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Lipo on Abs, Flanks, & Bra Roll W/ Breast Implants - California

Hello everyone! Like so many of you, I have been...

Hello everyone! Like so many of you, I have been religiously researching and spending insane amounts of time on realself in preparation for my surgery. I'm probably on realself a combined minimum of 3 hrs a day reading of all your reviews and catching up on your journey updates! Ive gotten an enormous amount of insight and I feel like I know some of you so well already! Now it's time to shares story!
I'm 24 yrs old. Until the age of 20, I was always "skinny" with naturally DD boobs. During a bad relationship/ horrid breakup, I managed to gain nearly 50 lbs! I eventually decided to make a change and lose weight. With diligent dieting and exercise, I've lost 45 lbs but have been left with stubborn fat in my midsection that will not go away no matter how hard I work!
I had my breast aug/ lipo this past Tuesday. It's time to have the body I've worked so hArd for (even if I have to buy it lol).
Any suggestions from anyone else who's had the same combo of procedures? I'll also be setting up another profile for my breast implant journey.
Thanks in advance! Pictures to follow shortly!

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Day 1 post op pics

Here are pics from the day after surgery. Extremely swollen and bloated but still noticing an improvement in shape!


Did u acctually pay $1,500 or was it more ? U look great
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Hi Kgcherry. Thanks! $1500 is what I paid for the lipo areas. Since I was got my breast implants done at the same time, I saved on facility and anesthesia fees. If I would've got the lipo done seperately, it would've been $4000. My breasts were $5100, lipo was $1500 for all 3 areas. My total cost was $6600. Sorry if that was a bit confusing!
I can see the swelling but the good results are also showing. U will look great when the swelling is done. Good luck.
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Feeling bigger than ever!!!

Today makes 1 week since my surgery and my swelling is insane! I know it's part of the recovery and it was expected, but it's still really discouraging! I picked up some high potency bromelain today and more arnica so I'm hoping it will help some. Although my shape is improved, I look bigger than before surgery and nothing fits! As for pain, I'm just really tender throughout the midsection but it's tolerable. I'm just extremely tired and need a couple power naps throughout the day. I've also been massaging the areas. My 2 week post op appt is next Tuesday so I'm hoping he can tell me how much of my fat is actually fat and how much is fluid.
Tomorrow is my first day back to work and I'm thinking I should be fine aside from falling asleep every 5 min! I hope all is well with everyone!!! Here are some pics from this morning!


Looking great girl!!
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Sometimes we go backwards before we go forward. It's normal to swell and be bigger than before,it will subside. Stay calm,patient and positive. Hang in there :)
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Hi bella besos. My sister had the same combo of procedures a few years back and she told me from the start that things would get worse before they got better. With her input and everything I've learned on realself, I know I just have to be patient and aim for improvement not perfection. I'm gonna just hold off on shopping, be easy on myself, and live diligently healthy throughout this recovery process. Thanks for all your comments and advice!
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