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It all started with me having a little gap between...

It all started with me having a little gap between my front teeth that I wanted fixed because food gets stuck in there. It's a pretty small gap ...big enough to put a piece of paper between it (useful when I didn't have floss).

My dentist told me he could fill in the gap but it would require him shaving my front teeth, which I didn't like the thought of. So I decided to do Invisalign instead, and I figured if I'm gonna do my top teeth I might as well fix the crowding in my bottom teeth too...I should have just worn my retainers when I was young!

For the first appt they took pictures of me smiling and with my mouth closed and profile, and then they took pics of my teeth. Then they took impressions and I payed my bill. After that it took six weeks for the trays to arrive. They added 5 buttons to my teeth - 4 on the top and 1 on the bottom. I kind of look like a vampire.

I have no pain and this feels like I have whitening trays in. I have a little lisp but I've only had these one for a few hours so that will hopefully go away once I get used to them.

I only need 7 trays @ 2 weeks per tray, so I guess this breaks down to $1000/mo.

A few years ago I almost got old school metal braces for $4200 to fix the gap and crowding in my lower teeth, and it was like 10-12 months of treatment. So if this works then it's totally worth it.Updated on 8 Dec 2011:I put in tray #2 last night because my dentist recommended I put them in at night so I sleep through any pain. These trays were a lot tighter, so I guess the first set really are "training" trays.

This morning I have no pain, they're just very tight. They are still pretty easy to take out and put in thought since I learned the best way to do it on my "training" trays. This morning I see my gap is closed a good amount and floss gives a little resistance which is good.

My first trays would get cloudy and get an odor, so I brushed them with warm water and stuck them in water with denture cleaner a few times. I also rinsed them and quickly brushed them whenever I took them out. I can't say people didn't notice my invisalign because they don't tell me things they do notice (like something on my nose or in my teeth).

I must admit, after about a week I wanted to take them out and switch to new trays since I felt nothing, but then I learned they need to stay in for a full 2 weeks because the bone needs to heal around the newly moved teeth. Now it all makes sense.Updated on 22 Dec 2011:I have just started my third trays. I put them in last night and slept through any pain, if there was any. My mouth isn't sore, it just feels like pressure.

I am going to ask to see my clincheck when I see my dentist in Jan because I have NO idea what's going on! When I brush my bottom back teeth they feel sore, I'm guessing the aligners are pushing them backwards to remove the crowding.

My 2 front teeth are weird now..instead of the gap being fully closed, it's now in a V. It's kind of unnerving but I still have 4 trays left and of course when my aligners are in you can't see the gap. My bite feels different, so I know it's working. I'm afraid of receding gums, so I'm going to talk to my dentist about that too.

So yea, I'm just truckin along. My camera is taking blurry pictures so I can't post any yet.

Thanks for posting pictures!! It will be so fun to watch as your teeth shift into position!

In the 2nd picture, is that how your teeth come together currently, or were you biting like that so we could see all of your teeth?


They're definitely real. Well I paid $3500 for 7 trays and the first one was just for training, so I basically paid $500 for those things! I wasn't told my first trays weren't really gonna do anything. They did do a tiny bit though on my bottom teeth.. I think. Now I think they are doing their job, but my back teeth are sore too which seems weird.


Oh, ok, I see what you are saying about them costing you $500.

Sorry to hear your back teeth are sore, not too fun for eating I'm sure. Even if no major movement is planned for them more than likely everything will shift around a little bit as your front teeth are straightened, so I wouldn't be too worried about it. :)


I started my fourth trays. When I went into the...

I started my fourth trays. When I went into the dentist they showed me my clincheck, and my teeth will definitely look different at the end of my treatment. It looked like my top teeth were getting higher but I guess that's because my bite is going to change once and the rotating and movement is finished. I guess I had an overbite but I thought that was already fixed the first time I had braces.

My teeth are already noticeably different, but there's still a little gap it the top part of my 2 front teeth, and one of my bottom teeth is still rotated.

