Scheduled Mini TT for July 12th - California

I have two beautiful daughters and had two...

I have two beautiful daughters and had two c-sections. My youngest is turning two, and I gave myself two years to get the weight off and lose the tummy. My scar is fine, but there is skin that hangs over it that I can't get rid of. I am an avid marathon/half marathon runner, but I just couldn't lose my tummy.

I went to the same doctor for a few consultations before I worked up the nerve to set the date. I am having a mini tummy tuck with lipo and no muscle repair. I am super nervous, but from what I have read on here the pain isn't as bad as a c-section!

Will be adding some before photos soon... yikes!

My height is 5'5 and my weight is 145 pounds. A...

My height is 5'5 and my weight is 145 pounds. A little over 2 weeks to go... starting to get a bit nervous. I am worried about my scar. I have seen some after pictures where the scar is just as big as a full TT.

Bummed... I wanted to get my implants replaced,...

Bummed... I wanted to get my implants replaced, but my doctor suggested leaving them alone. I had three surgeries due to a bad first plastic surgeon. I guess I will have to stick with what I have. On the plus side it means I don't have to stop nursing my youngest yet! (will pump and dump after surgery). Pre-op appointment on Tuesday, July 5th. I'm getting excited. So ready to get rid of the extra skin. I hope the mini is the right choice. I keep wondering if the full would have been a better decision, but I really don't want the hip to hip scar.

Went to pre-op appointment today. There's no...

Went to pre-op appointment today. There's no turning back now!! All paid and ready to go.

I went from nervous to excited. I can't believe...

I went from nervous to excited. I can't believe it's only a few days away. The nurse called me yesterday and my surgery time is 7:30am. She said I should be going home by around 10:30am. I got my blood work done on Thursday and picked up my BOX of meds. Wow... I'm really hoping that I don't have to take all of it. I will try to post on Tuesday and update on how I feel after. I am super excited to see the new belly. We are going on a cruise the end of September and I can't wait to wear a bikini without having to tuck in my extra little belly :)

Tomorrow is the big day! I can't say that I am...

Tomorrow is the big day! I can't say that I am totally nervous. A little scared, but not too bad. I will try to post tomorrow afternoon with details. My surgery time is 7:30 a.m.

I'm feeling really well. Minimal pain, but...

I'm feeling really well. Minimal pain, but already lots of swelling. I can't wait to take a shower!

Day 2 post op and I'm feeling a little sore. I'm...

Day 2 post op and I'm feeling a little sore. I'm having very little pain. I get up every few hours and walk around. I am drinking a ton of water. My drain is already driving me crazy!

Day 3 post op- Swollen, swollen, swollen! Oh, and...

Day 3 post op- Swollen, swollen, swollen! Oh, and very sore. I called the doctor today because I was short of breath, but they think it was because my binder was on really tight. I took it off for a while and felt much better. My skin had a reaction to the surgical tape, so it is very itchy. I can't wait to feel better. I have been shuffling around the house hunched over. Today my five year old lost her balance and landed on my belly... PAIN!

I realized that a full would have been a good...

I realized that a full would have been a good choice just for the removal of stretch marks. I didn't have bad ones to begin with, but I noticed some on my stomach seem more noticable now. I'm not sure how I feel about them yet. I stopped taking the pain meds yesterday. My incision and the areas they did lipo are very itchy still. My sides are very bruised. They are very tender. I feel ok now and I washed my hair last night. I can't wait to get the drain removed... hopefully Thursday! It grosses out my kids :) My two year old freaks out. I can understand because it freaks me out too! I feel like it is all the way through my incision which it might be. Either way YUCK!

Day 8 post-op: I go to the doctor tomorrow for my...

Day 8 post-op: I go to the doctor tomorrow for my first post-op appointment... finally! I would love to get rid of this drain, but the last two days it has been going over the 25cc limit. I am going to see how it looks tomorrow. I went on a mini vacation to the beach the last two days and I am probably going to be paying for that!

I had my ten day post-op appointment today. ...

