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Good Morning All, So this morning is the day...

Good Morning All,

So this morning is the day before Surgery and I am a bit nervous. On the computer I am looking at every last minute thing I can to reinforce my decision. My thoughts on this are all over the map. I'm excited and then I think why am I doing this at 51.. is this my mid life crisis? My wonderful husband says it's a late birthday gift for my 50th since I was then recovering from a hysterectomy. I'm hoping this recovery will be much better.

So many posts out here and so much support! And so many ladies that know a little more than me. I will say I have not listened to some details like how many cc's. I have been very trusting in the 2 pre op visits that the implants were well chosen with regards to the shape and size. I actually had so much fun in the office with the nurse and my husband helping me try out different sizes and shapes to decided what would fit me perfect. But I can't remember how many cc's was the final number. I'm petite and didn't want to look overly busty but yet I want boobs! I choose a high profile saline implant under the muscle. The high profile is meant to give me definition without having my breast overflowing into my armpits. Then there is that nasty pocket of fat under my bellybutton. So I had a little bit after children (3 pregnancies with last childbirth in 1986) but after my hysterectomy my abdomen looks the worst :(

I think I'm almost ready for tomorrow. No wine for the past couple of weeks :( I love my glass of red wine in the evening but I want to heal fast and have little bruising. Labs were all completed Friday. Back in July my Mammogram was all good and that is a good thing as my Mother died of breast CA in 1980. I had calcifications & a benig lump removed in 2006. I'm hoping that my big breast dimple from that surgery on my left side will not be so noticable with my new implants. So I'm a big baby and I'm having this done as a TUBA procedure. That's going through my belly button! I simply don't want more scares I've plenty of them already. Plus the recovery time for this is much less. We shall see :) I'll keep it all posted.

I'll post some pictures later today and then I'll get some post-op's up when things are looking a little better.

I'm more nervous about people seeing my new shape. I work 2 days a week, very part time and sometimes I will go 2 month before I cross paths with some of the girls. When I requested the time off I told no one what I am having done. I just want to get past all the swelling. I know when my sister had her implants (10 years ago) my niece told me that her first week she was enormous. She lives out of state so I seen her for the first time 3 months post op and it was not so extreme. I would be happy if I could hide for a month. So to anyone following my post wish me luck and a few prayer. To any of you looking at surgery soon good luck to you as well.


Best of luck at the appt tom. I am sure u look amazing. Pleasr kerp ud posted on how yoy are doing.
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Hello Teacher Mom and Cotton Momma,

I have to say so far so good. It's been about 85% better than I expected it to be. I came home and took 2 Tylenol # 3"s ( I'm allergic to Vicodan.) Went to bed with my ice pack's and awoke to the cell phone it was the nurse from my Dr's office checking up on me and reinforcing additional information. At the 4 hour mark I took 1 more Tylenol. The worst discomfort I've had is that my arm pits are so sore. I had to have my Husband help me up and down the first few times but I can do it on my own now. I spent a little time walking around the house and the drainage from the lipo is a LOT I'm changed pads at lest 4 times now. They told me there would be lots of drainage so it's no surprise. I've had to change bottoms as the first gushes where more than I expected. Good thing I listened and went with the junky old clothes and jogger bottoms! So I'm pooped out time for bed. I'll get some picture up in a few days. I can see that I'm going to be very happy just by the way things look already :) Back to the Dr'c in the morning. FYT my high profile implants are 425 cc's and I'll ask in the morning what they were filled to.

Thanks so much for the well wishes it was so cool to open the email and see them!
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I am so glad things went well. I am glad you were prepared for lipo leakage. I first read about that on this site and I know I sound like a broken record because I keep warning people-it is alot of leaking! Messy leaking! It is for a short period of time however. I stopped leaking by the second day. Keep us posted and post pics when you get a chance. It is nice to be able to share here when you may not feel comfortable sharing with people you know-(very few people know I had surgery). Best of luck with your recovery.

Hello ... I thought I sent an update in the...

Hello ...