I talked to the dental assistant about retainers and she said I have to pay and extra $400 for 4 invisalign retainers which last 6-8 months each. I didn't know that. Also, I'm seeing a dentist and not an ortho, so I don't know how I would get the normal retainer that lasts much longer. They tried to make me feel better by telling me I would probably only need them for a year, but I've read on here that you have to wear your retainer for the rest of your life.
I was biting like that so you could see all of my teeth. I'll try to find a good pic of my smile before invisalign. Maybe I could ask my dentist.

I started tray 6 of 7 last night and I still have...

I started tray 6 of 7 last night and I still have a little gap in between my front teeth toward the roots. If the 7th tray doesn't get rid of it I'm going to be pretty upset since that's the reason I decided to do invasalign.

My bite is definitely different and my bottom teeth are almost completely straight. At my last appointment, my dentist's assistant said there needs to be spacing so my teeth can rotate and then the last tray pushes them all together again. I hope that's true because I don't know what I'm going to do if there's still a gap there. I got invisalign express.
Hi I'm an orthodontist, hope it's OK to jump in here. It's very interesting to see what the patients are really thinking about their teeth and their treatment. About the little space, ask your doctor about moving the roots of the two front teeth together a little more, there are new root moving attachments out now that may do the trick for you.

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Glad to hear an update from you! I really hope that gap closes for you. Did your dentist or the assistant mention if refinement trays are a possibility with the Express treatment? It seems a lot of people need a set or two of refinements after regular treatment, but I'm not sure if its the same with Express or not.


So I started tray 7 of 7 a couple nights ago, and...

So I started tray 7 of 7 a couple nights ago, and I still have the small gap towards the roots of my 2 front teeth. When I got my last trays I also got an exam and cleaning, and I showed my dentist the gap. He looked really bummed out and actually asked if it bothered me! What kind of question is that? I told him yes I don't like it. He said the gap is there because of the shape of my teeth. I don't care, I got invisalign to make it go away and if that wasn't possible I wouldn't have gotten it. I got invisalign express but he did talk about extra tray(s). He's really bummed because of the money aspect and I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to charge me for extra trays. So yea, my bottom teeth are almost perfect and my bite is completely different, but my only real concern is and has been the gap between my 2 front teeth. We'll see what happens at my next visit in 2 weeks.
I believe invisalign express does not include refinement trays, but I only got 7 trays total so I don't see why he couldn't give me more.

I went to a dentist instead of an orthodontist, which may have been a mistake but I'm not sure yet. At my appt a few days ago he said the roots would need to be moved together which is hard, but he didn't say anything about root moving attachments so I'm guessing he doesn't know about them.

I contacted them the day after my appointment telling them I was concerned and what he thinks I should do next, but I haven't gotten a response. They probably think I'm too high maintenance or they just don't know what to do anymore!

Well, I'm glad you are asking questions and checking into things. I will be very interested to hear what direction your treatment takes from here - please keep us updated!


Thanks so much for posting an update. I'm sorry to hear the little gap is still there. :( I hope you & your dentist are able to come to a good agreement on how to address it. Please keep us posted on how things go!


I finished my last trays and saw my dentist...

I finished my last trays and saw my dentist yesterday. My back teeth aren't touching but he said that is because I'm wearing the aligners all the time and they will touch again eventually. I told him I still have the tiny gap between my 2 front teeth and he tried rally hard to convince me not to get more trays.

He said he can't tell unless he's up close..and it's looks so much better now he really can't tell..he can't see the gap on the clincheck and such. Then he wanted to put a filler in my gums to fill the gap, but the gap goes down to like half of my tooth so that would look really weird, and I got the invisalign to close the gap. He said it would probably be another 5 trays (which may have been an attempt to deter me) and it will take 5 weeks to get them back. I told him that's fine and they took new impressions and pictures of my teeth.