I had my ten day post-op appointment today. Everything went well. My PS and I both decided to keep the drain in until Tuesday. I started draining more the last few days and he said it was from moving around more and from the lipo. They inject fluids in while doing the lipo, so that is why I'm still draining. My stomach by my scar is wrinkled. He said that it would go away in time. Glad to hear that because I was starting to worry. Overall, I am so happy with my results and has only been 10 days. I can't wait to see my stomach after the swelling is gone. He also told me that he did some muscle tightening. He wasn't going to, but he said it would give me better results.

I am a teacher and I had to start work today. I...

I am a teacher and I had to start work today. I felt ok, but it was the most activity I have done since the surgery.

All was going well and I thought I would probably...

All was going well and I thought I would probably get my drain out tomorrow... then, my 2 year old fell in the pool (I was right there) and I jumped in after her! She is perfectly fine, but my stomach... not so much! My drain is now bright red compared to the very yellowish almost clear that it was for the last few days. Luckily I have a follow up appointment already set for tomorrow afternoon so I guess I will learn my fate then. I dislike (I have moved away from hate) my drain and now that I am back to work I find it very hard to hide. I am still very swollen through my stomach. My sides are not, so I look great from the front and 8 weeks pregnant from the side view :) Hopefully the swelling will go down soon. I read on someones post that they wake up skinny and go to sleep swollen. That is exactly how I feel. I guess that means we are both doing too much during the day, but all of you know that mommies don't slow down!

2 week post op- The drain is OUT! YAY... it felt...

2 week post op- The drain is OUT! YAY... it felt like a worm wiggling through my body when he removed it. Very gross and creepy, but it was quick and painless. I am still very swollen. He did some muscle repair and it kind of looks like I have a mini butt in front :) I hope it is just really swollen and that goes away or I'm going to be very upset. I'm sure it will be fine. I can't wait to wear normal clothes. I have had to wear very baggy clothes when I leave the house so that I can hide the drain. It kind of defeats the purpose of a tummy tuck :) I want to wear tighter clothes that show off my new body!

I am hoping that the swelling goes down soon! I...

I am hoping that the swelling goes down soon! I have a little bit of skin hanging over the incision. I am frustrated with that. I see pictures on here and others don't really have that problem. My PS told me that it would go down. I guess I am just being impatient, but it is a bit frustrating after the money spent to get rid of that problem in the first place!

I'm going to have to call the doctor first thing...

I'm going to have to call the doctor first thing in the morning. My scar is very red on both sides, but not in the middle. It started oozing out stuff. I think that I needed to leave my drain in a little longer. I feel very puffy above both sides of the scar, but not at all in the middle. Weird and frustrating.

I went to the doctor on Friday afternoon and...

I went to the doctor on Friday afternoon and luckily the problem was that the tape was blistering my skin. I did not have to have any fluids drained. I just have to change from the tape to bandaids. He told me that I don't have any excess fluid and not to worry about the swelling. Easier said than done, but he is the professional :) My stomach looks a lot better in the mornings. I am dying to work out again. I asked when I could start running again and it sounds like it's going to be a while. I can walk around the block, but that's it. I miss the gym and I really miss running.
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hello, how come i can only see the before pictures? Can you please post some after surgery pictures pleassee :)
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You will be running before you know it but this can't be rushed.  That little body needs to heal first.  

I was a bit like a caged animal waiting to run again.  My hubby offered to put a hamster wheel in the living room for me..Ha ha funny guy.

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That is probably just swelling and will go away.  Do you feel and look like you have a bicycle tire around your middle by the end of the day?

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I had mine taken out tonight and to my surprise it was very quick and painless!!! The road to recovery continues!!!
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The drain holes close up very quickly.  Mine were closed and had a scab within a day.  Just keep them clean and dry.

