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I am 46 years old and have two teenage sons, age...

I am 46 years old and have two teenage sons, age 17 and 19. I feel very fortunate that I have never had to struggle with my weight or had a problem with stretch marks. However, a couple of years ago, I noticed my body changing and no matter how thin I got or how much I exercised, I could not get rid of my stomach.

I started looking into cosmetic surgery and was hoping to be a candidate for a mini tummy tuck. I also wanted local anethesia. I found this website and everyone seemed to be recommending a full tummy tuck so I wasn't sure. I got in to see a highly recommended plastic surgeon from my area in April. He recommended a mini tummy tuck with Lipo. It will be done under general anethesia also, which makes me a little nervous.

My surgery is scheduled for July 25th. I am excited but equally apprehensive. Is there any one else out there scheduled for a Tummy Tuck around this time that would like to share stories?

My experience with Dr. Payne and his staff has...

My experience with Dr. Payne and his staff has been a truly great one. Dr. Payne is a very knowledgable, caring doctor. He genuinely listens to his patients and is quick to respond to any need or concern you may be having. Dr. Payne has an excellent bedside manner. His staff are all professional, caring individuals like himself. I would highly recommend Dr. Payne to anyone who is considering having any type of cosmetic surgery.

I had my surgery this past Monday, July 25th! I...

I had my surgery this past Monday, July 25th! I can't believe I did it! I was very excited but also quite nervous about being put under. The first thing I remember is waking up in recovery and looking at the clock. It was over! My husband was there and I was going home. I've spent the last few days resting and taking my medication religiously. I haven't seen my incision yet but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow a.m. I'm sure I'll see it then and also find out from the doctor how I am healing. I do have a tremendous amount of bruising from the lipo but what's hurting me the most is my back. I'll try to post some before and after pictures soon.

I saw my new tummy for the first time today and...

I saw my new tummy for the first time today and absolutely love the results. The scar couldn't be any lower. There is still some swelling and I am badly bruised but, taking all that into consideration, I am happy, happy, happy! I get the drain out on Monday and am so much more comfortable to be in a binder today. Pictures soon.

Better today. Counting the minutes until my...

Better today. Counting the minutes until my doctors appointment tomorrow. Should be getting my drain out. Very excited about that. Looking forward to putting on somewhat normal clothes again and getting outside in the sunshine.

My doctor's visit went well yesterday but I do...

My doctor's visit went well yesterday but I do have to wait until Thursday to get my drain out. : ( Disappointing but it definitely beats the alternative they gave me if the fluid continued to build up. I was at 50 ml within a twenty-four hour period and I need to be below 30. But everything is healing great. I'm rarely taking pain meds, even tylenol any longer. I am so happy with the results!!! My stomach looks great!!! Just getting a little stir crazy now. I've read all the magazines I had saved up and have watched all the programs I had taped. Back to work on Monday though so am definitely going to take it easy until then.
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Updated on 28 Jul 2011:Dr. Payne has a superior bedside manner. He genuinely cares for each of his patients individually. I felt confident with Dr. Payne. I felt confident in his abilities. His office is there for their clients. Dr. Payne and his staff are true professionals.

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Finally got my drain out today!!!! I feel wonderful! Yippee! Freedom.
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So glad to hear that!!!!   Phase one down and onto living again without your little buddies hanging on your side.

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Thank you! Unfortunately, I have to wait until Thursday to get my drain out. But it's only a couple of days away and the doctor knows best. lol Have a good day! Thanks again!
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Thank you for your encouragement! I am feeling better everyday. I'm only taking tylenol now and am anxious to see my doctor tomorrow afternoon. If all is well, I should be getting my drain out. I am very excited about that!!! Please keep in touch.
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I will be hoping for that then:)  You will feel good with the drains out.

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Would love to see those pictures:)

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good luck tomorrow! I had a mini with lipo on July 12th. Recovery was actually pretty easy. Very minimal pain. The most pain was from the lipo! Keep us posted!
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I agree! I think most of my pain is from the lipo also. I am very bruised and sore but feeling better and stronger everyday. Big day tomorrow! Getting my drain out. Yippee!
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Tomorrow is your big day:)

I will be thinking about you and sending happy thoughts your way.

Update us as soon as you are feeling up to it.

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Good Luck! I am scheduled for July 12th. Mini tummy tuck with lipo and no muscle repair. I was so happy to find out that all I needed was the mini. I'm only nervous about the IV and going under :) Can't wait for my bikini body!
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I am so happy for you!! I just had a mini tummy tuck this past Monday and am on day 6 po. Recovery has been going really well, this is without any pain medication. (Don't get me wrong, I would have totally taken the pain killers, but I just have a bad reaction to them.) So after day 2, pain was relatively minimal. I had other cosmetic procedures done this time around, as well. My doctor was just amazing!! I too, was scared of going under (must be being a mommy thing) but in actuality that was the easiest/best part of the surgery. Well if you haven't already done so. Buy larger sized granny undies so that the elastic wont make an indentation on your skin over the binder. Good luck!! Would love to hear your updates.
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Welcome to RealSelf! 

Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.  I look forward to reading your posts and following your recovery.

The anesthesia is totally monitored and a safe environment so you will be just fine.  It is normal to have fears about this though.  Most people list this as their #1 fear with surgery.

Keep us up to date on your journey.

Here is a link to a good forum where people are sharing their fears and stories for support.  Check it out.

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Thank you very much for your encouraging e-mail. I will check out the link you sent also. Thanks again.
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