Poor Results from Fat Grafting Around Eyes - California

I had a fat grafting around my eyes over 5 months...

I had a fat grafting around my eyes over 5 months ago. The effect has been poor. One eye has triple creases while the crease on the other one is gone because of the puffiness caused by the drapping fat. The doctor told me fat transfer is not permanent and I would need to go back for a refill in 8 to 12 months. I do not plan to go back to that surgeon at all or getting another fat grafting.

Pro: Eye bags are gone

Con: Uneven upper lids, puffiness

I did it because the doctor insisted this is the procedure I should use for the result I wanted - fuller, rounder eyes

I just wanted to know if it is true that the fat will be desolved and I can at least get back my pre-surgery look? Or I should start researching for another surgeon to fix my eyes? Thanks

But I see you with blue eyes in the first pic and the next has brown eyes it really looks like a different person
I too went to Dr Mark Berman and had a similar bad outcome requiring me to seek help for removal from another Doctor in Beverly Hills known for fat graft removals.
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