Having Lipo on Waist, Back and Sides W a Butt Lift in 5 Days - Tijuana, Mexico

So nervous. I have wanted this for so long but Im...

So nervous. I have wanted this for so long but Im scared. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? I have been reading the blogs but am trying to get some personal advice to ease my anxiety. :)

So I had my procedure. I can already tell a...

So I had my procedure. I can already tell a difference and I am still very swollen and sore. The procedure itself went really well. The doctor removed 3 liters of fat! I didn't even know I had that much to remove. He also removed 11 moles on my back and injected 500cc's into each butt cheek. I was hoping for around 800 cc's, but I did already have a little cusion to begin with so hopefully the 500 per cheek will be enough.

The procedure took a little over 3 hours. I slept 5 hours after. My surgery was at 7am and I didn't leave the clinic until 5pm.

I am very sore today. I have been reading a lot of reviews and many people say not to site or lay on your bottom if you want the fat cells to survive. So i have only been sitting and laying on my side. The compression garment is vital to recovery but so uncomfortable. I had to have my aunt help me put it on. I also had to have her help taking a shower because I couldn't bath myself.

The good news is for the first time in my life I have no love handles and no tummy. The doctor took out a lot of fat and I am already pleased with the results. The only thing I am concerned about is only having 500cc in each butt cheek, when I was initially hoping for 800-1000. We shall see how the results turn out.

I am not posting pictures yet, because I am so swollen and leaking. I will post them next week as the swelling goes down. Thanks everyone for the advice and kind words. I am already lovin my new self. I wish I could speed up time to see the results!!!!

Okay, so some people have been asking for pictures...

Okay, so some people have been asking for pictures. I will go ahead and post some even though I am SO swollen. The weird thing is that I am not bruising too much. Is this normal? I heard by the fourth day you have a ton of bruises. So far I don't have many at all.

Again, I also got 12 moles removed so I have a bunch of bandaids on. My garment is in the wash which is why I am not wearing it here. I wash it every couple days on "speed wash" because apparently you must wear it religiousIy for the first month. I can already tell I have a flatter stomach and flatter sides. Even with all the welling. I can't wait to see the results in a month!!!

The swelling is finally going down. I had hardly...

The swelling is finally going down. I had hardly any bruising at all. I am starting to be able to see my shape, and it's looking pretty good. I still wish he would have doubled the amount of cc he put into my butt. I have a nice bootie but I wanted a BIG one. Anyways, the latest pics are me, 2 weeks post op.
Dr. Luis Saurez

Very nice man. Very professional and respectable. Still wondering why he didn't give me the desired CC amount. Hoping I wont have to go back for another procedure because of it.

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Im sure you wont mind me saying that your bum looks great!! Well done!
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Your butt looks good!!!
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Werw did u do it in mexico tj or tijuana mx
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Hello ladies just a fyi! I have been doing research on # procedures tt ba and the fat transfer and the TJ is where I settled from Drs are 15 min from San diego border and I am from Cali and I know you are spread out from me but my Cuzzo just go ther bootie done 2300.. and nj looks like she was born with it and its amazeing! my profile has dr.s name on it!
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Ok, im start callin next week. Thank u honey!
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Over the phone. gary b. will be able to answer alot of your questins
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How do the consultation process goes if your out of state?
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Im paying 5,500 and traveling to DR. Im getting lipo as well but thats all
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Like a year now, ive some research, my next step is to.narrow down to like 4 surgeons & research them, i actually wanna see how yours go, since your ahead of me, lol... Girl im willing to travel wherever, & dont didng no more than 5500-6000... im ready too hon, too thirsty!
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How long have you been wanting to do it??
Have you done alot of research??
How far are you willing to travel??
How much are you looking to spend???
I'm ready to have haters gurl!!! no sah but I can't wait until it's done!!!
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Im from chicago!! I kno I have to travel to get it done cuz its super expensive here & ppl b having bad reviews!
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hahaha love the BUTTIES!
I'm from Boston ma and yourself?
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Ikr, we should & yes im def unhappy wit it... Where u from, we can be BUTTIES, LOL
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@blaqdiamond, I will let you know! I'm not having it done until Nov. due to finances but more that I'm really nervous. If you have a chance check out the website and maybe we can go together hahaha.
If you are unhappy with your body, I do recommend you changing it if it will improve the way you feel and live.
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millz how much r u paying for the bbl? is that all your getting done? also where are you traviling to get it done?
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KIM794 I'm also having mine done in the Dominincan Republic. I've got quoted a price of $5,495. Dr Aljandro Hernandez charges $3800-4300 but that is not who I'm going to. I've been researching and I know that I def want it done in a hospital and not private clinic. I recommend you go to globalsurgerycenter.com for amazing packages. The have 2 locations, miami and the dominincan.
The price of $5,495 includes 2 day hospital stay. All the required fees for procedure, garmets, meds and a five night stay on a 5 star resort with 3 meals a day. Nurses on call and they say I wont have to lift a finger! They'll take care of me, help me do daily activities and transportation to and from the airport!
Super excited!!
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@millz let me know how everything turn out for honey pleaseee,, i def wanna get mines done asap
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i might do that for my tummy tuck!! i wonder how much they charge for that! and look at all that good treatment...damni wish i would have did a little more research because you are getting a really good deal
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hey, what areas are you having liposuction on and how much CC's did the Doctor say he would possibly add to your butt?Sounds like a good deal to me..
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You look so amazing I just love your whole body nicely shaped booty n your flat tummy.
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you look great doll......I love the look at 4 weeks
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Wow he gave you a small waist with a nice bottom he did a good job! Love your pics!
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He didn't put a lot of fat either,,the nurse said he put 220 cc only! And I am bigger than you and have more fat...I guess I will see thhe results in a few weeks....;(
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I'm getting a tummy tuck and bbl done in Dominican republic for thee quote of $4500 every thing included gown pain meds......Anastasia n girdle....plus the hotel and flight would be another 1000 or so!!ANYONE KNOWS WHERE I CAN GET IT DONE AT FOR A CHEAPER PRICE? ???
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Can anyone give me Dr Suarez number I need a quote of how much hell charge me for bbl- an maybe tummy tuck please help I'm desperate :( my bf might even kick me to the curve foe being fat
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