So now I'm wearing my last set of trays for 5 more weeks. It was a bummer that I had to stand firm on the fact I want the gap completely closed. Fortunately, I went in there knowing he wouldn't want to continue the treatment so I knew I was ready! Back when I had traditional braces they were able to completely close the gap, so I know it's possible.

Yeah, there will probably be a settling period once you switch to only wearing your retainers at night, but eventually the teeth will go back together. I can definitely understand why that would be a concern though!

Glad to hear you have such a good attitude about wearing your current trays for 7 weeks. Keep us posted on what your new trays are like & how you are doing with them! :)

He said I probably will get more/new attachments. I bet they will be on my 2 front teeth and be very obvious! I really don't mind having these trays in for 7 weeks while I wait for the next ones because I know the bone is healing while my teeth are in this position, and this is much better than the position they were in before. I just hope my back teeth touch again when I'm done with my treatment and there isn't plastic between them all the time.

Good to hear an update from you. Well done on standing firm to get the gap closed. If that was one of your main concerns to begin with it certainly seems it would be worth the extra 5 trays to achieve it.

Do you have to get any additional attachments for the next set of trays?


Today was finally my appointment to get my...

Today was finally my appointment to get my refinement trays. There were 3 new trays for my top teeth and I have to keep wearing my last tray for my bottom teeth. They didn't add or remove any attachments, so the appointment literally took 2 minutes. The first new tray is tight, so I know something is happening. He seemed happy about the new trays which means my treatment is almost over!

I didn't have to pay anything additional even though this is invisalign express, so that's nice.
Is it normal protocol for your orthodontist to take your bumpers off when you still have 3 trays left?

By bumpers are you referring to the buttons/attachments (little bumps) that are cemented to your teeth? If so, if they have served their purpose & the movement they were placed for has been accomplished I wouldn't see it doing any harm, but it seems most leave them on till the very end.

Since this issue wasn't corrected initially, my dentist and I both thought I would need new buttons to move the roots of my 2 front teeth. But apparently the gap can be completely closed with the buttons I currently have, so my appt that was scheduled for an hour took 2 minutes. He also left the button on my bottom tooth even though I don't need any more trays for my bottom teeth.

I'm on my 2nd refinement tray, so I just have 1...

I'm on my 2nd refinement tray, so I just have 1 more left! These trays have not been painful at all after I put them in. They are tight the 1st night but that's it. I'm guessing it's because it's the root that's slowly moving. The gap looks much better, but there's still a tiny (literally barely there) gap. I'm sure it will be closed on the next tray, or close enough. SO I will finally change my rating from Undecided to Worth It.
I work for Invisalign and it's so nice to see such beauitful results! :)

I'm on my last tray and everything looks good. My...

I'm on my last tray and everything looks good. My front 2 teeth are not flush against each other, but I think they are as close as they are ever gonna get. This last tray was really tight for like 3 days. My next appointment is later this week and I'm hoping they will remove the buttons and I can take a picture of my final results. I'm glad it's almost over!!

Oh my goodness LoveCA, you are almost done?!!! :D Make sure to let us know what goes on at that next appointment!


I'm so happy to hear the results you are seeing now are much more to your standards than before, I'm happy to hear that you were firm with how you wanted your teeth to look, after all, it's your treatment, and your money.

I really want to see your final result photo. Looking forward to it. 


Well I had my appointment today and it was...

Well I had my appointment today and it was interesting. Since my back teeth aren't touching he cut the trays so they are only attached to my front teeth. This should allow my back teeth go back to normal. He was going to take off my buttons but he decided to take this route for 2 weeks before he takes them off. This morning when I was brushing my teeth my back teeth were sensitive, so I think they are moving already. Then I'm gonna get invisalign retainers, but I'm a little confused on how long it's gonna take to get those and how long I will actually have to wear my current partial trays.
It feels OK. He cut them at the places that go into my teeth, so I only feel the edges if I try to with my tongue. For some reason they seem more flimsy now so I called my dentist today and asked when I can get retainers. They said they would call me back but they never did...they are getting good at that!

