Laser Hair Removal - Arms and Underarms

I have had 7 treatments on my arms and underarms....

I have had 7 treatments on my arms and underarms. The progress was absolutely wonderful tons of hair was gone. And then 2 months after the last treatment almost all the hair came back. This is one thing that I was never made aware of.

Yes you can go back and get more treatments, but how do I know if it is going to work this time. Plus how much money am I willing to spend when they told me that for sure after the 5th treatment almost all the hair will be gone. I was never told that it might all come back. If I knew all of this when I started I would have not even paid that much.

The way that this particular machine felt wasn't unbearable, but it was like getting snapped with a rubber band on a sun burn. This other machine that they used Eliose ( I think I spelled that wrong) that one was extremely painful on my underarms I couldn't handle that machine at all.

I would like to know if the hair grew back just as thick as before you started or is it thinner than before.
Hello 3404Anon. We're curious because we have always gotten great results with the Lightsheer. Was this a newer model of Lightsheer (The Duet?) and is it possible to find out what settings were used for you. We are very confident that given your skin and hair in the pictures that permanent laser hair removal is possible for you and we are guessing that either the "painless hair removal" on the Lightsheer Duet was used or else if the traditional Lightsheer was used that the nurse or physician was not achieving high enough fluences (energy)

Here is a link from our Q&A of best products for the long term from one of our doctors. Hope it helps. Thanks for posting and a BIG thanks for so many great pictures!


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I have known other people who have had the same treatment elsewhere and had great overall outcome.

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