GAINED 25 Lbs After Liposuctions - California

Right after liposuction I STARTED GAINING WEIGHT...

Right after liposuction I STARTED GAINING WEIGHT until I reached 25 lbs over my regular weight.

The amount of liposuction that it was taken from me was more than I went in for but the doctor recommended that I would look better if I did a couple of more areas.

I had done my outer thighs, my inner thighs, my knees, and my buttocks. A good amount of fat was taken out.

A few days later I started noticing that my clothes were not fitting right, they were fitting smaller and smaller everyday !!!

NOW I HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT. The weight won't get down, I've even tried going without much eating. Now I eat healthier and more normal since I started feeling weak.

I think what affected me was the fact that I had significant amount taken.



Doctors say my weight gain has nothing to do with liposuction but they are wrong, it is because of liposuction, I know that for a fact!!!

I share my story for others to be careful on how much fat is taken out. Good luck !

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I think my doctor did a good job as far as evenness and staff. I DON'T KNOW IF DOCTORS REALLY KNOW ABOUT THIS PROBLEM, I don't think it happens to everyone but I know IT HAPPENED TO ME AND SOME OTHER ONES AND IT'S EXTREMELY DEPRESSING ESPECIALLY FOR ME THAT I GAINED 25 LBS AND CAN'T LOOSE THEM !!!

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It's ll so frustrating, and thank you for trying to warn others. The problem is that people aren't performing surgery on themselves, so they can't control what the surgeon does. I went to a multi board certified surgeon, and liposuction was supposed to be a tiny, little add on to another surgery. I was as fit as I could be. I Did not ask for or agree to what was done to me. I stressed and reiterated the fact that whatever was done should be as conservative as possible. I was unconscious under anesthesia while the so called surgical expert suctioned away at my poor body. There is no way for me to heal. Meanwhile I see all of these people saying that the want to get aggressive liposuction. Why are doctors - any doctors doing this to people? At the very least, a doctor could educate people about the true nature of fat, eating. Longterm balanced (not fad) diet, and exercising: strength training, aerobic, and stretching. I understand that it doesn't pay them as well, but these are people's bodies and lives for goodness sakes! How are you doing now? Is your weight at a good place? Do you feel healthy?
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Patient_Awareness... It's sad to report that after many years of struggle with my weight I'm still not able to lose significant. Today I'm still fighting those 25 lbs that now reside mostly in my upper body including my face. I still can't get rid of them. I've been able to lose 15 lbs but the work or exercise that I have to put in is great and I can't still enjoy the foods I used to and the amount I used to eat even though they were still healthy. I still have to have to watch what I eat and the amount I eat. Life is NOT as it used to be. It's really easy to blow up on my upper body (arms, breasts, face, tummy, back) when I don't watch what I eat and exercise, meaning, when I want to eat normal, the amount normal people eat when they seat at the table. About a year and a half ago I went in for another (small) lipo on my breasts, arms and tummy they were very disproportioned and it really bugged me. My arms would not fit into the sleeves, I had to always cut a little of the cuff out so my arms would fit in the sleeve. My breasts went from A to large C, I was very depressed. My tummy looked like I was 5 months pregnant. After this lipo, at least my arms fit in the sleeves now and my breasts went from size C to B. My tummy is not perfect but it doesn't look like I am 5 months pregnant anymore. The downside now is that my back got bigger, my face fatter, and other parts of my body got somewhat bigger too. The doctor that performed the lipo on me this last time listened to me quietly when I explained what had happened to me with my fist lipo. He then agreed with me not to take so much and that's what I liked about him, he did listen to me. Physically I feel healthy because I've always taken care of my body and tried to eat healthy especially now days after lipo. But Emotionally not so good. All of this has taken a big toll on me, I can't look in the mirror without feeling fat and discouraged. Although I try to make the best of it and live as positive as I can, deep inside it does bother me a lot. It has changed my life in ways I would've never imagined, for the worse. That's why I chose to tell my story so others may be careful when choosing the amount to be taken off and tell them what doctors WONT tell you. I'm sorry this happened to you. Although my surgeon did tell me the amount she was going to take out, she never mentioned the consequences of it, actually, I'm not sure if she even knew the consequences. The only thing she said was "don't gain weight" and then I thought, that is not a problem for me because for the most part of my life I never had a problem with weight gain. If I only knew what was going to happen to me.... I'm not sure why, I don't know whether doctors know the real truth about weight gain after lipo but I think a lot has to do with money, you know, they've already invested on education and they have to make the money now somehow. I know I have to live like this for the rest of my life and I will try to make the best of it but it still hurts to think about it. I'm trying to make the best of it and focus on the good things about me not the bad things that happened to me and that I have to deal with. I have a great support group which is my family and that's really comforting. I wish you the best and hope that you may find a way to cope with all these and find comfort. Good luck to you.
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One hertbreaking story after another. Thank you for reponding, and I'm sorry. Just to be clear, I was as fit as could be. I was a lifelong hiker, I did P90X, yoga, etc. I ate the healthest diet I could. I went in for needed breast reduction. That was IT for my life. I peronally don't think that any amount of lioosuction is healthy or safe because bothbof the biology of fat, and because of the inherent danger of sticking vacuum cannulas into human bodies. Ludicrious!
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you are not alone. That same thing happened to me. I went in at 121 and about 3 days later was 124 all of this 'new' weight immediately accumulated on my stomach and lower back. I had hips, outer thigh, banana roll and knees. I used to be able to eat. I returned to get the fat taken from abdomen to help even out the divots in my legs and only some of the fat survived. all through this I watch weight creep up eating less and less. Guess where all of the fat goes??? upper arms, breasts, and back. I got to 140lb right after that surgery and couldn't take the weight off. No one would believe what was happening. I had to do something so now I live on a protein diet only. eggs in the morning, roast beef rolled into cheese for lunch and piece of chicken or steak in a salad for dinner. that is my life and only thing that has helped me stabilize and get down to 130. The minute i try to have a normal sandwich and maybe a yogurt.. The weight gain starts. I have surrendered. Surrendered to the fact that i have to live with cobblestoned appearance legs, a divoted tummy with loose skin and rolls on my back that I never ever had and that people don't have. and now, that I can't even enjoy foods that I used to. I wish there was more 'real' info out there about the devastating consequences of liposuction/smartlipo, etc. It is so sad.
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Thanks, I know is not normal. I cannot eat like I used to without blowing up on my upper part of my body like my breasts, stomach, arms and back, it's depressing.