I thought I sent an update in the middle of the night when I simply was not able to sleep but it appears to not be here. I'm sure in my post anesthetic daze I didn't submit it right. My night was uncomfortable. Not painful just uncomfortable and sleepless. Tonight that should change as I now have a sleeping pill to take. My other big concern at the doctors today was how badly my arms hurt. This I didn't expect and don't recall much hearing about arm pain in the pre op teaching. Yesterday it was my arm pits and today it goes to my elbows. After my appointment I noticed I have bruising to my under arm area. Both outer sides of my breasts are bruised as well and Doctor gave me a homeopathic med to try called VitaMedica which is to help with bruising and swelling. I always bruise easy so it will be interesting to see if this helps. Still lots of drainage from my lipo sites but my abdomen is the flattest I've ever seen it. They told me to expect lots of swelling to start tomorrow in my tummy area. That's it for now... I get to take a fast shower this evening. At this point I want it to be three weeks from now ;)


Hi Waiting to Exhale.
Today I feel really good. If the swelling would go down and my arm pits would feel normal I would have nothing to complain about. Yes, my tummy is sore and I have to massage it but it's not pain it's just sore. I filled my tub with a few inches of water and shaved my legs today. Of course no bathes until Dr's orders! I'm a bath tub kind of girl I always love soaking in a bubble bath so just soaking my paws and doing a foot scrub this afternoon all by my self was a wonderful feeling. It's beautiful outside maybe 75 and sunny so I'm going to sit with my book for a little while and enjoy the afternoon.

Thank-you for checking on me :)
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You look great how are you feeling today!
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Hello! Can you tell us who your doctor was? You look great!
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Hello All, Yesterday was my 2nd post-op visit. ...

Hello All,

Yesterday was my 2nd post-op visit. All went well. My bruising is now very minimal, my arm pain is completely gone but I do still have a little arm pit discomfort. My PS did my first breast implant massage, I was very scared walking in knowing that would be part of the plan but it was fine. My nurse at the office had me do ice packs before the massage as I was so anxious about it, she said that it helps a lot to ice first and well it was all good! I now have a few simply stretching and twisting exercise to do and of course I will continue to massage my abdomen. So far so good things are moving along nicely. I do have an area just around my belly button that looks a bit puggy, my PS said it's just a little fluid that will reabsorb. I asked my Husband what he thinks and he said so far our Doctor has been right on about everything he's told us so it will be ok. Hoping everyone reading is doing well, wether it be pre op jitters or post op euphoria!

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Hello again it's me.. I need to update my...

Hello again it's me..

I need to update my post-op pictures soon.. My belly and breasts are looking so much better and I feel really good. I continue to have under arm discomfort but now have a few more simple stretching exercises to do. Today that area around my belly button that I was concerned with was address by Doctor, He took a look and feel and then aspirated 8 ml's of fluid off. He said I may need a little bit more off on Wednesday at my next check up. I've been good with tissue massage and wearing my compression garment but that stubborn little spot just hasn't reabsorbed like we hoped. It's gone now :) Today was the first morning I work up with no burning in my left breast too :) That was a nice feeling. I'm now only using extra strength Tylenol so things are improving fast! Next Friday I go back to work. Will I be ready? After the way I'm feeling today I think I will :) I'm still in awe of how great my body is looking and when I come on to the web site now I can't believe that I looked like the before pictures! WOW, I'm actually feel euphoria at times when I see my body and so to anyone reading, Yes, do it and yes, get better soon!


Ok I have heard that is really good so this is why I am asking
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Aj How is today for you sweetie.....How are the pits =) I so glad to see you went out read a little I think it is a must to move around but not to push yourself. We have something in common I love bubble baths so relaxing but with my 4 kids knocking on the door so annoying lol! I tryed to do this while they were here never again lol!
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Oh yea Vita medica did it work! How far are you from dr....

Post-op day 11 and I feel really good! Thought I...

Post-op day 11 and I feel really good! Thought I would put up some new pictures and the stats that I didn't get posted when I joined the site that very nervous morning before surgery. Tomorrow I go back to my PS. Good thing is my abdomen swelling is really improving but my belly botton is still wearing a frown.. Have to turn that frown upside down!

Age 51
prep-op wt 115.8
height 5'2"
Implant, Saline,Allergan Natrelle, smooth high profile
right-450cc fill
left- 455cc fill
Before bra size full A small B depending on the bra and 34 or 36 depending on the bra.

Post.. have no idea what size I'll be there is still too much swelling but the goal is full C small D, again depends on the bra.
Wt this am 113.4 My goal wt has always been 112 to 115.


yay AJ I am so glad work was ok for you. I was worried about that for a minute still fluid from lipo wow like dr needs to remove the fluid from inside you!
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you look awesome, did i read that your 51.. holy moly you have a body of a 20 yr old!
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Thank-you Soccermama.. Yes, I'm 51.

Hello Real Self World, Back to the PS today. ...

