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Words cannot express the appreciation and respect...

Words cannot express the appreciation and respect I
have for you & your staff. Dr Sadrian is an amazing DR ,Thank you for everything. Thank you so
much for the unique experience you
have given me. love my new boobs. I am amazed
in how natural they look and feel. 450 cc silicon HP. Under the muscle.

My Happy boobs update with some pictures.

From start to day one... Keep coming to a Happy boobs.

Day one

Loving the change

Week one

Happy boobs week one

Week 2

Happy boobs

Week 3

Happy boobs

Weeks 4

Happy boobs , after blood vessel pup on me, I hope my Dr done see this haha, I suppose rest, I may have to confess to my DR .

Weeks 5

Happy boobs , like you guys see my right boobs lil higher that the left. Doing great , it is caching up .

Weeks 6 as today update

Happy boobs

Sorry 4 weeks as today, I got it done on the 11/13/2013 , 4 week ago , I think they look fabulous for only one month.

They looking fabulous for only one month.

Weeks 6.

Felling great , tmrw I get to see my DR . 6 weeks flow up.

6 weeks and 2days. My scars looking invisible

Love them. The best Dr. A great job!!!


Before, so not attractive but I have two beautiful baby to proude , bresstfeeed over a year each baby. I love my baby's

As today

Love them

Looking great

Lol she got to be kidding

The lady work VS she must be new for the job lol


I am loving it , amazing Dr.

I love them even more

I love them more and more

Love love them

Love it

Almost 7weeks

7 weeks

Felling good

7weeks almost

Love it

Love it

My old B size bra lol

Going from size B to DD possibility DDD , I am Love in it!!!

Wow , what I amazing job

The best Dr I love it .

As today 7 weeks and 3 days

It is getting better and better, the best DR ever. Love it more & more everyday .

I just take this pict

They look even , I guess it deepened the way I take the pict,, love the shape, amazing Dr I relly thanks to my Dr a lot. I am happy to get my body back lol.

Looking good

Loving it , love my boobies!!

My new VS bras got here today yay, I love them& I love my boobies too


Love this one too

My new bra VS 32DD love it!!

VS baby 32DD the last one 32DDD


More bras ,love the red.

10 weeks , love them more my scar looking amazing . Happy me .

I love my girls!!!

3 moths & 2 weeks. I love them more & more everyday. Thank you to my fabulous DOC!! I love my girls!!!

Love it

4 months

Iove my girls!!

The best gift I ever got , love them & love my doc too

Enjoying the day by the pool.

I love my girls. Thanks to my best doc.

Love it

Anyway looking for a great scar remover ,,this is the way to go.
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

outstanding Dr.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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looking perfect!!
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Would love to see new scar pics for comparison :)
  • Reply
Okay ,I will post some Picts. Thanks
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Thanks. :)  I don't remember where your scar is, actually!  Is it under the breast or just around the areola or somewhere else?
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Looking great! :)
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Thanks . So did you!!!
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Did you remove all your pics, or is RealSelf messing something up?
  • Reply
Yes, I remove some of them. I did cuz I been getting weird message from strangers.
  • Reply
Okay :).  Please do let a community manager know when stuff like that happens so we can take care of inappropriate behavior.
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haha! I had to stop by your review just because of your profile name :-) Are you your profile pic? If so, I love your boobs too lol Happy healing luv!
  • Reply
Thanks , yes that me and my happy boobies lol
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Hard to tell from a pic, but that pink one looks to fit perfectly!
  • Reply
The pink one is the 32DDD the rest 32DD lol. I love all of them, I keep all of them for now ha ha. Thanks
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Your breasts look awesome!!!
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Thanks. I got them in VS .
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Where did you get the bra in the last picture? It is so cute!!
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Thanks. I got them in VS.
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You look GREAT!! I am sorry to say, I agree with 2+1. The bra size is off just a little. A correct fit would have the band against your breast bone. You also look very natural. What did you use on your scars? They look invisible.
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Thank you. No you are so right about the bra so did 2+1, I appreciated both of you for your feedback , they didn't fit right. My boobies yes they look very naturals. I feel Like I am back to my 20yrs old lol. I don't relly need a wire or push up bra any way cuz I don't need one, I only need a good sport bra when I start working out ,beside that I will keep buying my bralette. I am using my Mederma scar gel. You are right about My scar, it is invisible now
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I am so blessed to have the best Dr. I love everything about my boobies!!!
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I'm pretty sure you're actually a bigger cup size than you think.  I'm looking at those bra pics, and the band is not touching you between your boobs.  That tells me that your band size might be too big, but your cup size is definitely too small.  That said, your boobs are so firm and perky now, you don't actually need the bras to support you, but I'm guessing you're more like a 30F or G, or maybe a 32F, in a brand other than VS.  I don't think they go up that high.  If you are ever in a real bra shop, or a Nordstrom, you might try getting fitted for real (not necessarily to buy, but then you'd know your size and can shop sales online).  Those underwires should touch you along their full length.

The bralette is beautiful on you!  I love the way the back looks!
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Thank you so much for the support, I agree I may not need a bra , well that was the goals,,
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Well I don't know what happen to partial message , lol ,any way thank you so much for your support and feedback , I will look in to a bra shop if I need one beside VS , the lady VS she said I was 32DDD so that is why I end up ordering 32DD & 32DDD , I am happy I may be braless haha that was the goals,, I relly thanks to my DR about my reuslt , Gos bless his hand. Thanks again for the support !!
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When did you start wear underwire bra? Your boobs looked amazing
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