I've been to other liposuction surgeons and all of them say it has nothing to do with liposuction that is has to do with my age but I tell them when I did my liposuction I was a lot younger and started gaining the weight right after my liposuction surgery and then they don't want to take the subject anymore :/

I talked to one doctor though that I explained my situation and HE HAS BEEN THE ONLY THAT HAS LISTENED TO ME.. at first he said exactly the same thing as other doctors told me that the older we get the harder is to lose weight but I explained to this doctor that as soon as had my liposuction I started gaining the weight.

This doctor seemed somewhat to believed me and was intrigued and asked me other questions. I told him how I don't eat as much as I used to and can't enjoy the foods that I used to. He said it was a weird case and then I told him how I found this research that seems to come to the conclusion that when people do liposuction on the bottom part of their body (outter thighs, inner thighs, buttocks, hips, etc) the "deeper fat" (can't remember the professional word for it, sorry)seems to miss the "upper fat" that was taken out and that's when the problem comes of weight gain.

This doctor kind of agreed with this explaining it in more professional words. The sad part is that more research has not been done on this problem.


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Visceral fat. The belly finds what the thighs lose. The body will defend it's fat. Studies in rodents and humans concluded this fat compensation happens. It may take at least a year in humans. For that and so many significant reasons, I wouldn't recommend liposuction, but I can't give any medical advice.
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Wow, Tigger, I'm so sorry for what you've been through. :( You may also want to post on the Doctor Q&A Forum for some professional opinions on your situation. Gaining that much weight after lipo is definitely not normal! :(

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