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Hi I am a bit confused as I'm reading all the...

I am a bit confused as I'm reading all the raving reviews for Dr.Joseph.
You see, the great majority of the reviewers only have one single review posted, which happens to be about Dr. Joseph, and almost all are 5 star....
I'm just concerned about the authenticity of the reviews. Why only one? It just seems like they are asked by the Dr. or his office, to leave reviews here?
Thank you for clarification!


Hi Dr Joseph, I have a deep forceps mark on my left cheek (depression) such that my right cheek looks more full than my left, I believe Silkon will help greatly. However, even with all the rave reviews about the product, I have my concerns. What if permanent lumps and bumps start to occur tens years later under thinner, aging skin? Thanks
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If you like, feel free to email your photo, along with another description of your concerns, and I'll be happy to share my thoughts on silicone facial injections for asymmetry with you. Hope this will be helpful for you.
Yes, thank you doctor Joseph for your response & highlighting the risk factor associated with Silikon 1000, should the patient require a surgical rhinoplasty later on.
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