Hello Real Self World,

Back to the PS today. Good news, I will not be having any more aspirations in the lipo area. The belly tissue is a bit hard but I'll keep massaging the area that is what will do the trick. My waist is 1-1/2 inch less than it was going into surgery and I am still a little swollen so things are moving along very nice! My frown around my belly button is almost gone too :) I feel about 90% back to normal so it's all good. Hope everyone is doing well.


I love love love the red bathing suit... I am so excited for next years summer that will be me posting pics... how liberating!
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Thank-you Waiting to exhale!
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Hello All, I can't believe it's been 1 full month...

Hello All,
I can't believe it's been 1 full month since surgery. Honestly I thought I would feel better than this by now :( There have been a lot of up and down days. Overall, I've been up. Yesterday and today I've been a little down that I still have a lot of swelling in my breasts and my lipo area seems to look now the same as it did a week ago??? What's up with that? This week simply no improvement. Also my nipples have been so sensitive (at times burning) the past few days that I've actually gave in twice and took something stronger than an extra strength tylenol. I'm simply irritable and tired that I've reached a plateau to a state of the same or less.. I'm only feeling about 85% normal. Tuesday I'll see my PS, and can let him know that the Milk Thistle isn't doing much. So wonder what plan B will be? Hoping for a good weekend and that everyone here is getting better soon :)


Wow you look RED HOT Amazing~~~
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Hello Real Self World, Tomorrow I am 8 weeks...

Hello Real Self World,

Tomorrow I am 8 weeks post op :) One of the most amazing things to me is when I see my before pictures on my post. WOW... I have looked like that for years! So easy I forget as I'm already so used to seeing me now. I love the way my body looks :) Now I have to start saving for a lower face lift because my body looks so kick that I will need the face to go with it sometime in the next few years. I'm just starting to see those little changes at my jaw line. So am I happy, you bet-ya! I Love my flat abdomen and my "girls." I actually now see pictures in VC and think some of the "girls" look small and yet 2 months ago I would have died and gone to heaven to have hooter like that! I will get some new pictures out here soon. I still do have a little bit of dimpling of my tummy from the lipo suction. I've had multiple ultrasound treatments to my abdomen over the past month and all is really looking good. It's amazing that I don't have to try to "hold in my BELLY!" That when I look down I see this amazing flat tummy :) WOW! I'm completely back to all my pre op activities without any problems or any type of discomfort although I've yet to swing a golf club, but plan on doing that sometime in the next week :) I still wake up every morning and the first thing I do is to check if my girls are really there.. "yup there they are." The abdomen is just a big bonus that makes for the total package! Would I do this again... is a second!!! In fact I still have to wonder if I should have gone bigger. I think they are so perfect and wonder just how much will they shrink over the next year as I've heard repeatedly that the swelling takes a full year to go all the ways down. My husband is having a blast too he keeps buying me new things because as he says.. "everything looks good on you, it just deciding what I like the most and knowing you will ROCK IT!" He's always telling me when someone is "checking me out!" He's so sweet, he gets so excited, I can tell he's has something more going on that I can't explain. It makes him feel really good that I look the way I do.
I Hope your all are doing great! And to those thinking about doing it. Well, think about that Nike slogan and... " Just do it!" You will be so happy. I just can't believe it's only been 8 weeks. Yes, this is so worth it!


Thank you so much for your 2 month update! I'm glad you're having such fun with your hot, new bod.

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yay long time no here I am glad you are happy I cant wait the day I look at VS and be like yea BEECHS I look good to I am a victoria secret gurl!
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10 week post op visit this morning. My abdomen...

10 week post op visit this morning. My abdomen ultrasounds are dropping to every other week :) My PS told me that my breast pockets are well developed but my breasts are still "tight" He says no bra for 6 months. I have to admit I was getting excited about shopping for something really fun but it's not the end of the world to live in cami's for a few extra months. In the end I just want every thing to look really good. I'm putting up a few new pictures :)


You look awesone for 10 weeks out!! Rock On!!!
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I know mommie duties always call!thank you so much Aj for your kind words of encouragement that truly means a lot to me that you would take time to notice what I am going through! You look so good darn it!
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Hi Waiting, You are so sweet! I've been busy back at work and busy with the kids and school schedule, like who isn't! My kids are grown up but I've two step kids in high school that are just as busy as my own were. So I was reading your posts to get up to date and sadden to hear of the break up with your man :( Hope you are in a better place emotionally with it all. I was a divorced single Mom for 10 years before my wonderful husband came into my life. So much I could say I'd be typing all night so I will simply say, I'll keep you in my prayers and hope as the doors continue to open for you they put you in a place that will bring you much joy and happiness in the days ahead.
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Hello Real Self World, Hoping the Christmas...

