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Now I Look As Young As I Feel! - Novato, CA

As I approached my 60th birthday I made the...

As I approached my 60th birthday I made the decision that I wanted to have a facelift, I wanted to look as young as I felt. This is a difficult decision because some results I have seen look so unnatural. I was afraid I might end up with a pulled look, like so many movie stars I have seen and they can afford to go to any surgeon! But I was referred by a friend who had her facelift done by Dr. D and she looked great. After my initial consultation, I knew I had found my surgeon! Dr. D spent a lot of time explaining what he recommended and how he would do it.

My results were excellent, better than I had hoped for. I am thrilled and so is my husband!


Do you have pictures? How long was your recovery time?

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Added before and after pictures.

Added before and after pictures.


You look great. Congratulations. I had a facelift and fat transfer a year ago. I love the results. I have also been very happy. It is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.
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Hi Misty:
Thanks for your comment, I recently traveled out of the country and on my return, the US immigration guy looked at my passport (noting my age)and looked at me and said Wow, you look great :)
The facelift, the gift that keeps on giving!!!
WOW!!! I am trying to decide to wait or enjoy the results longer!!!
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omg! this is incredible!

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Really so Nice and decent one.Exactly explain the right point.
Will be back soon to check to other articles.
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Wow, J Louise that is a great compliment. I do agree a facelift is indeed the gift that keeps on giving. I love it when I see people that I haven't seen in a while. They say "you look great" and then they pause and say "you really do". I can see their mind wondering what's different. They ask if I have done my hair different. Congratulations...keep enjoying the results.
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Thanks to all for the nice comments, I am still...

Thanks to all for the nice comments, I am still thrilled with my results. I am adding a new picture showing me 5 years later, notice how the fat injections to my face are still holding up! I am going to my 48th(a 4 year combo) High School reunion in 2 weeks...how fun is that!!


Hi J.Louise
We are the same age and it sounds like we both went the same direction. I was also fearful of having the Joan Rivers . You look fabulous and isn't it amazing to look in the mirror and think wow...Before all I saw was sagging skin and turkey neck. Our hubbys loves it too.
The fat transfers I had were from my eyelids. I guess I had lots of fat there. Mudflaps.
I had such fabulous results I would do it in a flash again.
Good luck and keep us posted.
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Hi Kelsey: I did have my forehead, upper and lower eyes done, and for a filler he did fat injections with my own fat (from my tummy)which is one of my favorite things. I just added a new picture that shows me 5 years later...I think I look even better!
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Thanks for sharing. Excellent results! What did your "Facelift" include. Typically a "Facelift" addresses only the lower 2/3's of the face and there are many different layers of skin and tissue that can be addressed.

Did you have any work done to your eyes and/or forehead?

Do you have any sort of fillers added for volume?

Looks like excellent work and I might give your doctor's office a call.
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It has now been six years since my surgery, I am...

It has now been six years since my surgery, I am 66 years old. I get many compliments on my looks, and people that I tell how old I am can't believe it. The other day I was in a car rental place with my 43 year old son, and when he was signing the contract the man asked him if he wanted his "wife" added...meaning me!! I said, I am his Mother!! He was very apologetic...but I was flattered and whispered "Thank you Dr. Delgado!!"

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See added photo of myself and my son.

See added photo of myself and my son.


Wow! My jaw hit the ground when I saw that you are 66 years old. You look so young and natural!
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Your son.! It looks more Brother and Sister.
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Oh my . You almost look younger than your son...Wow !
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I want to add that I was very lucky in that I...

I want to add that I was very lucky in that I ended up working for Dr. Delgado and his amazing staff for 5 years until I retired (or semi-retired), I still do some work for him remotely from the Bahamas where my husband and I retired. When I had my facelift, I had almost everything done that is possible, endoscopic browlift, upper and lower eyelids, lower facelift, nose reshaping, fat injections, replacement of a chin implant, lip augmentation, and a TCA peel. I am only to happy to answer comments from any of you out there that may have questions of my experience! At this time I am also adding a video that was made of my surgery.


Janice: Your post-op photos are superb, including as shown in the video presentation after six months. Since you had a "complete" facelift, could you please tell us how it is possible that you could return to work after two weeks with only minor swelling and bruising? For example, many (if not most) people seem to require at least 1-2 months before bruising diminishes after an extensive facelift like yours. Thank you.
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I did still have some swelling, and it can take months for all of it to resolve, but most of it was gone so that I didn't look bad and felt comfortable in public. As for the bruising, as it starts to fade it goes through all those yucky colors, yellow! I found that makeup would cover it really well and it seems most of it was on my neck (gravity!)So I could hide it with clothing or a scarf. I also was really good about using ice the first couple of days, and also took Arnica Montana. Thanks for your comments.

Janice, you do indeed look fabulous. I had a facelift and fat transfer 3 years ago and I am still enjoying the results. Critique, I went back to work just 2 weeks after my face lift, temple lift and fat transfer as well. The lion's share of the bruising was gone, except for I had black eyes that lasted for 6 weeks. I got pretty good with covering them with make-up. The biggest share of the swelling was also gone for me at 2 weeks. It can take months for the final results to be known, but overall I felt and looked great (minus the black eyes) at just 2 weeks after. Like Janise I also used Arnia Montana Cream and pills. Check with your doctor prior to taking this though because it can be an issue with high blood pressure.
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Dr. D is not only an excellent surgeon, he takes his time to evaluate a patient to be sure he understands what their goals are and what a realistic expectation would be. His manner is very personable and as a patient I felt very comfortable.

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