process. They look great within a few weeks, but then get red. They look worse before they get better. I am sorry you are having issues with your hubby. I hope things get better.

I am almost at five weeks and I feel and look...

I am almost at five weeks and I feel and look amazing. I have a little swelling, but for the most part my scars are thin red lines. I am really happy with the outcome.
So glad you are feeling good at 5 weeks! You look great!
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Williams and his whole staff have patience and knowledge. I felt like family and that is why I chose him. He and his staff also are very easy to contact.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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