Hello Real Self World,

Hoping the Christmas season finds everyone healthy, well and recovered or recovering just in time to enjoy the Holiday fun! So my left implant is still a little higher than my right. BTW that is the breast that had the deep muscle calcifications removed in 2006, so there maybe some old scare tissue preventing the progress I want to see. Good news is that I'm going every two weeks for muscle ultrasound which is all included in my office follow up visits at no additional charge :) I'm also continuing to take a smooth muscle relaxers and a week of prednisone. My office nurse Mary who does my ultrasounds say's even the most stubborn breast will drop within a year. So I'm sure it will be fine & the implant moves well in the pocket. Bottem line is that when I log into this site and see me before, I make sad face and think, wow I can't belived that was me all those years! I'm so happy with my post-op body and now going into fancy dress season for the parties ahead I'm having a blast looking and trying on fun fancy dresses :) It's awsome to have everything look so good on! On a side note I changed the total price of my surgery to reflect total costs including the little extra's like unpaid 20% and co pays for meds, labs, ect. It's all good and I'm very Happy that I've done this and have such a supportive Husband who was with me every step of the way. Good luck to all :)


Thanks for your well wishes! Had to check out your pics! You look awesome! Never would have guessed that you are 51! Good for you!
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Hi Ladies, i too am looking into getting this done and very worried.. I am 44 years old mother of 4 grown kids and 7 grand babies. Over the years Gravity has really taken over my boobs and of course the belly can't seem to get rid of it. I am looking for a place to go get this done. The prices over here where I live are crazy. I have heard I can get this all done for 6k but where? if anyone knows of a good dr. and reasonable place please email me. Thank you Merry CHRISTMAS and God Bless
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Oh My.. it happened is all I can say. My left...

Oh My.. it happened is all I can say. My left breast problem girl who felt a need to be higher than her right all along, simply decided to cause a new problem yesterday afternoon. While again massaging the implant still in hopes of having two perfectly placed implants, suddenly it felt like the implant took flight into my armpit! I called the office and they seen me in less than 45 minutes of this socking event and confirmed implant rupture. Good news I paid that extra 100.00 to Allergan for the super dupper coverage, so the entire cost is covered. Bad news, surgery on Thursday April 26th. I'm told this surgery will be very minor as the real work has already been done. The bonus is that Doctor will perfect the new pocket and I really will have perfect twin girls. Wish me luck!


WOW u LOOK AMAZING at 51!!! you had a Mommy Makeover for the price you stated???? if yes, please provide me with your doctor info!!1 THANK YOU!!!
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On a side note How's your breast dimple now? When I wear compression garments I can see mine. (I had a lumpectomy a week prior to BA) . Also where she removed the lump there is a lot of little bumps. Breast surgeon said it was scar tissue and inflamation. Did you have a similar experience? Love being High RISK!! Hello Mammograms every 3, 6, 12 monthes!! Yippie!
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Thank-you Uniquely.. and Good luck with your surgery!!! I'm sure that whatever the size you decide on you will love them! I just happened to still have a bag of old VS bra's that I didn't know what to do with so I cut the cup out and put it in my bra on my deflated side and it's amazing that I'm really that tiny. I have my moments when I can't wear something I like because I'm too big and wonder if I should have gone with a "C".. then I remember I was to be a full "C" they are "D's" it just turned out that way.. & I love them.
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Dr. R. Shumway

I've been an RN for over 22 years now with the balk of my background in critical care. I now work in a cardiac cath lab and I am the one to do the patient sedation, I sometimes too recover patients. So I have a few things that I notice as a health care provider. Coming into Dr's office the staff was friendly and courteous but even more impressive is how long the staff has all worked together with Doctor (10 years +) and how well they all get along and work well together. This happy environment was passed right on down to me the patient. They were awesome! All my questions were answered. When I needed something for nausea on Saturday the phone was answered and a prescription called in without delay. Office follow up is big they make it clear what they expected of me before surgery that I would be back there a lot. It's all good. Doctor had an outstanding medical background and my husband and I were concerned with my choice to go with the TUBA but I felt with Doctors level of experience, and years in practice I was making a good choice and now I feel I made a Great Choice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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