Judging from your update, ounds like you are almost there! Do the edges of the tray feel weird since they were cut down to partials, or does it feel ok?


So I had my dentist appt to get my buttons removed...

So I had my dentist appt to get my buttons removed a few days ago. The back teeth on my left side have gone back down but the right side still isn't down all the way. Since my back teeth are not fully together yet he wants me to discontinue wearing my trays during the day and only wear them at night..I'm not sure how long he wants me to do that.

He said that my front teeth were hitting too hard when I bite down, so he gave me the option of wearing my partial trays for longer and see if that fixes it or shaving the back of my top 2 front teeth a little to solve the issue. I opted for the teeth shaving, and my bite felt more comfortable after he did it. He also removed my buttons - yay!

When I got there I asked if they ordered my retainers yet and they said they hadn't yet because they were going to take impressions first and send them to invisalign. I wasn't fond of this answer because my partial trays are flimsy and I feel like my teeth have shifted. So I voiced my concern and he decided not to do impressions and just have invisalign make my retainers based on my last set of trays. He said it would be 7-10 business days for them to get them so I'm going back in 2 weeks.

Since I'm not wearing my trays during the day, when I put them in at night my lower tray is TIGHT! Also I was just trying to take pictures of my teeth and it looked liked a bottom tooth was already shifted a little. But since the retainer I'm getting is duplicating my last tray I'm not worried.

Good for you for voicing your concern about going too long without retainers, or risking having some shifting if the trimmed down trays aren't holding your teeth in place. If the trays are feeling really tight at night, it might not be a bad idea to wear them a few extra hours when you are awake. Might want to run that by your doctor & see what he says.

Glad you are almost done - that is awesome!!


I finally got my invisalign retainers a few days...

I finally got my invisalign retainers a few days ago and I didn't have to pay for it which was pretty cool. When I put them in they were TIGHT! But that's what I expected since before I only had partial trays which were flimsy and I only wore them at night. He wants me to only wear my retainers at night too, but since they are so tight I am wearing them day and night until they fit comfortably. My bottom teeth actually seem even straighter since these are more rigid than regular trays. SO I'm all done now, it went by fast, and it was worth it!

P.S. I'm trying to take clear pics of my teeth.
Hi guys. I want to do this, but I would like to know how much time it takes to take them off and put them on again. Is it such a hassle? Thanks x wipz

Hello, I'm thinking about invisalign. I'm married and have three kids. My parents say I won't go through with the entire treatment because it's painful and a hassle, always having to take them out prior to eating. My younger sister bailed in the middle of the treatment. They say that getting braces forces you to have them on; so invisalign will require alot of self-dicipline. I already have a handful with three boys (and a husband!). Any suggestions?


All done?! Woohoo!! I'm on my phone, so I can see the pictures, but can't wait to see them!! 

I think you are making a good call wearing the trays full time until they fit completely. Glad you are loving the way they look! :)


It's been almost a year and I'm still wearing my...

It's been almost a year and I'm still wearing my retainer at night. I haven't had to buy a new one yet so I'm guessing they last a while. When I put them in at night I feel a little pressure from my bottom tray. I guess my bottom teeth really want to "relapse". But I know from previous experience how important it is to wear your retainer!
I have a similar issue, just a little crowding. The orthodontist said my teeth look "great" and my Invisalign would just be cosmetic. I'm going to get the express version. I knew nothing about these "buttons" until coming onto this site. This scares me, as the main reason I wanted invisalign was to straighten my teeth without people noticing. I understand it will be slightly noticeable, which is quite understandable. I just am scared as I'm only 28 and have a very active social life. I don't want to go out and have people staring at my teeth wondering what's on them. Do you have any insight on how noticeable the buttons are? This is my only fear right now. Your teeth look great! You're inspiring me to go through with it...
Your teeth look amazing. They really are beautiful. It's definitely worth bearing with the retainers to keep them like that. Well done!
About 3 seconds..maybe a little longer when they are tight. In that case I'd say 6 seconds :)
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