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OMG!! I was wondering what they were going to do with the drain site holes. Are they taped up or just left open?? When I went in on Monday I wasn't scared because I knew he was going to tell me that the drains needed to stay in, but today I know they are coming out so I am a bit freaked out. Glad to hear that yours didn't hurt!!
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I know... it was really scary! Poor thing! I felt so bad because she was so scared. I can't believe they don't close up the hole when they take the drain out, but they don't! It doesn't hurt, but it just feels weird having an open hole. My PS said not to worry. He said it will close on its own.
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OMG I can't believe you had to jump in the pool. That is really scary, I have a two year old too and I couldn't imagine the feeling of her in the pool by accident. I was freaking out watching my 4 year old in the pool and had to keep telling her to stay in the shallow end because i can't jump in and save her.

Okay so glad you got your drain out!! I'm getting both of mine out tomorrow night. I can't wait!! Does it hurt at all where your drain was??
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Well... the beach trip was minus a bikini :) I stayed covered up. I went to the doctor today and I'm stuck with the drain until Tuesday. @Jessica- I am really happy with the mini because of the scar. It is really short (about the size of a c-section scar). I didn't have very many stretch marks either, but keep in mind when they pull the skin tight the light ones show up more. I didn't really realize that until after surgery. I also didn't grasp how they did the surgery. I must of just thought they cut a bunch of skin off and they didn't. Overall, I am happy with my decision. I will post an after pic today so you can see the scar size and stretch marks.
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How did you go to the beach with a drain? I have not left my house yet besides my post-op appointment.
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hi, how are you doing?, do you wish you had done a full tummy tuck instead of a mini TT? I have some strechmarks but not bad at all, my doctor told me i could do either but with the full all my strechmarks would be gone but i am so scared of the pain and the scar.
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Just checking in on you!! Love reading your updates. I have my first post op appointment today.
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thanks Kimmers... how long does the swelling last? I am so swollen :( I don't even want to look at my stomach because I don't want to be discouraged.
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The swelling is different  for everyone but generally 3-6 months.  You are very early in the process so please don't worry.  When you get to the two week mark you will feel like you turned a corner in a good way. 

Rest as much as you can, take your meds, drink plenty of water, stay away from sodium and kick those feet up when you feel the swelling coming on.  That is your body's way of telling you to relax. 

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Hang in there and the drains will be out soon enough.

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Mine is Wednesday and now I am actually having a full TT. I actually scheduled my original mini TT in June for August 4th. Last week I called to see if they had any openings and they could get me in on the 13th. So it came upon me very quickly. We are cruising with the kids to the western caribbean in Nov. Can't wait to see how you are doing tomorrow.
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Thanks! Yours is Wednesday right?? How long ago did you schedule it? My c-section scars are really light and so low that you can't notice them. I am hoping this scar is that way as well. My husband is very supportive too which is nice. He doesn't think I need it, but when it is your body you see every little flaw. I will try to update tomorrow to let you know what to expect!!! Where are you going on your cruise? We are going with some work friends to Mexico. I can't wait to be bikini ready.
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Good Luck tomorrow, let us know how it goes!!!
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good luck tomorrow! It really wasn't that bad! Keep me posted!
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I posted my story last night but it is awaiting approval to get posted!! I had a sleepless night last night thinking about it. Right now the thoughts going through my head are that I'm being selfish. I have a four and a two year old and I'm wondering when the next time I will be able to hold both of them will be. I'm also super freaked out about the scar...I had vaginal deliveries for both my kids. I know I am the only one that will see it, besides my husband (who is very supportive by the way. But I can't help but to wonder if I am "tatooing" my body. And I just read your last post...We are going on a cruise in mid-Novemeber!!!
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Oh no... don't have second thoughts! I went through that a little too, but I think it's just nerves. I have seen some good jobs and some not so good jobs on this site and it did make me a little nervous. I kept thinking that the full might be better!
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I'm having a mini TT done on the 13th. I just found this site and have been reading a lot and lets just say I am totally having second thoughts. I'll post my story and pics later.
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Thank you for sharing your story.  Oh yes the dreaded hanging tummy!   They definitely won't go away with exercise.  It's wonderful you are doing this for yourself. 

Keep posting and keep us up to date on your journey.  We will all be here to cheer you on through this process.

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