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I am in my mid thirties and my lower eye bags had...

I am in my mid thirties and my lower eye bags had become more pronounced in the last couple of years. I consulted with a few doctors in my area to fix the problem. One doctor suggested fillers, but I didn't want to do the costly and frequent upkeep. The doctor I chose for my surgery recommended lower transconjunctival blepharoplasty. This seemed like a good option to me because the results would be lasting. This doctor is well regarded and I felt comfortable with his advice. I also viewed before and after photos. During my consultation he explained that hollow, sunken eyes could be a complication of overcorrection.

I thought he would avoid aggressive fat removal since he seemed to understand the problem of overcorrection. However, at 3 weeks post-op my results are really uneven. With the proper overhead lighting my eyes look ok. But with dim lighting or lighting from the side (such as a lamp next to the sofa) my right eye looks horrible. It appears he was too aggressive and a large crater has formed in the right eye corner (left in photos). When I smile there is a black shadow around my eye. My left eye still looks ok. I'm very upset about my results. I am already researching ways to correct the corner of my right eye.

At 3 weeks post op it is so sunken in. I'm afraid it could sink even more over the next few weeks. I'm hoping the left eye doesn't sink in as well. My doc is out of town right now and I won't have another follow up for a few weeks. I'm hoping the eye crater can be temporarily treated with filler while I find a more lasting treatment. I'm feeling discouraged because fat grafting seems to get mixed results and I'm not even sure if it can be used in the outer eye corners. At this point I'm just praying that my eyes can be fixed and that this surgery wasn't the biggest mistake of my life. Has anyone had filler or successful fat grafting in the outer eye corners?

In the last few days my right eye has sunken even...

In the last few days my right eye has sunken even more. It literally looks like a bloodhound eye.

I am so depressed about this surgery. I don't recommend this surgery to anyone.
Dear Santa Rosa,
Thank you for your comment - every bit of feedback is comforting. The undereye puffiness is gone, but the outer corners of my eyes, the right eye especially, are really sunken in. On a spectrum of -10 to 0 to +10, I feel like my puffiness was at +5. I hoped surgery would put me back to 0. But the results are at -10. I am twice as sunken in as I ever was puffy. Now I long to have that puffiness back. My pre-op photos were from early in the morning to show the puffiness at its worst. The puffiness would subside a little throughout the day, but would never quite reach 0 on the spectrum. I was just hoping to tone it down a little, but instead I have eyes that I don't even recognize. I can't even describe my despair and regret.

My 2.5 week post op photo with the overhead light still had some swelling. My eyes still look better with direct overhead light. But in everyday situations as I move around and the light changes, the hollowness is very visible. It is especially bad in dim light. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't capture good images in dim light without the flash - and of course using the flash drowns out the hollows. I'll try to post better photos to show where my eyes are at now: 5 weeks post op.
Dear Jessie, hang it there. My eyes at three weeks looked like I'd been in severe train wreck! Now people say I look "great". Despite the left eyelid showing 5x more than the right! I am not kidding. This past weekend was the FIRST Time since surgery my eyes didn't hurt every single second of the day. I even went outside in the wind and played on the playground while visiting my great niece and nephew. Are you going back to the same surgeon for follow ups or any other advice etc. What did he say about it?

My dr. didn't care at ALL and fluffed it all "off". The worst part was not being able to see to read, do ANYTHING on the computer or outside (due to the wind and sun killing them with pain).

Massage them with oil or vaseline, maybe the fat will still be shifting in them and will re-distribute sorry that ANY of us have gone thru this needless pain and suffering!
Dear Problems Problems,
My original doctor went on vacation shortly after my one-week follow up and won't be back until the end of the month.

I'm not sure if I even want to go back to him for another follow up. He may offer to give me a little filler, but I certainly don't trust his skill or judgement after the surgery results. I definitely won't let him touch my eyes again. However, I do want a copy of my surgery report to take to my upcoming consultations.

I am also going to request a refund of his surgeon fee to offset the costs of my consultations and repair work.

As always, I hope your eyes are feeling better each day!!

Well, at 5.5 weeks post op, things are only...

Well, at 5.5 weeks post op, things are only getting worse. I have already set up 5 consultations - 3 with oculoplastic surgeons and 2 with other board certified surgeons. I just want to get well rounded opinions.

The asymmetry between the right and left eyes is painfully obvious. The right eye (left in pictures) is still sunken worse than the left.

Emotionally, the pain I feel is beyond words. I had to seek emergency mental health care. I now take anti-anxiety medication daily. I actually wouldn't mind getting a drug addiction out of this ordeal - at least it would give me something else to focus on :(

Here is my advice to any prospective eye surgery patients:

1. The average cost of this surgery is between 4 and 5k. Instead of using that money on surgery, use it on therapy. Work with someone who will help ease you through the aging process.

2. Please be warned - it is much easier to live with God given flaws than flaws you inflicted upon yourself with a ridiculous surgery. It is so much easier to say, "God, why do I have these puffy eyes?" than to say, "I hate myself for this stupid decision that has destroyed my looks".

3. If you do opt for surgery, don't do it in secret. I had some downtime and thought I would get a "little work done" and no one would ever know. They would just think I looked refreshed after my downtime. It is much less embarrassing to tell friends and family beforehand, "Hey, I'm thinking of getting some work done" than to tell them after the fact, "My face has been maimed because I had a stupid and unnecessary cosmetic procedure". If you discuss it beforehand, they will probably reassure you that you look fine. We tend to exaggerate our own flaws and sometimes the negative perception is all in our heads.

4. It is much easier to use concealer on dark circles under puffy eyes than it is to use concealer on sunken eyes.

I have posted new pictures showing where I'm at 5.5 weeks after surgery. Each second of each day I wish I could wake up from this nightmare. I pray for each of you who is suffering this pain as well.

I forgot to add number 5 to the list above. 5...

I forgot to add number 5 to the list above.

5. Eyelid surgery will not give you back your former non-puffy eyes. All it will do is change the look of your eyes. Best case scenario, the new look will be well suited to your face and you will be pleased with the result. Worst case scenario, the new look will NOT be well suited to your face and you will have a lifetime of regret. You will also end up spending 100x more money on consultations for revision, lifetime filler treatment and/or expensive revision surgery, therapy costs, and co-pays for anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication.
Hi, I just wanted you to know that I have been thinking about you.
Jessie, May I ask who your surgeon was? I am in Northern California and considering eyelid surgery with Dr. Peter Levin, an opthalmologist in Mountain View. Does anyone know anything about him or can recommend another Dr. in my area?
Hi barbara, I sent you a personal message. Best, JessieR
Name not provided

Doctor is well regarded and was very attentive during consultation, before/after surgery and at one week follow up. I hope he can suggest ways to correct my eyes at my next follow up. I wrote the above comments while I was still trying to have some regard for my doctor. Now I think he is a quack who destroyed my eyes.

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